How To Fix McDonald’s App Not Working (Complete Guide)

How To Fix McDonald’s App Not Working (Complete Guide)

How To Fix McDonald’s App Not Working, One of the most well-known fast food restaurants, not just in the US but all around the world, is McDonald’s. If you enjoy fast food as much as the millions of other people who do, you undoubtedly already know about the McDonald’s app and how it may help you save time and money on your favourite foods. However, some customers have expressed frustration over the fact that they occasionally run into problems using the McDonald’s app.

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If you’re one of those people who occasionally has problems with the McDonald’s app not working on either Android or iPhone, this tutorial will walk you through a number of workarounds that can help you quickly get your app back up and running.

Fixing McDonald’s App Not Working In Android Or iPhone

Although the app is useful, users have discovered that it presents a number of challenges, some of which are detailed below. These issues comprise:

How To Fix McDonald's App Not Working

  • McDonald’s app crashes.
  • McDonald’s app error brought on by the card not being added.
  • QR codes are not supported by the McDonald’s app.
  • Controls stop responding to the application, and it occasionally freezes.
  • The McDonald’s app cannot find the establishment.
  • The McDonald’s app won’t work after jailbreaking.
  • The McDonald’s app’s issued verification code is inoperable.
  • The McDonald’s app makes no mention of accolades.

But what specifically is the cause of the McDonald’s app issue, and how can we remedy it? Anything might be the cause, including an issue with their internet connection, corrupted files, or even server issues on their end.

To get the McDonald’s app working again, try the following troubleshooting steps.

Install the Most Recent Version

Make sure you are using the most recent version of the McDonald’s app if it isn’t functioning for you. If not, go to the app store on your phone, update the app, and try again.

Change your Network Connection

The most frequent reason given by users who reported that the McDonald’s app isn’t functioning properly for them is a connectivity issue. When using a public WiFi network, this can be the result of a bad connection. At that point, you need to switching from WiFi to a mobile network for your Internet connection.

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Sign Out of Your Account, then Sign Back In.

It might be possible to resolve some corrupt data issues in the McDonald’s app relating to your account information by signing out of your account and then back in. From the More menu at the bottom of the screen, select Profile > Sign out to log out of your account in the app. Then go back to the More menu to log in once more.

Look for Server Issues

Although it is uncommon for the McDonald’s app to be unable to connect to the restaurant’s online service, if you are still experiencing problems with the app, McDonald’s may be at fault. Visit the McDonald’s app status page on Downdetector or conduct a Google search to determine if this is the case.

Clear Application Data

Each app saves data in two different formats in your local storage: application data and cache. Your personal information and other recorded preferences make up application data, whereas a cache serves as a temporary memory storage device. The McDonald’s application will not launch properly if either of the two becomes corrupt. Therefore, we’ll clear the cache and the data to correct this.

Using Android

  • Click “Apps” in the settings for the program.
  • Locate and open the McDonald’s app.
  • Select Storage.
  • There will be two choices available to you: “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache.” Remove the two.
  • Reopen the McDonald’s app, log in, and check to see if it is again operational.

Using iPhone

Unfortunately, as an iPhone user, the only option to clear your device’s cache is to remove the app and reinstall it through Apple’s official app store.

Reboot your Phone

Rebooting your phone will resolve any transient software issues that are affecting the McDonald’s app and your phone if you are still experiencing issues with it.

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Removing and Installing the Application

If none of the methods suggested above work, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the program. Reinstalling the app will correct any corrupted data that may be connected to it. It can also fix problems that arise during the installation of the software.


In conclusion, try the aforementioned fixes if the McDonald’s app isn’t functioning on your smartphone, whether it’s an Android or an iPhone. You might need to get in touch with McDonald’s customer service if none of them worked, though.

FAQs About McDonald’s App

How can I verify my smartphone on the Mcdonald’s app?

Simply open the email on the new mobile device you attempted to log in with, then tap the “Verify your device” button. To verify your device, click the “Verify your device” button below if you are already reading this on a new mobile device.

How often can you use the McDonald’s app each day?

Every 15 minutes, you can use a bargain. The app must be completely closed before being used again. After ordering, you must wait 15 minutes.

How can I receive a free McDonald’s for life?

You can enter by making a purchase using the McDonald’s app or by visiting the official website, where you can fill out the entry form without spending any money. You will be put into the drawing, and if you win, you and three friends will get free McDonald’s forever.

Does the McDonald’s app track your phone?

McDonald’s takes a different approach and uses your phone’s location to determine the ideal time to start preparing your food. Most mobile apps confirm your order and make it right away.

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