Complete List Of All Airtel Data Plans (Subscription Codes And Prices)

This is to inform the general public About Airtel Data Plans In Nigeria, Airtel has the second-largest user base among mobile network providers. There are numerous explanations for why this business has such a big consumer base. Their reasonable data plans are one of them.

Airtel Data Plans

Airtel Nigeria has updated its data plans throughout time by developing new ones and repurposing older ones. As a result, there are a ton of data plans available that you might not even be aware of. This article was written by us to assist you since we recognize this potential. Discover all the available Airtel data plans, their costs, and the various activation codes by reading on.

Airtel Subscription Codes

There are 40 different Airtel subscription codes available, so you can pick a couple that suit your interests and lifestyle. Airtel subscription codes are designed to let you live the speedoo way of life.

These subscription codes can be used on a variety of gadgets, including iPhones, Windows Phones, Android smartphones, and modems.

Airtel Daily Data Plans, Airtel Weekly Data Plans, Airtel Weekend Data Plans, Airtel Monthly Data Plans, Airtel Two Months Data Plans, Airtel Six Months Data Plans, Airtel Time-Based Data Plans, Airtel Yearly Data Plans, Airtel Social Bunde, and Airtel 2G Data Plans are the sections where you can make the quickest decisions and with the most clarity.

List Of All Airtel Data Plans

1. Daily Plans

Airtel daily data plans are unique data bundles that let legitimate Airtel customers and users purchase inexpensive data for minimal internet requirements. Airtel’s daily bundles are only good for a maximum of three days.

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This list of data plans is for you if you’re interested in purchasing any Airtel daily data bundle.

Daily 40MB Airtel plan for ₦50, lasts for a 24 hour period

Daily 100MB Airtel plan – ₦100 – 24 hour period

Airtel’s daily 1GB package – ₦300 – 24 hour period

Daily 200MB Airtel plan – ₦200 – 3 days’ duration

2GB Airtel daily plan – ₦500 – 2 days’ duration

250MB Airtel night plan – ₦25 – valid between 12 AM and 5 AM

500MB Airtel night plan – ₦50 – only valid as of 12

2. Weekly Plans

The Airtel weekly plans are intended for internet users with some experience. Valid Airtel customers can utilize this plan to access a limited amount of streaming, downloading, uploading, and browsing across many websites and gadgets.

Here is a list of the smartphone network’s weekly data bundles.

Weekly 350MB Airtel plan – ₦300 – Valid for seven days.

1GB Airtel weekly plan – ₦500 – Valid for seven days.

Weekly 750MB Airtel plan – ₦500 – 14-day expiration.

6GB Airtel daily plan – ₦1,500 – Valid for seven days.

Daily 200MB Airtel plan – ₦200 – 3 days’ duration.

3. Monthly Plans

For serious internet users, there are the Airtel monthly and mega plans. Users of the legitimate Airtel service are entitled to unlimited streaming, downloading, uploading, and browsing across several websites and gadgets with this package.

Additionally, this data bundle lasts longer than the sum of the weekly and daily plans. These are the monthly subscription plans that are offered by Airtel.

1.5GB Airtel monthly plan – ₦1,000 – 30 day duration

Airtel monthly plan with 2GB – ₦1,200 – 30 day duration

Monthly 3GB Airtel plan – ₦1,500 – 30 day duration

4.5GB Monthly Airtel plan – ₦2,000 – 30 day duration

Monthly 6GB Airtel plan – ₦2,500 – 30 day duration

11GB Airtel monthly plan – ₦4,000 – 30 day duration

Monthly 15GB Airtel plan – ₦5,000 – 30 day duration

Airtel’s monthly 40GB package – ₦10,000 – 30 day duration

Monthly 75GB Airtel plan – ₦15,000 – 60-day duration

Monthly Airtel 110GB package – ₦20,000 – 60-day duration

4. Bundles For Airtel Postpaid Top-up

Consider receiving more data at a lower cost. Yes, it’s highly likely. After using their monthly data bundles, Airtel customers with postpaid SIM cards can continue to use special Airtel data packages to stay connected.

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These are the greatest ones yet if you want to learn more about Airtel postpaid plans.

Monthly Airtel 1GB plan – ₦500 – month’s end

2GB Airtel Monthly plan – ₦1,000 – month’s end

Monthly 4GB Airtel plan – ₦2,000 – month’s end

Airtel’s monthly 10GB package – ₦4,000 – month’s end

5. Airtel Social Plans

Airtel social plans are unique plans that give you the most social life possible for however long you’d like at a very low and reasonable price. Yes, you may access Facebook, Whatsapp, or Instagram for as little as $50 per week.

You can choose from a variety of Airtel plans. Interested? The finest social plans offered by Airtel are these:

Airtel’s daily 10MB Whatsapp package – ₦25 – 24 hour period

Airtel 40MB daily package for Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter – ₦50 – 24 hour period

Daily 80MB Airtel Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter plan – ₦100 – 5 days’ duration

Airtel’s daily 600MB package for Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter – ₦300 – 25 days’ duration

Daily 60 MB Whatsapp + Facebook package – ₦25 – 24 hour period

Airtel’s weekly 200MB Whatsapp + Facebook package – ₦50 – Valid for seven days

Monthly Airtel 500MB Whatsapp + Facebook plan – ₦100 – 30 day duration

Instagram 250MB Airtel bundle – ₦100 – 24 hour period

1GB Instagram bundle from Airtel – ₦200 – 24 hour period

6. The Airtel Opera Bundles

You have unlimited access to the Opera mini news feed or any other news app of your choice with this special package.

These are the current options on the mobile network if you want to learn more about the Airtel Opera Mini package.

Opera mini & news daily package on Airtel – ₦20 – 24 hour period

Opera mini & news weekly package on Airtel – ₦50 – Valid for seven days

Monthly Airtel Opera mini & news plan – ₦100 – 30 day duration

4G Plans For Airtel

Special data plans called Airtel 4G bundles provide you access to lightning-fast internet wherever you are. Before using 4G service on the Airtel network, you must be in an area with 4G coverage.

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How Do I Check My Airtel Data Balance?

It’s quite simple to check your Airtel data balance. Just dial *140# or *123*1# on your Airtel account balance, and a popup screen will show your data balance.

Can I borrow data from Airtel?

When you’ve used up all the data on your data balance, you can borrow data through the Airtel Credit Loan Service. You can borrow as much data as you need to do anything online, but a 15% service fee will apply.

Your subsequent recharge will immediately pay off your debt. To borrow data on Airtel, simply phone *500# and enter “3”.

How do I purchase data for Airtel Data subscription?

Some people may find it challenging to purchase an Airtel data subscription, but I’ll do my best to make the procedure simple for you. By dialing *141# to enter, you can purchase data from the Airtel Smart Store.

You can purchase any Airtel data plan using the USSD codes provided by Airtel, the Airtel app, your bank, or other online merchants.


Airtel Nigeria has updated its data plans throughout time by developing new ones and modifying older ones. As a result, there are a ton of data plans available that you might not even be aware of.

For everyone, there is a data plan, claims Airtel Nigeria. This indicates that they built bundles with their customers in mind and catered to various social strata. Therefore, find the one that perfectly suits you!

FAQs About Airtel Data Plans

How do I check my Airtel Airtime Balance?

Simply dial *123# on your Airtel device to check your airtime or account balance, and then wait for an immediate SMS response that will display your airtime amount.

How can I subscribe to 500MB on Airtel for about N100?

Choose “Streaming plan” by dialing *141#. Now you can stream the best music, movies, and TV shows at a terrific discount while keeping your weekly or monthly data bundle for other uses.

How can I get 2GB on Airtel for N200?

Dial *482# to activate Airtel 2GB for N200, then choose Airtel 2GB for N200/14 days from the menu that appears (there are various additional data plans available here as well).

How do I activate my Airtel Awoof?

The Airtel Awoof Recharg, which gives you 6 minutes of talk time and 6 SMSs, is an economical and practical way to top up your airtime. To enjoy this awoof, all you have to do is purchase an Airtel N50 recharge card and load it onto your phone.


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