Heaviest Person Ever: Top 10 Fattest People In The World

Heaviest Person Ever: Top 10 Fattest People In The World. In This Article, You Will Discover The Heaviest Person Ever: Top 10 Fattest People In The World.

Heaviest Person Ever. Are you wondering if these kind of people really exist? You need to see to believe, that is why you are here right? No Worries as we will be showing you all of these people right here in this post.

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Check Out the Top 10 Heaviest and Fattest People Ever Lived (Shocking Photos)

Heaviest person ever

Below are the list of people we consider to be in this category:

1. Jon Brower Minnoch

Jon Minnoch had a mass of 635 kg. At his peak weight of 1,400 lb (635 kg; 100 stone), this American man was the largest person ever recorded. Minnoch’s weight kept rising until his heart and pulmonary failure forced him to be hospitalized in March 1978 at the age of 36.

He was placed on two mattresses that were pushed together, and changing his sheets alone required 13 people. At the time of his death, his body mass index was 105.3 and he weighed 798 lb (362 kg; 57 st).

Heaviest Person Ever

2. Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari 610 kg

The second-heaviest person in the world is Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari. is a Saudi Arabian man who, in August 2013, was found to be the second-heaviest person in recorded history and the heaviest living person at 610 kg.

On February 28, 1991, he was born. As a result of medical therapy, he lost more than half of his body weight in six months, or 320 kg (710 lb; 50 st), according to CNN.

Heaviest Person Ever

3. Manuel Uribe

Manuel Uribe Garza was the third fattest person in the world before he passed away in 2014, weighing 597 kg. The man was of Mexican descent and had one of the worst cases of morbid obesity ever documented in history.

After reaching a peak weight of approximately 600 kg, he was bedridden for years. His large frame was a major issue for him, and by February 2008, he had lost about 230 kg (510 lb), or more than one-third of his body weight, with the help of doctors and dietitians. He passed away in his hometown on May 26, 2014, at the age of 394 kg.

Heaviest Person Ever

4. Carol Ann Yager

She was the heaviest recorded female in history and among the most severely obese women when she was born on January 26, 1960. On July 18, 1994, she passed away. She was more than five feet (1.5 meters) broad, according to Bizarre magazine.

Yager also suffered from numerous other obesity-related health problems, including high blood sugar, trouble breathing, and strain on her heart and other organs. Because her muscles couldn’t support her weight, she was also hardly mobile. She remains one of the heaviest people in recorded history.

Heaviest Person Ever

5. Walter Hudson

Walter Hudson held the Guinness World Record for the largest waist, measuring approximately 119 inches (302 cm), when he reached his peak weight of 1,197 pounds (543 kg; 85.5 lb). She was born on June 5, 1944, and passed away on December 24, 1991. On December 24, 1991, 46-year-old Walter Hudson passed away at home from a heart attack.

At the time of his death, he weighed 600 pounds (270 kg; 43 st). Hudson was so far away that in order to retrieve his body, firefighters from the Hempstead Fire Department had to drill a 4-by-6-foot (1.2 by 1.8 m) hole in the bedroom wall.

Heaviest Person Ever

6. Rosalie Bradford 540 kg

The woman with the record for being the heaviest woman in the world was Rosalie Bradford. Her birthdate was August 27, 1943, and her peak weight was 1,200 pounds (540 kg) in January 1987.

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She had been so depressed that in 1988 she tried to kill herself with pills, but her size prevented her from sleeping for more than a few days before she woke up.

Heaviest Person Ever

7. Ahmed Eman Abd El Aty

Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty was 500 kg, an Egyptian national, and a native of Egypt. All across the world, he was well-known for her enormous stature. She held the distinction of being the second-heaviest woman in history, behind Carol Yager, and the heaviest woman in the world while she was still alive.

Abd El Aty passed away at Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi on Monday, September 25, 2017, at 4:35 p.m. as a result of complications from her underlying comorbid illnesses, which included renal issues and heart disease. When she passed away, she was 37 years old.

Heaviest Person Ever

8. Mr. Michael Hebranko 

On May 14, 1953, 499 kg Michael John Hebranko Jr. was born. He was an American man, one of the largest people in the world, with extreme morbid obesity. In 1990, he lost almost 200 pounds in just 19 months, earning a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the greatest reported weight reduction.

Hebranko peaked in June 1999 at 499 kg (1,100 lb). A major weight loss followed, with Hebranko dropping to 207.5 kg (457 lb). He had previously supported a campaign to raise awareness about dieting. He remains among the world’s most obese individuals.

Heaviest Person Ever

9. Darren Patrick Deuel

Standing at 486 kg at his peak, American Patrick Darren Deuel holds a record for being one of the world’s largest people. He lived away from his Valentine house for nearly five years.

His size required half of the house to be demolished in order to get him when he was taken to the hospital. Getting him to the hospital took a great deal of effort and special planning. On April 29, 2016, Deuel passed away at home. He was 54 years old.

Heaviest Person Ever

10. Hughes, Robert Earl 486 kg

Throughout his life, this American man gained recognition and popularity due to his large frame.

He was regarded as one of the heaviest and fattest persons in history. Despite his massive size, he was able to walk alone, which helped him become even more famous. Hughes’ thyroid gland rupture was the cause of his unusually high weight. At his peak, he weighed 1,071 lb (486 kg) and measured 10.3 ft (3.1 m) in the chest.

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 Heaviest Person Ever

Heaviest person ever recorded

At his peak, American Jon Brower Minnoch (September 29, 1941 – September 4, 1983) weighed about 1,400 lb (635 kg; 100 stone), making him the heaviest person ever measured in human history.

FAQs About Heaviest Person Ever: Top 10 Fattest People In The World

1. Who was the heaviest person ever?

At his peak, American Jon Brower Minnoch (September 29, 1941 – September 4, 1983) weighed about 1,400 lb (635 kg; 100 stone), making him the heaviest person ever measured in human history. Minnoch, who had been obese since childhood, typically weighed between 800 and 900 pounds (363 and 408 kilograms; 57 and 64 stone) as an adult.

2. Who is the heaviest person in the world alive?

A fifty-six-year-old Mexican man is trying to shed pounds with the assistance of neighborhood physicians. By his mid-20s, Juan Pedro Franco, 33, weighed an astounding 93 stone (595 kg), making him the heaviest person alive according to Guinness World Records.

3. What is the most weight lost in history?

Michael Hebranko (USA) set a record for the most weight lost by a male in his lifetime with 2,268 kg (5,000 lb; 357 st; 2.2 tonnes).

4. Who was the heaviest person who could still walk?

At 1,071 lb (486 kg), American Robert Earl Hughes (June 4, 1926 – July 10, 1958) held the record for being the heaviest person ever recorded in human history. He continues to be the world’s heaviest walking human being without assistance.

5. Heaviest person ever weight?

At his peak, American Jon Brower Minnoch (September 29, 1941 – September 4, 1983) weighed about 1,400 lb (635 kg; 100 stone), making him the heaviest person ever measured in human history.


This article contains all you need to know about the heaviest people and their weights. Despite the fact that obesity is a serious global health issue, it is imperative that we approach this topic with empathy and consideration for the respective individuals.

A comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach that incorporates physical activity, education, access to nutrient-dense food, and medical care is necessary to combat obesity. Ultimately, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and fostering a supportive environment are essential to combating obesity and improving overall wellbeing.

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