ATM Moniepoint Login And How To Apply For Moniepoint POS In Nigeria

ATM Moniepoint Login And How To Apply For Moniepoint POS In Nigeria. In This Post, You Will Know All The Details About Applying For ATM Moniepoint In Nigeria.

Are you curious about how to register for an ATM Moniepoint account? or how to log in to the ATM wallet, access the agent dashboard, download the mobile app, view the daily target, and become an agent?

If so, this post is definitely a must read for you. Keep reading!


ATM Moniepoint Login And How To Apply

The most popular, trustworthy and dependable mobile money system in Nigeria right now is the Moniepoint. Cash transactions such as transfers, withdrawals, airtime purchases, and others can be done profitably.

Since the firm has one of the greatest networks in the area, “no network,” which is typical of many POS centers, wouldn’t be far from your place of business. It offers last-mile banking service delivery and is an all-in-one business solution.

This is consistent with their mission to support financial inclusion and fuel the economic aspirations of Africa. After very easily installing the mobile app from the Google Play Store, it is now possible to sign in to Moniepoint. Using the website or the app, a person can effortlessly connect to their account after registering with the agency.

To complete the process, only a few simple steps are necessary:

Moniepoint Login Instructions:

  • either use the app or website.
  • Enter the proper login information (username and password).
  • Sign in to your dashboard from there.

How to Reset Your Moniepoint Login Password

Click the “Forgot Password?” option on the online login screen.

When asked enter your email address and press “Submit.”

You will get instructions on how to reset your password through email.

You may quickly log in to your account by following the instructions in the email.

To protect your Moniepoint account’s security:

For your account, choose a solid, one-time password.

Avoid using shared networks or computers in public places to access your account.

Never divulge your login information to anyone.

When you’re finished using your account, log out.

You may simply and securely sign in to your Moniepoint account and use the different services it provides by following these easy steps.

Keep in mind to safeguard your login information to prevent illegal entry into your account.

Documents Necessary to Register for Moniepoint Agency Banking

Your aggregator will ask for some documentation to satisfy KYC (know your customer) standards. These are them:

  • A legitimate photo ID, such as a passport, NIN, voter’s card, or driver’s license
  • Utility Bill (include a rental agreement, garbage bill, energy bill, land-use charge, or water bill)
  • CAC documentation (only for businesses that are registered)
  • BVN
  • An account number that is typical of all commercial banks.

Website Details

You can visit their official website here for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions On ATM

1. Where Can I Get the Moniepoint App? How Do I Get It?

You can use this LINK to download the Moniepoint App for Android from the Playstore. For Apple (iOS) devices, the software is not currently accessible.

2. How Much Does it Cost to Apply in Nigeria for a ATM Machine?

Twenty thousand naira only (N20,000)

3. When will I get the POS when I apply?

24-48 hours pass after the application is submitted before the agent receives the POS device.

4. What are the fees and commissions for ATM POS?

The amount of the transactions processed through the terminal determines the Moniepoint POS fees and commission structure. However, the following list of commissions and fees:

5. What are the guidelines for using ATM POS?

  • Daily withdrawal value must be at least N80,000 (eighty thousand Naira only). Location affects this.
  • A minimum of 4 counts of deposits each day
  • If an aggregator has any reason to take back your POS device within a year of issue, you will receive 50% of the N20,000 paid upon registration as cashback.


The post above contains all the information you need to know about the Moniepoint ATM and how to apply for it.

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it is a Fintech startup in Nigeria and it is presently exploring the possibility of expanding to other African countries.


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