How To Make Money On TikTok Using Pulse Program

How To Make Money On TikTok Using Pulse Program. In This Article, You Will Learn How To Make Money On TikTok Using This Pulse Program.

Make money on tiktok using Pulse. Let me introduce you to TikTok Pulse, a ground-breaking technology that maximizes the effectiveness of TikTok Ads.

Precision targeting will be used going forward instead of random ad placements. After the top 4% of most popular themes, your brand’s message will effortlessly get in front of the proper audience with the TikTok Pulse Program.

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money on tiktok using Pulse

What is Tiktok Pulse?

Creators, brands, and TikTok itself will all profit from the revenue-sharing initiative known as TikTok Pulse. Advertisers can place their ads after the top 4% trending topics, which can span up to 12 categories, under this advertising program:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Gaming
  • Cooking
  • Studying
  • Books
  • Sports
  • Health
  • Wellness
  • Lifestyle
  • Pets and Animals
  • Entertainment

It guarantees that brand adverts reach wider audiences, boosting brand awareness and conversion rates by pairing them with popular issues.

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Creators who sign up for TikTok Pulse will receive 50% of the revenue TikTok makes from sponsored posts that are shown next to their top 4% of trending content.

Sadly, TikTok Pulse is now only accessible in a select number of nations, including the US, UK, French, Italy, Germany, and Spanish. In 2023, it is anticipated that this new product will be accessible in various nations.

How does it work?

The TikTok Pulse Program places branded advertising after subjects from popular culture with the goal of bringing the ads closer to audiences. TikTok selects the top 4% of trending videos in each Pulse subject (culture-related topics including meals, pets, lifestyles, etc.) using its own scoring system. The creators’ and brands’ advertisements are made to suit well with the cultural themes through this system. These are the evaluation requirements:

  • Interactions (likes, shares, comments, etc.)
  • Video views and recent growth (to determine the most engaging content on the platform)
  • Creator interaction signals
  • Signals relating to brand safety and suitability for both creators and contents.

money on tiktok using Pulse

In order for creators to profit from TikTok Pulse, they must make sure their content enter the top 4% of popular themes. They will be paid by TikTok in the first half of the next month after being accepted.

How much producers get paid for each video that ranks in the top 4% of trending topics has not yet been widely disclosed. If your videos are performing well on the platform, it may be worthwhile to give it a try.

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Requirements of TikTok Pulse Program

There are specific guidelines for TikTok Pulse that businesses and creators must abide by. ensuring that you satisfy all conditions to be qualified for TikTok Pulse:

1. Have reached the age of 18.

2. Have at least 100,000 TikTok followers.

3. Within the previous 30 days, post at least 5 videos.

4. Check that videos adhere to the TikTok Community Guidelines.

5. Sign up for the TikTok Marketplace.

How to create a TikTok Pulse Campaign?

A TikTok Pulse advertising campaign can be built quickly. For comprehensive instructions on creating a TikTok Pulse at Campaign Level, follow these steps:

1. Access your account on TikTok Ads.

2. In the Campaign section, click New Campaign.

money on tiktok using Pulse

3. Add Reach & Frequency as your buying types

4. Choose Reach in the Advertising objective section

money on tiktok using Pulse

5. Choose TikTok Pulse as your campaign type

6. Add Campaign Name and click Continue

money on tiktok using Pulse

You are now ready to promote your TikTok Pulse commercials after completing the first six steps.

How much does TikTok pay per click?

Advertisers on TikTok typically pay a CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) of $10 and a median price of $1.00 for each click.

How much does TikTok pay for 300 views?

Top influencers claim that TikTok pays between $0.02 and $0.04 for every 1,000 views.

FAQ’s About How To Make Money On TikTok Using Pulse Program

1. How do I get paid TikTok pulse?

Your videos must rank in the top 4% of all TikTok content in order to be eligible to get payment from TikTok Pulse. Therefore, they must be extremely viral.

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2. How much does TikTok Pulse pays?

Three monthly subscription levels are available on TikTok Pulse: $0.99, $1.99, and $4.99. Additionally, it is said that TikTok pays content creators 50% of subscription earnings.

3. How does TikTok pulse work?

The targeting solution TikTok Pulse inserts an advertisement right after the most popular trending content in the feed. When you purchase a Pulse ad placement, you can pick the Pulse lineups from 11 different categories that are most connected to your business and your marketing goals.

4. How much does TikTok pay per 1,000 views?

Fortunately, several of the top program creators have made their earnings from the program public. The TikTok Creator Fund pays, according to general agreement, between 2 and 4 cents for every 1,000 views, which equates to only $20 to $40 for a million views.

5. How does TikTok pay monthly?

The monthly payment for TikTok varies greatly. Top artists can make thousands of dollars each month from business partnerships, gifts, and ad revenue sharing, but a first-time creator must work for months before seeing a single dollar.


For businesses wishing to have a major impact online, TikTok Pulse Program is a game-changer. The initiative enables businesses to take the stage and realize their full potential on the TikTok platform thanks to its cutting-edge tools and resources.

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