Unity Bank USSD Code, Banking Details, Loans, Customer Care, Mobile App

Unity Bank USSD Code, The mobile phone has developed into a genuine tool for promoting financial inclusion that is thought to be more affordable, more user-friendly, quicker to complete transactions, and handset agnostic.

Bank customers have access to mobile, Internet, and USSD for purchasing airtime, transferring funds, and creating accounts. When conducting transactions, the service is seamless, quick, secure, and dependable.

Unity Bank USSD Code

Customers (both account holders and non-holders) can use the Unity Bank short code service to access banking services via their mobile devices regardless of the Telecommunication Service Provider, phone kind, or location.

We’ll demonstrate how to activate the Unity Bank Nigeria USSD Code on your phone, send money, and purchase airtime in this article.

What exactly is USSD Banking?

Through the use of short or rapid codes, USSD Banking enables you to do financial transactions from your phone. There is no need for an internet connection; all that is needed is a cellphone network. You could do nearly any type of financial transaction with USSD banking, from money transfers to airtime purchases. More crucially, you can apply for loans using USSD codes.

Mobile money services are the main uses for the USSD Code. You can carry out any transaction even without using a network connection. The services it offers are as follows:

  • Payment of bills.
  • Add an account.
  • Account creation.
  • Recharge your phone.
  • Verification of BVN.
  • Money transfer.
  • Change your pin.

You can perform any transaction on Unity Bank using the short code USSD. The Unity Bank USSD Code is *7799#.

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How To Register/Activate for the Unity Bank USSD Code

1. From a mobile phone number connected to your account, dial *7799# to activate the Unity Bank USSD code.

2. Adhere to the instructions on the screen to add your bank account information or naira debit card.
3. Create the four-digit secret PIN that you’ll need to confirm transactions.

How To Transfer Funds Via Unity Bank

To transfer money from your unity bank account to another thirdparty bank can be done in two methods are:


1. To transfer to a Unity Bank account, just dial *7799*1*Account No*Amount# (e.g. *7799*1*1234567890*10000#)

2. To transfer to other Bank’s account, just dial *7799*2*Account No*Amount# (e.g *7799*2*1234567890*10000#)

Using Internet Banking

1. Enter your user name and password to login.
2. Select the “Transfer” tab.
3. Select Self-Linked transfer, Unity Bank transfers, and Other banks transfers.
4.Choose “Account number” to debit. 5.Enter the remaining beneficiary information.
6. Press “Next”
7.Input the six-digit code produced by your token device.
8. Choose “Authorize”

How to purchase airtime from Unity Bank.

Customers can quickly purchase airtime by dialing *7799# from their bank.

1. Dial *7799*Amount# (for example, *7799*1000#) from the phone number associated with your Unity Bank account to purchase airtime or recharge cards for personal use.

2. Simply dial *7799*Phone Number*Amount# (for example, *7799*09097211012*1000#) from the Phone Number associated with your Unity Bank Account to purchase airtime or recharge for relatives and friends.

How To Check Account Balance

To check your Unity Bank account balance, dial *7799*0#.

How To Make Cardless Withdrawal

If you want to make a cardless withdrawal from Unity Bank, just dial *7799*8*Amount# instead of using your ATM card.

How To Block Your Unity Bank Account

To block your Unity bank account in the event that it has been compromised, dial *7799*9*phone number#.

Using USSD on POS

The majority of the time, we are hesitant to use our debit cards at POS terminals out of concern about identity theft or because we left our Unity Bank ATM cards at home and now need cash. No need to fear; you may now use POS to withdraw cash without a debit card. Simply call *7799*000*RefID#.

BVN Verification

Verifying your BVN on your Unity bank is as simple as dialing *7799*5#.

Unity Bank Mobile App

You should download the Unity Bank mobile app if you’re a client to make banking simple. The Unity Bank app is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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Customer Care Service at Unity Bank

Do you want to complain to Unity Bank or do you want to report a problem? You can relate to them. They attempt to respond as soon as they can to all emails and give them top attention. Simply send them a straight email to We_care@unitybankng.com or customercare@unitybankng.com to get in touch with them.

You may reach their customer service department by calling +234 7057323225-30, 09-8734331, or 07080666000. If necessary, you are also encouraged to go to any nearby Unity Bank location.

There are accounts for Unity Bank on many social media platforms. For the most recent news, giveaways, promotions, and discounts, follow them.

  • Visit Unity Bank on Facebook at www.facebook.com
  • Twitter account: @UnityBankPlc
  • Visit UnityBankPlc on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com

You will receive a response from a bank customer care professional who will see to it that your problems are resolved.

You should be aware that no UNITY Bank customer service agent will require your personal information, such as your ATM PIN, ATM card number, Mobile Banking PIN, CCV Number, or Token, in order to fulfill your request. They have everything they require; all you have to do is say “YES” or “NO” to give them permission to carry out their duties.

How to Apply for a Business Loan from Unity Bank

Researching the funding options is the first step in applying for a Unity Bank loan because not all loan products are appropriate for your company’s needs. Furthermore, you might not be eligible for particular loan products depending on your business circumstances. The optimum time to apply for a loan is when there is a good probability of you being approved.

You can contact Unity Bank by phone or email if you’re unsure of the best product or if you don’t know if you match the minimal loan requirements. The Bank will then be in a position to give you the proper advice.

In order to actually submit an application, one usually needs to visit the appropriate bank location and chat with an advisor. You will have to complete an application form there, including information about your company, its financial history, and the loan’s goal.

Unity Bank will evaluate your loan request primarily based on your application and any relevant supporting documents. The evaluation will take place in accordance with Unity Bank’s lending policies.

You will receive an offer letter if your loan application is accepted. Any terms and restrictions that you must meet before the loan may be disbursed will be highlighted in this offer letter.

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Typical supporting materials required as part of an application include:

  • Application form completed
  • Business profile
  • Business strategy
  • Cash flow plan
  • 12 months’ worth of bank statements
  • Analyzed financial statements
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Identification that is legitimate (driver’s license, passport, voter card)
  • Proof of address
  • Information about any offered collateral

Depending on the credit facility requested — Unity Bank may request more or less than what is stated above.

What services does Internet banking offer to customers?

Any customer can access account statements, retrieve transaction histories for different accounts, view account balances, transfer money, purchase airtime, pay bills, and much more.

How can I sign up for Internet banking?

The form is available for download at www.unitybankng.com. All of our branches also have the paperwork available. Fill out the forms and turn them in at any of our locations, or scan and email them to we_care@unitybankng.com. Your login information will be delivered to your mailbox and you will be set up in less than 5 minutes. Your user ID and password will be issued to you in two different emails, so check your inbox.

What fees are involved with making use of online banking?

There are no fees for transfers between Unity Bank accounts. The fee for transferring money from a Unity Bank account to another bank is N52.50k.


Customers can conduct a variety of banking transactions easily and securely thanks to the Unity Bank USSD service.

The Unity Bank USSD service is simple to use and accessible around-the-clock. It may be accessed from any mobile phone and doesn’t require an internet connection. Due to the requirement that users authenticate transactions with their own PIN, the service is also secure.

Customers of the bank greatly praise Unity Bank Customer Care as having some of the greatest customer care in the financial industry. Nevertheless, a small minority have opposing views.

FAQs About Unity Bank USSD Code

After answering a security question, I received a notification stating that my account has been disabled. What should I do?

When the security questions are not correctly answered, this happens. Your security questions can be reset if you call the Unity Contact Center at (070) 806 66000 or send an email to we_care@unitybankng.com.

Where can I see the details of my transactions?

To verify your transactions, pick “Activity” from the accounts menu. You may then choose the time period for the activities you want to view.

When I attempted to access my account, a notification stating that I had been locked out appeared. Could you kindly assist?

Due to three failed login attempts, your account has been locked out. To unlock your account, please call the Unity Contact Center at (070) 806 66000, send an email to we_care@unitybankng.com, or stop by the Unity Bank branch that is closest to you. Never click on dubious email links or update your account in response to calls urging you to do so in order to avoid being locked out.

Why did I have to choose from 4 questions during sign-up?

The questions include two password reset questions to be used with the Forgot Password link and two security questions for intelligent authentication, or challenge questions, to confirm account ownership when the account is assessed from an unusual system, device, or location.


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