10 Profitable Business Ideas To Earn 5000 Naira Daily From.

10 Profitable Business Ideas To Earn 5000 Naira Daily From. In this Post, You Will discover Business You Can make Money From.

10 Profitable Business Ideas. Having a sizable monthly income isn’t the only requirement for financial independence. Small everyday earnings can occasionally add up to a sizable sum.

Just consider how earning 5000 Naira a day could result in a monthly income of 150,000 Naira and a yearly income of almost 2,000,000 Naira. However, these businesses demand a lot of effort and persistence to thrive.

Let’s get in to the details!

10 Profitable Business Ideas

1. Freelancing

Numerous options to make money online exist through freelancing.It just needs a skill, dependable internet, and a computer or other device to work on.

Among the specialties of independent contractors are graphic design, writing, transcription, translation, voice acting, and web design.To get going you don’t need a degree; simply being skillful enough will do.

2. Tutoring

Another means of making money is tutoring.Knowledge always finds a market, whether it’s coaching examinations, teaching communication skills, or teaching musical instruments.

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3. Barbing (Barber Shop)

You can easily make over 5000 Naira per day. If you can provide quality barber services and have positive interactions with customers.There is always a market for knowledge, whether instructing, imparting communication skills, or sharing artistic experience.

4. Transport Services

Even though they are sometimes undervalued, transportation enterprises can be extremely lucrative.The transportation sector is always in demand. Whether you work as a broker arranging transport services or own and operate your own fleet of vehicles.

5. Cosmetics Salon

There are always customers for the beauty sector. A beauty salon might be a good source of daily income if you are competent in hairstyling. Additionally, you can start selling beauty products as yoir business expands.

6. Owning a gym

The number of people joining gyms is increasing as people become more health conscious.Even though it involves some initial investment, particularly in affluent locations. The potential returns can be extremely substantial.

7. Sales

Selling goods that are in high demand can bring in a sizable sum of money.Although some investigation and familiarity with the local market are necessary, there may be significant returns.

8. Online advertising

The entire market is now at our fingertips thanks to the digital age.Without the necessity for a physical store, you can offer your products to thousands of potential clients by using social media platforms or websites.

9. Car Wash

In Nigeria, where there are millions of vehicles, a car wash business can be quite lucrative, particularly in places where people are too busy to wash their vehicles.

10. Rental

Another option to gain money is to rent out assets like furniture or machinery.There is consistently a need for rental services, whether you are renting out umbrellas, chairs, cars, or musical instruments.

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Faqs about 10 Profitable Business Ideas To Earn 5000 Naira Daily From

1. Which business should I begin with 5,000 naira?

Bottled water and pure water industryThe clean water business could be a very nice option if you are in an urban center like Lagos.

2. What can I do with 5 thousand naira?

You may start buying stocks through a stockbroker or an internet trading platform with just 5,000 Naira, making the stock market an excellent location to build money over time.

3. Which business gives daily income in Nigeria?

Business of raw foodstuffs. POS payment Service. Freelance/ SEO Content Writing. Food vendor business or Restaurant.

4. What business can give me daily income?


Professional Car Wash

Laundry and dry cleaning services

Start A POS Payments Service

Betting Shop

Makeup Studio

Okirika (OK) Clothes and Shoe Business

Food Vendor (Mama put)

5. Where can I make money daily?

Additional ways to make money in a day

Deliver groceries

Rent out your car for a day

Use a paid survey site

Transcribe video and audio

Do someone’s chores or handiwork

Sell your craft

Become a delivery driver

Test and review websites and apps


In Nigeria, there are a plethora of opportunities to make 5000 Naira every day. Find a business that fits your interests and skills, put in a lot of effort, and continue if you want to thrive.

Recall that even the smallest streams can eventually become powerful rivers.

Hope you found this post helpful? Always check our sire for more updates like this!


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