Ranking U.S. States By Land Area (Largest U.S. State By Area)

Ranking U.S. States By Land Area

Ranking U.S. States By Land Area, In this Ranking U.S. States By Land Area, According to States Symbols USA, the entire area of the United States is more than 3.5 million square miles. Also according to 2020 Census, there are millions of people living in the fifty states, with California having the biggest population.

California is home to more than 39 million people, while Wyoming has the smallest population with only 576,851 individuals.

While some states have enormous populations, others dominate in terms of size. All in all, here is a list of the states in order of size, from the greatest by land area to the smallest.

Some States In The U.S. With Their Land Area

The landscape of the United States exhibits evidently, the diversity of the country’s climate. It should come as no surprise that Texas and Alaska are the two largest states in terms of area, albeit Alaska is significantly bigger at 665,384 mi² than Texas at 268,596 mi². Alaska has a land area of 85.76% and equally a water area of 94,743 mi² (the highest in the U.S.). Texas, a considerably drier state in the south, only has 7,365 mi² of water. Also, similar states with arid climates include New Mexico and Arizona, which are virtually entirely made up of land and have very little water (90.76% and 99.55%, respectively).

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There are also vast waterways in several states. These include the humid Gulf States of Florida (12,133 mi² ) and Louisiana (9,174 mi²) as well as the states of Michigan (40,175 mi²) and Wisconsin (11,339 mi²) in the Great Lakes region of the northern United States. Of course, there are many other states that may not have large amounts of water within their borders but are ocean-facing (like Georgia), as well as states with smaller percentages of water, but the numbers simply reflect the size of the state itself (e.g. the tiny Rhode Island with its 511 mi² of water).

The District of Columbia, at only 68 mi², and Rhode Island, at 1,545 mi², are nonetheless the two smallest states in terms of area. It’s interesting that there are so few small states. The only other states with a total area of less than 10,000 mi² are Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Vermont, and the figures climb dramatically after that, highlighting just how big the United States as a whole is.

Ranking U.S. States By Land Area

Ranking U.S. States By Land Area

Ranking U.S. States From The Largest To The Smallest By Land Area

Based on land area, the following are the states, from largest to smallest:

  1. Alaska: 586,000 square miles
  2. Texas: 261,232 square miles
  3. California: 155,959 square miles
  4. Montana: 145,552 square miles
  5. New Mexico: 121,298 square miles
  6. Arizona: 113,594 square miles
  7. Nevada: 109,781 square miles
  8. Colorado: 103,641 square miles
  9. Wyoming: 97,093 square miles
  10. Oregon: 95,988 square miles
  11. Idaho: 82,643 square miles
  12. Utah: 82,169 square miles
  13. Kansas: 81,758 square miles
  14. Minnesota: 79,626 square miles
  15. Nebraska: 76,824 square miles
  16. South Dakota: 75,811 square miles
  17. North Dakota: 69,000 square miles
  18. Missouri: 68,741 square miles
  19. Oklahoma: 68,594 square miles
  20. Washington: 66,455 square miles
  21. Georgia: 57,513 square miles
  22. Michigan: 56,538 square miles
  23. Iowa: 55,857 square miles
  24. Illinois: 55,518 square miles
  25. Wisconsin: 54,157 square miles
  26. Florida: 53,624 square miles
  27. Arkansas: 52,035 square miles
  28. Alabama: 50,645 square miles
  29. North Carolina: 48,617 square miles
  30. New York: 47,126 square miles
  31. Mississippi: 46,923 square miles
  32. Pennsylvania: 44,742 square miles
  33. Louisiana: 43,203 square miles
  34. Tennessee: 41,234 square miles
  35. Ohio: 40,860 square miles
  36. Virginia: 39,490 square miles
  37. Kentucky: 39,486 square miles
  38. Indiana: 35,826 square miles
  39. Maine: 30,842 square miles
  40. South Carolina: 30,060 square miles
  41. West Virginia 24,038 square miles
  42. Maryland: 9,707 square miles
  43. Vermont: 9,216 square miles
  44. New Hampshire: 8,952 square miles
  45. Massachusetts: 7,800 square miles
  46. New Jersey: 7,354 square miles
  47. Hawaii: 6,422 square miles
  48. Connecticut: 4,842 square miles
  49. Delaware: 1,948 square miles
  50. Rhode Island: 1,033 square miles
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Alaska: The Largest State In The U.S.

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