Where is Landmark Beach Located in Lagos?

Where is Landmark Beach Located in Lagos?. In This Blog Post, You Will Discover Where Landmark Beach is Located in Lagos.

Where is Landmark Beach Located in LagosAre you going to tour this beach in Lagos anytime soon and you  need information on the exact address? Or maybe you are planning a vacation and you need to visit this place?

Well, no need to stress further! Stay with us as we discuss all the details with you!

 Where is Landmark Beach Located in Lagos

About Landmark Beach

This beach is different from any other in its beauty. Everyone should visit this location at least one time as it is one of the city’s few remaining treasures.

The landmark resort is the ideal tourist destination to visit even if you’re not from Lagos. It boasts sparkling clear water, stunning scenery, a peaceful and clean atmosphere, well-maintained amenities, a great atmosphere, and safety for swimming and other water sports. If you are someone who lives and works in a city, this is the place you go to unwind from the daily grind.

Whether you’re planning a party, a lavish honeymoon, a romantic or solitary retreat, a boat cruise, or surfing, Landmark has something exciting for every special occasion.

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Where is Landmark Beach Located in Lagos

The first premium private beachfront in the city of Lagos is called Landmark Leisure Beach. It has a boardwalk that spans the Landmark Village, which is home to the Hardrock Café, Shiro Restaurant, Landmark Event Centre, and the soon-to-be Retail Boulevard, across the Atlantic coastline.

Time: 9 am- 10 pm

Gate fee: N3,500 per person.

Location:  Plot 3&4 Water Corporation, Road Oniru Estate Victoria Island, Annex.

Fun Things To Do At Landmark Beach

Ideally, you can always be sure that a beach in Lagos will keep you from getting bored, especially if it’s a famous vacation spot. There are lots of things to do at Landmark Leisure Beach for families, couples, singles, and friends.

Because the beach is so large, you may participate in a variety of famous beach events that let you let off steam if you don’t want to just laze in the sun.

1. Picnic

Due to restrictions on bringing in outside food and beverages, Landmark Beach requires you to purchase food there, but you can still enjoy a pleasant picnic there. You can reserve a space for a picnic or rent cabanas and lounge chairs.

2. Jet Skiing

The only water sport available at Landmark Beach is jet skiing. To enjoy an adrenaline-pumping ride along the Atlantic coast with views of Eko Atlantic and Hard Rock Cafe, all you have to do is rent a jetski.

3. Beach Volleyball

Go to the beach volleyball area, which is accessible to everyone, if you want to participate in landmark beach games.

4. Basketball

Corporate organizations and tournaments reserve the basketball court at Landmark. In case you don’t have a team, you can still show up with your gear and play a game with other people who enjoy playing balls.

5. Minigolf

Both beginner and expert golfers can play the minigolf putting course. A family can play there since it is suitable for all ages.

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6. Adventure Course

The adventure course includes zip lining, bungee ejection, and a low to high-wire rope course. Those with a spirit of adventure will love this activity.

7. Wind and Kite Surfing

If the weather permits kiteboarding or windsurfing, you can skate across the Atlantic coast if you are an experienced swimmer.

8. Beach Soccer

Landmark Beach offers sandy shorelines for hosting soccer tournaments or playing football with your group. You may be able to play beach soccer upon request.

9. Cabanas And Loungers

You can have something comparable at Landmark Leisure Beach by unwinding at the Cabanas and Loungers if you don’t want to stay at the traditional resort hotel. The calm and relaxing ambiance of the beach can aid in your relaxation.

10.  Group Events

These multipurpose spaces are ideal for hosting any kind of party or event. Landmark can provide catering for your sporting events, business gatherings, and birthday parties.

11.  Wedding

You can tie the knot with your your partner in front of the entire environment and the people you love. In a same vein, you could spend your honeymoon at the famous beach house.

12. Kids Play Area

Take your kids to the Kids Club at Landmark to ensure the kids  have all the fun they can get..

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The Landmark Beach Restaurants

The historic hotel and beach resort has a number of dining establishments, all of which surprise guests with their exquisite meals and beachside experiences.

For the best fun, you should visit these locations if you visit Landmark Leisure Beach:

  • Amazon Spur Steak Ranches
  • Bubbletti
  • 12 Baguette
  • Lotty’s
  • Smallchops Beach Plus
  • Sooyah Bistro
  • Honey’s On The Beach
  • KFC
  • Green Cabin
  • Mario Pizza
  • Potakos
  • Papis
  • Stuffed Puffs Naija
  • Lulu Bowl
  • Subs By Bread Lounge
  • Toodun Takeaways
  • Casa De Pasta
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Beach Clubs At Landmark Beach

  • Hangout Lagos.
  • The Truth Beach Club.
  • Island Breeze.

Landmark Beach Rules

As a private beach, Landmark Leisure Beach has rules and regulations that visitors must follow in order to protect themselves and other people.

Prior to organizing your day at a famous private beach, remember these rules that the management has set forth.

  • No swimming after sunset or in rough waters.
  • People with contagious diseases will be refused entry.
  • Swimming is prohibited without a lifeguard on duty.
  • No camping or sleeping overnight on the beachfront.
  • Lodge only at the landmark beach hotel.
  • Children should not be left unattended.
  • Keep the beach clean always.
  • No fireworks or unmonitored fires.
  • No Drugs or narcotics.
  • Personal food items and drinks attract a corkage fee.

How do I make an Enquiry about landmark beach?

Contact Us
  • Address. Landmark Leisure Beach. Plot 3 & 4 Water Corporation. Road Oniru Estate Victoria Island. Annex Lagos Nigeria.
  • Email. info@landmarkbeach.ng. Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm.
  • Telephone. Phone Calls. +234 906 688 2627. +234 809 909 0013. WhatsApp. +234 809 909 0014. Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm.

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FAQs About Where is Landmark Beach Located in Lagos

1. Where Is The Landmark Beach Location?

The landmark beach is located in Landmark Village on Oniru Victoria Island.

2. What Is The Landmark Beach Address?

Plot 3&4 Water Corporation, Road Oniru Estate Victoria Island, Annex is the home to this beach.

3. How much is the gate fee for Landmark Beach?

The cost of admission to Landmark is N2,000 per person during the week and N3,500 on the weekends. There will be an additional 20k to 40k corkage fee if you bring in your own food.

4. Which beach is the finest in Lagos?

  • The Good Beach.
  • Box Beach
  • Moist Beach.
  • La Campagne Tropicana.
  • Tarkwa Bay.
  • Barracuda Beach.

5. Do you pay to enter Landmark Beach?

This is a nearby beach on Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria. The entrance fee is N2,000 per person, assisting in crowd control.


This post contains all you need to know about this beach in Lagos. Because it offers a wide range of entertaining land and sea games to suit the interests of both landlubbers and water lovers, the Landmark Beach is one of the liveliest beaches in Lagos.

We really hope this post was useful to you? Do stay tuned to our site for more updates like this one!

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