100 Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria(2023)- Highly Profitable.

100 Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria(2023)- Highly Profitable.

Are you looking for small scale business ideas to start up in Nigeria? Maybe you want to have another source of income ?

This article discusses all you need to know. Let’s dive in!

100 Small Scale Business Ideas

Below is a list of small Scale Businesses you can start anytime, anywhere, and anyday.

1. Dance instructors: You can make money by becoming a dancing instructor or start a dancing school.

2. Computer teacher

3. Carpet cleaning

4. Aerobics instructor

5. Business broker

6. Exercise instructor

7. Weight loss classes

8. ATM machine repairer

9.Exercise book making


11. Fish rearing

12. Bonds and Treasury Bills

13. Turkey business

14. Cold room

15. Iceblock making

16. Nylon making

17. Travel agent

18. Mini importation

19. Fashion designing

20. Selling stag beetle

21. Livestock feed production

22. Advertising agency

23. Study abroad agent

24. Freelance writer

25. Bee farming

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26. Waste recycling

27. Cooking gas business

28. Typing services

29. Computer services

30. Computer repairing

31. Phone repairing

32. Affiliate marketing

33. Blogging

34. Bar soap making

35. Chicken Feeds Business

36. Snail rearing

37. Stocks trading

38. Forex trading

39. Multilevel Marketing(MLM)

40. Recharge card selling

41. Mini bakery

42. Cake making

43. House cleaning services

44. Laundry services

45. House agent

46. Paid researcher

47. Plantain chips production

48. Beads making

49. Dating service

100 Small Scale Business Ideas

50. Cooking service

51. Mobile games programming

52. Flipping websites

53. Building websites

54. Freelancing

55. Tutoring lessons

56. Car wash

57. Admissions agent

58. SEO services

59. Internet marketing

60. Event planner

61. School dropping and picking service

62. Directory publisher

63. Cosmetic sales

64. Selling Watches

65. Chalk making

66. Export agent

67. Writing and selling story books

68. Make-up artist

69. Card making

70. Making youtube videos

71. Excursion services

72. Holiday camp

73. Football viewing center

74. Day care center

75. Making and selling chilled zobo drink

76. Making and selling youghurt

77. Home business center

78. School dropping and picking service

79. Directory publisher

80. Selling pet product

81. Selling pets

83. Self improvement services

84. Self publishing

85. Song writer

86. Teaching

87. Technical writer

88. Travel agent

89. Tour guide

90. Writing press release

91. Selling Business plan

92. SmS marketing

93. Mailing list service

94. Market research

95. Music lessons

96. Nanny services

97. Paint making

98. Motivational speaker

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99. Resume writting

100. Selling pet product

100 Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria- Additional Options

Ghost author

Ghost writers might earn a sizable income by penning articles for various internet blogs and magazines. It is one of the small scale business ideas that can bring a lot of money in Nigeria


Purchase a quality camera to pursue a career as a photographer.Since many women and girls are interested in looking attractive, becoming a beautician and makeup artist is a good business concept.

Information marketing

Among the top internet businesses that can bring in a lot of cash overnight.

Find articles about how to launch a profitable information marketing firm online. To succeed in this industry and earn excellent money, you must be well-versed in it.

Food delivery service

You can start a food delivery service for many restaurants if you have a motorcycle or automobile, and you can earn significant money doing so. It is one of the small scale business ideas that can bring a lot of money in Nigeria.

Faqs about 100 Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria

1. What business can I start with 500k in 2023?

Food Business.

Retail Business.

Fashion Business.

Cleaning Business.


2. Can 30k start a business?

The popcorn business is one of the five ventures you can launch with 30,000 naira.

3. What are the biggest business threats 2023?

Inflation, cyberattacks, and economic slowdown are the three threats.

4. Which is the fastest growing business?

The industry with the fastest global growth is oil and gas exploration and production.

5. What is the best business to start in Nigeria 2023?

Solar Energy Installation

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Digital Marketing Agency

Real Estate

Health and Wellness Center

Mobile App Development

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service

Beauty and Grooming Salon

Event Planning and Management.


The above listed are 100 small Scale Business Ideas you can start up at any time in Nigeria.

They are easy businesses you can start up with low capital too.

Hope you found this post helpful? Stay tuned for more updates like this one!


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