Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide: When To Ascend?

Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide: When To Ascend?

Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide, Ascension has elements of both new games and other ones. Your progress is reset for the current run, but you get rewards for completing specific tasks. The critical points in this situation are creation of cookies, whether by clicking or another means.

When you choose to ascend, you gain a few benefits. Heavenly chips and a CPS increase depending on your reputation level.

Cookie Clicker Ascension: What is it?

Ascending in Cookie Clicker is comparable to choosing prestige in other games. While most of your effort is destroyed, you are given a fresh start with some definite advantages.

To advance, click the “Legacy” button in the top-right corner of the screen. You must then state if you want to continue the ascension after selecting it.

When you hover over “Legacy,” you can see how long you’ve been playing at this prestige level, how many prestige points you would earn, and how many heavenly chips you’ll get for upgrading.

Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide

When To Ascend in Cookie Clicker?

In Cookie Clicker, especially the first time, ascending frequently requires at least 200 prestige levels. The year 200 is one of the best years to advance if you want to.

Various Cookie Clicker tribes have varying numbers they advise, and some even suggest waiting until you reach several thousand.

But a very well-known cookie-clicker manual suggests starting your ascent at level 400. This gives you access to an abundance of extremely useful improvements that will be beneficial for forthcoming ascensions.

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However, you need certain Heavenly Chips in order to get these amazing Ascension improvements. The Cookie Clicker Ascension guide’s next part will discuss that.

Heavenly Upgrade

Heavenly Upgrades are the upgrades that you purchase using Heavenly Chips. These upgrades give you a Cookie Dragon that doubles your cookie output in addition to bonuses to your CPS, more golden cookies, and more CPS, which are all very helpful to you in your subsequent runs.

Here are the things I suggest purchasing for your first climb in Cookie Clicker. I’ll tell you how many Heavenly Chips you will need for each.

  • Legacy (1 Chip)
  • Delicious cookies (3 Chips)
  • The Art of Baking a Dragon (9 Chips)
  • Heavenly Fortune (77 Chips)
  • Total (90)

Those upgrades are among Cookie Clicker’s Heavenly Upgrades that I consider to be the most important. Having the cookie tin and cursors available straight away are two other excellent enhancements, but neither is really useful.

With them, you can increase your chances of receiving a golden cookie, get your dragon, and receive a base 10% increase in CPS.

Permanent Upgrade Slot

One of the most important Heavenly Upgrades is the Permanent Upgrade Slot. You have the option to select one improvement that will be available for free usage when your subsequent run begins.

Any improvement you already own, regardless of cost, may be put in the Permanent Upgrade Slot.

The most frequent query in Cookie Clicker is “What should I use my permanent upgrade slot on?”.
The Golden Cookie actually gets better. You will depend increasingly on golden cookies to make cookies as the game goes on, and missing even one will postpone your run by days. The Golden Cookie improvements for your Permanent Upgrade Slot should therefore be given top priority.

Prerequisites for the Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide

Without a list of prerequisites, a Cookie Clicker ascension guide would fall short. What exactly are you going to need to ascend in order to benefit from it, then?

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This Cookie Clicker ascension guide’s most crucial point to keep in mind is that you need at least a trillion cookies to get started. As a result, if your cookie count is lower than that amount, the ascend option in the menu will not be accessible. It’s not simple to bake a trillion cookies, so you need make early investments in buildings to aid in your endeavour. To a little extent accelerate the procedure, some gamers even use auto-clicker programs.

If you want to ascend after baking one trillion cookies, you are welcome to do so. Of course, it’s not always a good idea to ascend right away after fulfilling the criterion. The choice will nevertheless be presented to you at that time.

Additionally, be aware that as long as you fulfill the condition, you are free to ascend as much as you like. You are responsible for timing your ascent because Cookie Clicker won’t stop you.

What Occurs When You Ascend the Cookie Clicker?

When you climb, a screen in the shape of a constellation and a confusing variety of options for using your hard-earned Heavenly Chips will appear.

After selecting them, the game restarts without any of your prior playthrough’s structures or improvements (unless of course, you have a Heavenly Upgrade).

When should I restart Cookie Clicker?

Reset when you have 200 or 300 chips, in my opinion. Or, if you notice that the massive quantities of cookies required for new structures have caused your game to lag. Your output will increase after each reset, reaching the point where you can obtain your first divine cookie.

How Can I Quickly Ascend in Cookie Clicker?

You can only learn so much from a Cookie Clicker ascension guide regarding when to ascend. However, when you ascend ultimately depends on your preferences and business plan.

However, we can provide you some suggestions to speed up your development. Even though this is a waiting game, you still need to do something else while you wait. Here are some pointers to consider as you proceed:

  • Lay out the game’s heavenly upgrades. You can then decide which improvements you want to acquire later on to advance more quickly.
  • Read or watch the heavenly upgrade explanations and guides provided by experienced players. These are simple to discover online in forums and blogs as well as on YouTube.
  • Make a note of the cost of each upgrade. This enables you to deliberately decide which heavenly chips are important.
  • Select improvements that will raise your CPS. With each ascension, this can greatly reduce the waiting period, allowing you to advance more quickly.
  • Recognize the rationale behind each improvement. After that, you can decide which upgrades work best together. Additionally, it can instruct you on how much wonderful chips you need to buy for each one.
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In Cookie Clicker, ascending simply implies that you want to start the game over with more advantages. It’s a tactic to increase the effectiveness of your cookie creation. As a result, you can make progress and perhaps go beyond it more quickly than before.

On the other hand, keep in mind that while your progress is lost when you ascend, your accomplishments remain. Even if you restart your account from scratch, they will still be connected to it.

You should look up a Cookie Clicker ascension guide if you want to use the most effective tactics. After all, in order to succeed in games like these, you need to put some serious thought into them. Having the patience to wait things out is the challenge in accomplishing this, though. That holds true particularly if you are awaiting your first ascension. However, waiting until you have a sufficient amount of prestige is a wise move, and you can never go wrong doing so.

Cookie Clicker is available for download on Steam and the Google Play Store.

FAQs About Ascending Cookie Clicker

How many times am I able to ascend in the game Cookie Clicker?

If you meet the requirements, you can ascend Cookie Clicker indefinitely. You can always choose to do this, and the game will never prevent you from doing so.

After Ascension, do you still retain sugar lumps?

Your sugar lumps (and the construction levels you’ve acquired with them) are irrevocable and will follow you up tiers. When a Sugar Lump is ready to be harvested, click on it.

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