10 Hot Business Any Student Can Start With Little Capital

10 Hot Business Any Student Can Start With Little Capital

10 Hot Business Any Student Can Start With Little Capital, Want to put an end to your financial woes right now? Do you wish to be successful? If so, your dream is not far away; you just need to start small and then dream big.

Students are supposed to focus on academics and get good grades, but what if you are on vacation or need money urgently at school, especially in Nigeria where ASUU is on strike and you are most likely broke now?

When you are broke, all you will think about is how to make money or how to start a business. This article will provide you with ideas for starting your own business, whether you are a student, graduate, or young person looking to start something small.


Any business you start has the potential to be the best depending on how you approach it; funding is the major challenge that every individual faces when starting a business. Before you begin, save for it once you’ve decided what you want to do. If you can’t find a job to learn a skill, you can start by getting a day job or part-time job to help you save.

Let me assist you in being your own boss by suggesting the following ideas:

10 Hot Business Any Student Can Start With Little Capital

1. Writing a blog

If you enjoy creating content or writing, this is the perfect job for you. You can make money with the right viewers. You can create content in any niche you want. Maintain consistency and expand your blog.

You will need to look for what people want to see, conduct research on your target audience, and create content that is relevant to them. Blogging allows you to work remotely without having to go out and find an audience.

2. Okirika for sale (second-hand clothes)

Most people will not want to get into this type of business, but it is the most profitable. Many people avoid boutiques because they believe everything sold there is too expensive.

Especially in school, where everyone is trying to budget their money wisely, it’s the ideal place to start an Okirika business, buy in bulk, and sell. In Nigeria, you can buy a lot of Okrika in places like Onitsha, Lagos, Kano, and so on.

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3. Tuition

If you are the type of person who is referred to as a guru in school, especially if you are proficient in a particular subject, then starting a tutoring business and teaching those who require your services may be the best option.

There are many students in school who either don’t understand a particular subject or have a busy schedule, so reach out to them and ask them to refer you to others.

4. Laundry service.

You may believe that few people support this concept, but have you tried it? You’d be surprised at how many people or students require assistance with their laundry. It’s difficult to begin washing after a long week when you have a mountain of homework to complete.

You can start washing by hand and then purchase a washing machine to help your business later on. Your target customer can be anyone, not just students, and you can do it from home.

5. Design of graphics.

You can learn this skill using your smartphone or laptop. It’s popular right now because of its adaptability; you can start by using Canva or taking a course before going into it professionally. Graphic designers create designs for companies that want to market their products with flyers, logos, or business cards. When you work in graphic design, you can easily combine school and work.

6. Catering services are available.

The road to a man’s heart, as the saying goes, is through his stomach. Are you in charge of the kitchen? Do you have the necessary resources to cook and sell? You can take catering master classes or begin with your basic cooking skills.

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You begin by watching a number of catering-related videos on YouTube. You can start there and learn the fundamentals of catering. Purchase a few pieces of cooking equipment and get started.

7. Affiliate Marketing

This is also one of Nigeria’s most popular businesses. An affiliate marketer sells products; all you have to do is connect the sellers with the buyers or sell the product on the seller’s behalf and earn a commission on each product sold. Find an affiliate program where you can sign up, get a link, promote it, and help the company drive sales.

8. Photography

You do not need a digital camera to begin photography, nor do you need a laptop to begin editing your photographs. There are many mobile phone photographers out there; if you want to learn the basics of photography, you can watch YouTube or take an online class.

If you are passionate about photography, you can begin by taking classes before going professional and earning a living.

10. Event Organization.

“Saturdays are for Owambe (parties),” you’ve probably heard. Weekends in Nigeria are for parties and weddings; you can walk around on a Saturday and count more than 5 weddings in your neighborhood.

Fortunately, parties and weddings require the services of an event planner in order to plan and ensure that everything runs smoothly. It requires little capital to get started, and if you have prior experience or are an excellent event planner, you can work without a shop.

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