Best productivity Apps for iPhone & Android: Top 10

This is to inform the general public About Best productivity Apps for iPhone & Android, Our phones have become an extension of ourselves and that’s no longer news to us. But sometimes we also observe that our phones becomes an enemy to our productivity levels.

Best productivity Apps for iPhone & Android

Have you ever set out to probably compose a really important list on your phone but somehow ended up watching videos or playing games. Lol! You aren’t the only one who has being there.

We often get distracted by our phones especially with strong internet connections and constant notifications of what we might be missing out on. As much as our phones can be distractions to us, they can also make good assistants with the right apps. Thinking how and which Apps? Read on to uncover more.

What are productivity Apps?

A mobile productivity app is a piece of software that enables users of smartphones and tablets to carry out necessary work. Best productivity Apps for iPhone & Android: Top 10

These productivity apps give mobile device users access to features like note taking, emails,reminder apps,  spreadsheet and presentation software. However, the  goal of productivity Apps is increasing their productivity wherever they are. For touch based devices, productivity apps for mobile are optimized.

Best productivity Apps for iPhone & Android: Top 10

This list contains apps for iPhones and Androids specifically . The productivity Apps for iPhone & Android include:


The first on our list of best productivity Apps for iPhone & Android is last pass.

Anyone with a digital presence has many passwords to keep track of.

You could gain from using a single platform to log into all of your accounts, whether they involve passwords for professional, financial, or personal accounts. The majority of cybersecurity professionals would advise you to utilize a password app because making a mistake could give you some of your largest difficulties ever.

With LastPass, use an app to keep track of and record your passwords. It is a password management program that keeps track of all the passwords you use for various accounts and apps.

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Evernote is designed to help you keeptrack of notes, tasks, and activities and offers all-in-one scheduling assistance. Also, evernote can combine text, photographs, audio files, PDFs, and other documents, you can work from anywhere.

Note taking and online clipping features are available in the Evernote app’s free edition. Personal and business memberships get you access to more storage space, offline working, and connections with Slack, Salesforce, and Microsoft Teams.


Another productivity app for iPhone and Android users on our list is click up.In the designing of ClickUp’s interface, the user were priority. Create, manage, and organize all of your documents using our Docs tool. Alternately, use ClickUp’s time tracking tools to create new tasks, make reminders, and track the time spent on particular tasks. Additionally, it has “Quick Actions” that enable you to complete this quickly.

With the help of ClickUp’s time tracking features, you can easily record, label, and manage your time more effectively.
Reminders in ClickUp can be customized so that they can be shared with others even though they are by default set to private. This is useful if your coworkers or team members are using ClickUp to track project progress or collaborate on documents.


This productivity App, Ominifocus is specifically for iPhone users.You can easily save, arrange, and transform your ideas into actionable to-do items with the aid of OmniFocus. By giving you useful tools for managing all you have to do, OmniFocus enables you to work more efficiently.

It is perfect for the “Getting Things Done” method, but it may also be used with other task management techniques. One of Omnifocus’ biggest advantages is its ability to sync data across all of your devices. Additionally, the software stores the data securely encrypted in the cloud.


Number 5 our list of productivity Apps for iPhone & Android is IFTTT. IFTTT is a solution for combining software, hardware, and services; it provides smart home applets, social networking, and cross-posting information to streamline your online activities. IFTTT applets can also be customized to meet your needs.

The more than 700 automations available through IFTTT boost productivity and eliminate app and device incompatibilities. The brands Twitter, Fitbit, Dropbox, and Slack have all been combined. For instance, you might set up IFTT to automatically add new iOS contacts to Google Contacts.

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IFTTT offers five automations at regular speed for free, but Pro and Pro+ subscriptions unlock additional features. Developers can utilize the IFTTT documentation to investigate fresh connections and approaches for users and consumers.


One of the best productivity apps for quick document sharing and collaboration is Google Docs. Thanks to this online word processor, there is no longer a requirement to save and send data back and forth when writing and editing.

You can also share files and documents both inside and outside of your firm, depending on your settings. Thanks to less needless paperwork and better communication, team members may collaborate from anywhere. Google Sheets offers similar advantages, such as the capacity to import CSV files, enabling you to save all of your documents in an one online location.


If you need to manage a hectic life while on the road or want to focus better when working from home, Engross may be helpful.

The app includes a Pomodoro clock, a planner, a calendar, and reminders in addition to a statistical analysis of your time management. By utilizing Engross to disable notifications and other features from other applications, you may avoid being distracted. Because of its basic, minimalist design, Engross may save you time when compared to other sophisticated tools.


Freedom restricts websites and apps to keep you concentrated. You can work offline, entirely block the internet, or designate certain periods for your blocklist to take effect to avoid wasting time.

With Freedom, you may listen to background noise, record session histories, and keep track of your accomplishments. By syncing Freedom across devices, you can stop distractions everywhere you go. Some of the premium Freedom features include unlimited sessions and devices, scheduled sessions that repeat, and partner savings.


Number 9 on our productivity Apps for iPhone & Android is Trello. Starting any endeavor, whether you’re working alone or with a team, demands more than simply attention. It needs to be possible to follow every task from inception to conclusion. Trello is one of the tried-and-true applications for this.

Trello is made for tracking productivity using Kanban project management, which is a type of Agile management. You can create cards for various projects or activities while setting up a Trello board. You can include checklists, status updates, and a variety of other features in these cards.

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Each card can have a label assigned to it, a description, and a descriptor for each status. Trello can increase productivity by reducing the amount of time spent looking up status updates.


Because it offers applications for every popular platform, a great user experience, and collaborative capabilities, Todoist is the finest to do list app.

This software keeps track of everything, from quick tasks to your most significant undertakings, so you can complete everything and experience greater peace of mind while doing it. One of the greatest to do list apps, it tracks productivity, works on all of your devices, and lets you geek out on life management and analysis.

With apps available for all the most common platforms and devices, Todoist is incredibly easy to use. Todoist can help you stay productive by organizing your projects so that you may work alone or with others to complete them.


If you’re finding it difficult to be productive these days, there are apps accessible. When it comes to living your best work life, it’s not always easy to stay focused, especially when there are so many distractions present all the time.

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