How To Share Data On MTN: This Is How To Transfer Data On MTN

How To Share Data On MTN: This Is How To Transfer Data On MTN. In This Article, You Will Learn How To Share Data On MTN.

How To Share Data On MTN. Are you an MTN user looking for ways you can share data to your family and loved ones? You are looking for an article that gives you all the details on how to go about this?

This article discusses all that you need to know about data sharing on MTN. Keep reading to find out more!

How To Share Data On MTN

How To Share Data On MTN

1. Understand MTN Data Sharing

It’s important to familiarize yourself with MTN’s data sharing options before beginning the process. You can share your data with other MTN subscribers using a service offered by MTN called “Data Gifting.” Depending on how much data you have, you can use this capability to transfer data bundles that range in size from little packages to enormous volumes.

How To Share Data On MTN

2. Choose a data bundle

To share MTN data, you must first have a functional data bundle that you may send to another person. MTN provides daily, weekly, and monthly data bundles, among other possibilities. Decide how much data you want to purchase. Please be aware that if you have a sizable volume of data, sharing is typically permitted. Plans such as daily or nightly plans, etc., might not be shared.

How To Share Data On MTN

3. How to share data on MTN

Unlike before, you no longer need to activate the data sharing feature in order to send data on MTN. All you have to do now is turn on your phone, dial *321#, and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

How To Share Data On MTN

4. Initiate the data transfer

When asked to choose between sharing or gifting data from SME, select “Gift.” You will eventually be prompted to enter the quantity of data you want to transfer along with the recipient’s MTN phone number. Make sure the transfer is confirmed by following the given procedures. To prevent any mistakes, make sure you type the recipient’s number precisely.

How To Share Data On MTN

How To Share Data On MTN

how to share data on MTN

Will I require a PIN to use the MTN’s Gift Data service?

No, all you have to do to utilize the service is input the phone number of your beneficiary and select a data plan.

What amount of data can I transfer at a time?

FAQs About How To Share Data On MTN

1.How many times can I transfer data in a day?

Transfers are possible several times a day. But you can only transfer total of 3GB in single day.

2. How many times can I buy data for my loved ones?

As long as you have enough credit available on your line, you may purchase any data plan for your beneficiary more than once.

3. How do I transfer MTN data bundles to another MTN number?

Account holders of MTN are able to transfer data balances to friends and relatives. Simply press *131*7*1# and adhere to the prompt. You may also text Transfer Phone Number Data Amount to 131 to complete the process. You may text “Transfer 01234567891 1700” to 131, for instance.

4. What is the new MTN transfer code?

Dial the transfer code: the USSD code for MTN airtime transfer is “*600*.” Enter the receiver’s number: the MTN number you want to transfer the MTN airtime.

5 . How do I Unshare data on MTN 2023?

In reality, you are unable to disable this feature as, unlike other network providers like Glo, MTN does not permit you to share in the first place. As an alternative, you can just provide or transfer your data if you want to spread the love.


As seen above, all you need to know about sharing MTN data are all in details above. You need not be confused anymore on how to go about it. We have all the details right here in this blog post.

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