Health Benefits Of Bitter kola (Garcinia kola)

The plant’s bark and seeds, known as “bitter kola nuts,” have been used in folk medicine for treating ailments including colds and fevers for a very long time. According to a paper from the Center for International Forestry Research, the trade of garcinia kola is crucial to Nigeria’s local towns and communities. According to a survey conducted on the NaijaTab Naija tab forum, 90% of the participants had used it to treat a disease of some kind.

Cola acuminata, the plant that yields the real kola nut, is unrelated to Garcinia kola and belongs to a subfamily of the mallow family Malvaceae rather than the Clusiaceae.

Garcinia kola, often known as bitter kola, is a species of flowering plant that belongs to the same family as the mangosteen variety of Garcinia (a.k.a. Guttiferae). The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Mali, Gabon, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sierra Leone are among the countries that have it. Subtropical or tropical moist marsh forests are its typical natural habitat.

African society healers who recognize that garcinia kola possesses laxative, antiparasitic, and antibacterial characteristics frequently use it. The seeds are used to treat colic, head or chest colds, hack, bronchitis, throat infections, and liver issues. It can also be used as a biting stick.

Treatment for Impotence: Studies have indicated that garcinia kola, sometimes known as “severe kola,” has effects similar to those of a love potion (causing or increasing a man’s desire for sex). As a result, it is used to treat impotence.

10 Health Benefits of Bitter Kola

  • Disease Resistance: Bitter kola affects a number of the body’s defense mechanisms, or administrative systems. In addition to enabling the body to adapt to strain, it also acts as a barrier against infectious infections.


  • Osteoarthritis: Bitter kola is regarded as a powerful illness transformant and may be helpful in treating osteoarthritis. According to studies, garcinia kola appears to provide significant pain-relieving and calming effects on those with knee osteoarthritis. Accordingly, garcinia kola is seen as a prospective osteoarthritis illness action transformant with a high likelihood of producing a good result. It aids in lessening joint resoluteness, pain, and irritation. The underlying cause of joint inflammation and depressing pain may be a joint injury, weight gain, aging, or genetics. Therefore, making use of this mysterious plant can help to address a variety of problems and get their foundations right.


  • Lung Health: Saponin, a cellular reinforcer, is a component of garcinia kola. It has purging and cleansing effects. By expanding the alveolar channels and sacs, this continues to increase the lung tissue’s fiber density, increasing lung capacity. For a solid body, it has a very high cell reinforcement content.

Contrary to popular belief, bitter kola has actually been said to be beneficial for pregnant women since it reduces nausea and retching, improves the condition of the uterus, offers support to the expectant mother, and regulates blood flow.


  • Malaria treatment: It is acknowledged that bitter kola has a combination of characteristics that allow it to act as an antimalarial stimulant. Kolaviron, a typical cell-reinforcing and mitigating phytochemical with strong antimalarial effects, is present in it.
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  • Weight loss: Bitter kola is well recognized for being a typical appetite suppressant and an outstanding thirst stimulator. As a result, it helps with decreasing weight loss because the body needs a reduced intake of food and a large intake of water to get rid of excess fat and stay firm.


  • Diabetes: Bitter kola seeds are said to have the ability to lower blood sugar, making them a plausible treatment for Miletus’s condition.


  • Glaucoma defense: It has been shown by a group of scientists that regular and consistent use of an eye drop made with a garcinia kola concentrate can help in treating glaucoma.

The ability of bitter kola to expand the alveolar sac and pipe allows it to relieve chest colds while continuing to prevent the spread of the illness.

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