Heritage Bank Transfer Code And USSD Codes

Heritage Bank Transfer Code And USSD Codes. This Blog Post Contains All you Need To Know About Heritage Bank Transfer Code And USSD Codes.

Heritage Bank Transfer Code. You can find the Heritage bank USSD code here. Along with instructions on how to register it, activate it, and use it for any transactions on your Heritage account. If you’re one of the people looking for answers to these or other related Heritage bank mobile banking questions.

Then keep reading to find out more!

Heritage Bank Transfer Code

Heritage bank USSD Code

*745# is the USSD code for Heritage Bank.

This code is able to complete a variety of banking tasks, including transfers, withdrawals, airtime and data purchases, bill payments, account balance checks, account opening, blocking of ATM cards, and more, all from your mobile device.

In a pop-up that appears on your screen after dialing the number, you can select the features you want to utilize and follow the on-screen instructions. This pop-up has all the features stated above and many more.

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The Heritage bank *745# code functions flawlessly for all transactions, however one interesting feature of the Heritage bank 745 banking code is that some of them are created for particular kinds of transactions.

There is a table with all of the short codes for Heritage bank transactions below.

List of Heritage bank USSD Code

TransactionsUSSD Codes
Check Balance*745*0#
Transfer to Heritage bank Account*745*1*Amount* Account Number#
Transfer to Other Banks*745*2*Amount*Account Number#
Pay with USSD (POS & Web)*745*000*Ref Code#
Airtime Top Up Self*745*Amount#
Airtime Top Up Others*745*Amount*Phone Number#
Pay Bills*745# >> Select Pay Bills
Retrieve BVN*565*0#
Block USSD*745*11#
Account Opening*745#
Change USSD PIN*745*00#

Heritage bank USSD Transfer Code

To send money from one Heritage bank to another, use the USSD code *745*1*Amount*Account Number#. Dial *745*2*Amount*Account Number#, choose the bank, and enter your PIN to authorize a transfer of funds from Heritage Bank to another bank using the Heritage Bank USSD code.

For instance, dial *745*1*1500*00011111100# to send N1500 to the Heritage bank account number, 00011111100. Dial *745*2*1500*1000000001#, choose First Bank as your bank of choice, and then enter your PIN if you want to transfer N1500 to 1000000001 (other banks First Bank>).

Heritage bank USSD Code for Checking Balance

You can check the balance of your Heritage Bank account by simply calling *745*0#, entering your PIN, and your screen will show you how much money is still in your Heritage Bank account.

Heritage bank USSD Code for Buying Airtime

When purchasing airtime for a SIM that is connected to a Heritage bank account, use the USSD code *745*amount#. You can purchase airtime for additional lines or SIMs by dialing *745*Amount*Phone Number#.

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For instance, dialing *745*1000# will credit your line with a 1,000 recharge card if you want to recharge 1,000 Naira for yourself. Just call *745*500*07000000001#, enter your PIN to confirm the transaction, and then choose the option to recharge line 07000000001 (or any additional lines you have, or lines for friends and/or family) with 500.

FAQ’s About Heritage Bank Transfer Code And USSD Codes

1. What is the new USSD code for Heritage bank?

*745# is the new Heritage Bank USSD code. Any mobile banking operation can be carried out on a registered number using this code.

2. How can I get USSD code for Heritage bank?

The USSD code for Heritage bank mobile banking is *745#.

3. How do I find my USSD Heritage bank account number?

By dialing the USSD code *745# and then adhering to the on-screen instructions, you can obtain your Heritage bank account number. Your account number will then appear on the screen or be provided to you through SMS.

4. How do I set up Heritage bank mobile banking?

By simply dialing *745# with the phone number or line associated with your Heritage bank bank account, choose Accept, and start enjoying Heritage mobile banking, you can activate your Heritage bank USSD mobile banking.

5. How can I check my Heritage bank details?

Simply call *745*0# to access your Heritage bank account information, which will then show you your account balance as well as other facts.


The quickest and most convenient way to conduct any banking transactions is without a doubt through the USSD mobile banking service. This is due to the fact that none of these transactions require you to use data or even to visit a bank branch.

I think you now understand how to activate the Heritage bank USSD code and how to use it for a variety of transactions thanks to this straightforward but detailed post about the Heritage USSD code.

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