How To Get Free Data On MTN (Step BY Step Guide)

This is to inform the general public About How To Get Free Data On MTN Are you  searching to find a way to use MTN’s free data bundles? You’ve found the perfect place, as I’ll explain how to get MTN data packages for nothing in today’s post. If you’re eager to find out the secret, keep reading this article.

Free Data On MTN

If you use MTN, you should seize this chance right away! Because it expires eventually, just like all other forms of freebies. The best part regarding this package is that it’s really simple to set up; everything you need is a smartphone and an  to begin and you can get up to 900GB of free data.

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How to Obtain Free MTN Data (120GB & 900GB)

  1. Apply the steps below to receive the MTN free data bundle:

2. Activate the Call App on your smartphone.

3. Use your MTN SIM card to enter the USSD code *343*5*0#.

4. You’ll see a menu of choices on your screen.

5. To obtain the code, choose option 7.

6. Using the MTN SIM card, dial the code *121*1*1# once more.

7. Congratulations! You now got 120GB for yourself.

View Our Guide on 900GB

  1. To receive 900GB of free MTN data, adhere to the steps below.

2. Access the Call App on your smartphone.

3. Use your MTN SIM card to enter the USSD code *567*2*22#.

4. You’ll get a message from MTN stating that you’ve gotten 900GB.

5. Congratulations! You have received data for free from MTN.

NB: Please take note that the 900GB data package is only good for six (6) months.

How to Use the 120GB and 900GB MTN Free Data Codes

The steps below should be followed in order to activate its code:

  1. Access the Call App on your smartphone.

2. Make a USSD call by entering *131*2# using your MTN SIM card.

3. Select Night Plan option 3BVN Retrieval Without a Phone Number

4. Option 2 will provide you a 1GB night plan.

5. Pick option 1 (N25 for 500MB) at this time.

6. The data plan must be purchased, and you must choose a promo code as your method of payment.

The MTN free data code (NIGHT PLAN) must now be entered.

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How to Add More Data

The steps  below should be next if you wish to add extra bundles to your MTN free data code:

  1. Use your MTN SIM card to call the USSD code *131*1*3# to add additional data.
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2. On the screen, there will be a selection of choices.

3. Choose (manage data bundles) option 3.

4. Choose Option 2 (Buy Data package) from the expanded menu of choices.
Pick option 2 for night browsing now.

5. Choose option 1, then enter 1 for “YES” in the popup.

6. Dial *131*4# to see if the data bundle is bigger after 5 minutes.

How to Check the Balance of Your MTN Free Data Bundle for 900GB and 120GB

The steps  below should be next to check your balance:

  1. Access the Call App on your smartphone.

2. Use your SIM card to enter the USSD code *559*63#.

3. Your screen will show your remaining MTN free data.

4. Additionally, a text message with your remaining free data bundle balance will be sent to you.

Faqs About How To Get Free Data On MTN

How do I receive a free 10GB MTN plan?.

New customers who sign up for an on contract (My MTNChoice, My MTNChoice Top Up, or MTN AnyTime Top Up) with an LTE device (handset, tablet, router, or modem) will receive 10GB for free per month for three months (the “Promotion”)

How to obtain 1 GB of free MTN data?

You can recharge, check your balance, and sign up for rewards via the APP platform. When consumers download the on APP or reactivate it after a three-month hiatus, it is giving them 1 GB of data for free (the “promotion”).

How do I obtain 4GB of free MTN data?

Does your SIM still have a 3G connection? When you successfully update your SIM to the 4G/LTE network, you will receive FREE 4GB of data. To take advantage of this deal, simply visit an Store today with your NIN and upgrade your SIM to 4G.

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