How To Check BVN On MTN: What Does BVN Mean?

This is to inform the general public About How To Check BVN On MTN Do you require your BVN number but are unsure how to obtain it? If so, you’ve come to the right place to find the solutions you require.

How To Check BVN On MTN

You can check your BVN number right on your smartphone, did you know that? To check your BVN number, you don’t need to go to the bank or call the customer service line. Using your SIM card, you can quickly check your BVN number.

In conjunction with the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS), the Central Bank of Nigeria created a biometric identification system called the Bank Verification Number. The Bank Verification Number is intended to combat Nigeria’s rising number of unlawful banking activities. The BVN introduces a totally new form of security to our banking system.

Therefore, to own a bank account, having a BVN is a must. You should read this post to learn how to check your BVN using an MTN line if you can’t remember your BVN number because many transactions and operations require it.

What is BVN?

The BVN functions similarly to a security number in that it allows banks and other financial organizations to identify a person by their bank account information. It’s a special 11-digit number that was given to you when you registered with a biometric.

When a person is identified using their physiological characteristics, such as their voice, fingerprints, or other physical characteristics, this is referred to as biometric registration.

On February 14, 2014, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and all Nigerian banks introduced the Bank Verification Number (BVN), a centralized biometric identification system, to address the growing compromise of customer security information like passwords and PINs as well as the difficulties banks encounter with identity management.

Since then, customers have been identified using their BVN. But many people have difficulty obtaining their BVN and using financial services because they forget or don’t have them saved.

Fortunately, you don’t need to go into the banking area to get your BVN. Without jeopardizing your security, you can use your phone to check your BVN number from any location. After that, you can store it for later use.

Users are able to complete this task using all Nigerian telecom operators.

How To Check Your BVN On MTN

Nigerians can now easily check their BVN number using their mobile phone thanks to the Central Bank of Nigeria. Use the steps below to check your BVN number using an MTN SIM card.

  • On your cell phone, access the Call/Phone app.
  • Enter the BVN code by dialing *565*0# with your MTN SIM card
  • You’ll get a message with your 11-digit BVN number in it.
  • Copy it down and save it.

Online BVN Number Checking Procedure

To check your BVN number if you prefer not to use the BVN MTN USSD code, log into your mobile banking app and check it online. The bank’s mobile app can be downloaded and installed. You can access your account profile after registering and logging in to the internet banking app. Under your account profile, you can locate your bank verification number.

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How do I obtain a BVN number in Nigeria?

You must acquire the following in order to receive a Bank Verification Number (BVN) in Nigeria:

  • BVN enrolment form: Any nearby bank branch should be able to provide you with the BVN enrolment form.
  • Valid identification card: Any of the following identification documents are required; Nigerian national identity card, Nigerian driver’s license, or Nigerian international passport.
  • A recent passport photograph.

What functions does the bank verification number serve?

Among the many advantages of the Bank Verification Number (BVN), the following are just a few:

  • BVN guards against unauthorized access to your account.
  • Makes every Nigerian banking institution to have a simple method of identification.
  • Lowers the danger of financial fraud and identity theft.
  • BVN offers a seamless credit system.
  • Simplifies banking processes, etc.

How can I view my whole BVN information?

Please stop by your bank branch and ask for the complete information related to your BVN. You are only permitted to check the 11-digit number; the rest of the data is not available.


I assume you have now used the code to check your BVN on MTN. The 11-digit code should appear on your screen if you entered it successfully in the phone dialer app and sent it.

As a personal security number, the BVN is something that should not be taken lightly. Please check your BVN privately or in person if you need to. Your BVN should be kept confidential.

FAQs About How To Check BVN On MTN

Do I have to pay a certain fee when I check my BVN number?

The cost of using the USSD code (*565*0#) to check your BVN number is N20 naira. You don’t need to make any payments, though, if you’re checking it through your online banking app. Remember to copy your BVN number after verifying it so you won’t have to keep paying the fee each time you need it.

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Is My BVN Required When Applying For A Loan?

The immediate answer to this is yes. You do. It’s simple to apply for a loan using your BVN. All fintech businesses desire to lend to you using your BVN. This is owing to the simplicity with which they can discover defaulters and build a case for recovering their monies.

You are not required to submit loan applications to these fintech companies or offer collateral, unlike commercial or microfinance banks. Instead, all you have to do to get a loan quickly is download their app, register, and log in.

What takes place if a customer wants to enroll with bandaged or hurt fingers?

Customers with bandaged fingers or injuries are urged to return for enrollment once their fingers have recovered. But if you need a particular exemption, please get in touch with your bank.

What does offline verification entail?

Offline verification will confirm the client’s identity by matching the client’s fingerprint or facial image with the information on the BVN card.


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