How To Make Money On Facebook (Complete Guide)

­How To Make Money On Facebook

How To Make Money On Facebook, Facebook is primarily a social network, a website where users can interact, mingle, and share content of interest.

Almost half of the world’s population uses social media, and as of June 2017, Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users. As a result, there is a sizable online market pool that many people have benefited and continue to profit from without making any expenditures.

You’re on the right trail if you’re wondering how to make money on Facebook without making any investments since this post is for you.

If you take the advice in this article to heart, you might start making money online rather than just using it for social interaction.

How To Make Money On Facebook

How Facebook Works

Making money on Facebook, though, can be difficult. Being seen on Facebook can be difficult due to its enormous size. This is especially true as Facebook only displays a few posts in a user’s news feed. In reality, it’s likely that only 2% of your followers will see the status updates you painstakingly write and post to your company page.

The Facebook algorithm uses four phases to determine which content to display to a user each time they view their news feed:

  • Inventory: The algorithm searches through all of the most recent status updates posted by the user’s friends and the pages they follow.
  • Signal: Then, based on the user’s prior behaviour, it examines a wide range of signals. These comprise the following: the author of the post, the typical time spent consuming the content, post interaction, tagging and comments, the article’s level of information, and many other indications. The fact that the algorithm gives status updates from persons a higher priority than postings from pages is a major signal from the perspective of making money.
  • Predictions: The signal tries to predict the user’s response to a specific story, such as whether they would share, comment on, read, or ignore it.
  • Score: Based on the signals and its predictions, the program calculates a Relevance Score for each article.
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Facebook only displays the posts with the highest Relevance Scores when it assembles a user’s feed.

What You Need To Do First Before You Can Make Money On Facebook

It’s not easy to make money on Facebook, and it’s not something you can do over night like magic. Even though you don’t need to invest any money, you still need to put in the time, be diligent, and be persistent in your efforts to make money.

The first thing to do is lay these foundations:

  • Grow Your Number Of Friends: Increasing your friend count is a good idea because Facebook only allows you to have 5000 friends in total. Resolve to complete this task because it won’t be simple to send and accept 5000 friend requests.
  • Get plenty of likes by creating a Facebook page: Setting up a page is incredibly easy and takes less than ten minutes. It is more challenging to compel others to enjoy and follow it, though. As a result, your page needs to be interesting and contain quality information. Unprompted, people subscribe to buzzing pages.
  • Create a group and expand your member base: The next thing you need to do is make a group and invite as many friends as you can. The fact that users may run Facebook groups is one of their best features. Although we advise you to prevent spam messages from entering the group, you need not to always be the one making updates. Make sure to set postings to require approval before the group sees it. Good material always draws more subscribers to a group.

To earn money on Facebook, follow the three steps above. It gives you a specialized audience and a large number of engaged followers. The secret to making money is this.

Ways On How To Make Money On Facebook

1. Draw Traffic

You may simply generate traffic for blogs at a cost if you have a Facebook page or group with a large fan base. By including a link to the blog and encouraging your followers to visit the page, you can accomplish this. Once they do, your blog’s traffic improves and you start receiving payments.

2. Start Affiliate Marketing

When your Facebook page has a lot of followers, you can post one or two affiliate marketing links per day to the group. With affiliate marketing, you receive a cut of the purchase price. A specific percentage of each sale made through your link goes to your account. You could be able to make up to 50% on some affiliate marketing sales. eBay, Commission Junction, Amazon Associate, ClickBank, and Shae a sale are a few companies you can sign up for.

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3. Sponsor Facebook Posts

The more followers you have, the more companies and online marketers will contact you for paid advertisements. All you need to do to start making money is publish the product on your page. Typically, they would offer you more money if your page had more followers or likes.

Moreover today, people want their posts and videos to receive a lot of likes and shares. By putting the link on your group, you can simply assist them in achieving that due to your huge consumer base. You can earn more money by providing more likes.

4. Publish and Sell e-Books

E-books are simply books in electronic format distributed electronically as opposed to printed on paper. Anyone with an idea can publish an e-book because it essentially involves no costs.

Your primary account’s readership is a responsive, ready-made audience for your sales pitch if you were savvy and wrote a book that appeals to them.
At the end of other posts and in open ways, promote it multiple times every day. Try to captivate your audience by being inventive. Make them eager to read your book.

5. Become a Social Media Manager

Since social media is here to stay and you may already be addicted to it, businesses may want to recruit you for your knowledge. The typical social media manager makes $45,000 a year, according to Sendible. However, many businesses do not require or desire a full-time employment.

Would you be willing to work on a freelance basis? Start by looking at some of the businesses you already patronize. How active is their Facebook page? How could it be made better?

To locate a decision maker, record a screenshare video using a program like Loom. You can also create some brand-new social visuals in Canva.

6. Promote Your Page, Products or Services

Promote everything you’re proud of on your individual profile!

You should probably let your Facebook friends and connections know what you’re up to since they all at least somewhat care about it.

Here are a few pointers for delivering this type of sales pitch on Facebook:

  • Publicize your post: To share it with their audiences, anyone can do this through the post privacy settings.
  • Avoid posting a link: Put your URL in the first comment instead. This appears to increase the visibility of your post.
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One can also use this approach to market a service one provides. The key to success here is to be quite clear about who you serve so that your network can recommend you to other potential clients who might be a good fit.

7. Become An Influencer

Influencers are those who over time have amassed a lot of followers. It is customary for businesses to use them for advertising due to their audience.

Basically, you may charge businesses who want to use your fanbase if you can be disciplined enough to establish yourself as an authority in your field and get the confidence of the public. You can advertise a brand for significant amounts of income through partnerships, direct promotions, and sales.

Creating a Facebook page for a company is really the greatest option, but influencers are needed to get things started. They need your help to accomplish this since they can’t do it alone.

8. Create Videos With In-stream Ads

For companies and creators with a sizable audience, in-stream advertisements are perfect since they capture the attention of a captive audience. In contrast to a solitary ad in their feed, which they are more likely to skip, when a user is halfway through viewing a Facebook video, they are more inclined to watch the entirety of an ad if it means they can continue with the original content.

Consider your goals for your videos and the tales you may share about your company. When making your movies, try including one- to two-second natural pauses where an in-stream ad could appear if you wish to advertise mid-roll.

Videos must be longer than one minute in length and influencers must have at least 10,000 page followers in order to run in-stream advertisements on Facebook. These recommendations are for businesses who want to pay for in-stream advertising.


In conclusion, you may start earning money from Facebook quickly if you start right away, exercise caution, and follow all of the suggestions in this post.

Many people have done it and continue to do it. Everything depends on whether or not you are interested. But once more, who is not interested in virtually risk-free passive income from Facebook?


Can I get money if I share my live video?

Your authority and niche will determine this. You can share product review live videos with an affiliate link if you have a large following on Facebook. If someone purchases through your link, you will be compensated.

What is the most effective approach for Facebook ads?

Analyze your data! Multiple images and captions can be uploaded for Facebook ads. As you check your analytics, you can learn a lot about how each of these elements connected with your followers.

Is it possible to make money on Facebook?

Yes, it is possible to earn money on Facebook. Creators, influencers, and brands with Facebook pages may now monetise their accounts and content. All thanks to a variety of new capabilities that have been added to the site.

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