Best Private Beaches in Lagos, Nigeria

Best Private Beaches in Lagos, Nigeria. In This Post, You Will Discover The Best Private Beaches in Lagos, Nigeria.

Private Beaches in Lagos, Are you looking for private beaches to plan for your vacation, staycation or even a weekend getaway? Or maybe you are looking for really exclusive beaches to enjoy your privacy?

Look no further! We are going to be discussing all you need to know about these private beaches. So, keep reading to find out more!

 Private Beaches in Lagos

Private Beaches in Lagos

It’s always easy to find stunning beaches in Lagos, but it can be challenging to select the one that offers you the seclusion and privacy you require. We list the top private beaches in this post so you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the ocean and some sun exposure.

Lagos has anything one could want, including extravagant apartments, elegant dining establishments, and exciting nightclubs. However, Lagos beaches are the best part of the city if you’re a nature lover or beach enthusiast.

Nothing compares to having a fantastic day at the beach when it comes to de-stressing and relaxing.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get into it!

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List of Private Beaches in Lagos

  • Oniru Private Beach
  • Atican Beach
  • Tarkwa Bay
  • Landmark Beach
  • The Good Beach
  • Ilashe Beach
  • Lekki Leisure Beach
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Private Beach in Lagos Island

1. Oniru Private Beach

Oniru Beach in the Eti Osa neighborhood of Lekki, Lagos, is a great choice if you’re looking for a calm place to swim, have a picnic, or just relax and enjoy the sun.
Go to the suya spot, bar, or grill joint when you’re hungry. All people can access the beach, which is open 24 hours a day, for a small entrance fee of 1000 naira for adults and 500 for children.

For a relaxing getaway with family, a romantic date, or a group of friends, Oniru Beach is the ideal hangout. It hosts numerous events and parties all year long, so don’t be shocked to find it lively with activity during festive periods.

Location: 1 Ligali Ayorinde St, Eti-Osa 106104, Lagos

Side Attractions: Grill joint, Bar

2. Atican Beach

Atican Beach, which is near Laguna Beach, is another excellent private beach in Lagos. There are lots of comfy chairs on which you can take in the scenery and the sun.
You should enjoy the delicious suya from the “Aboki,” along with delicious pepper soup and fish grilled over the grill.

Atican Beach offers a private playground for kids, so they will also have a great time there. If you’re up for an exciting adventure, you could take them beachside horseback riding.

The ideal spot to take a break and spend quality time with your loved ones is Atican Beach.

Location: Off Abraham Adesanya Estate Road, Okun Ajah Town, Lekki-Ajah, Lagos.

Side Attractions: Restaurant, Beach Bar and Barbecue Spot, Live Band, Lodging, Horse Riding

3. Tarkwa Bay

It is an extremely popular tourist spot in Lagos, and the only ways to get there are by water taxi, boat, or, if you’d rather, helicopter.

Competent swimmers and surfers will love this beach because it’s far more serene than other beaches in Lagos.

Tarkwa Bay Beach entrance fees are variable and usually fair depending on the day of the week. The beach is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and at 6 p.m., the last boat leaves the island.

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Location: Onisiwo Island, Near Lagos Harbour, Lagos.

Side Attractions: Surfing, Mini Market, Quad Bikes, Water Ski, Boat Cruise.

4. Landmark Beach

A prestigious private beach in Lagos is called Landmark Beach. Lying close to Oniru Royal Beach, it offers an ideal retreat from the bustling life of Lagos.

Families are welcome to visit the beach, which provides a peaceful, impeccable atmosphere that guarantees maximum comfort. This beach is welcoming to all, including adults, couples, singles, and families with young ones.

Beach soccer, windsurfing, jet skiing, and other exciting family-friendly sports are available at Landmark Beach.

Location: Plot 3 & 4 Water Corporation Road, Victoria Island, Lagos

Side Attractions: Beach Soccer, Jet Ski, Surfing, Hotel, Event Centre

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Best Private Beach in Lagos

5. The Good Beach

On Victoria Island, The Good Beach is absolutely a favorite among beachgoers. There is never any boring moment here because the place is constantly bubbling with activities.

You can quickly get a drink or something to eat any time you need a break from the sun thanks to the array of bars and restaurants that are close to the water. It’s also possible to unwind and take in the atmosphere or participate in a variety of water sports for an exciting time.

Location: Plot 10B, Water Corporation Road, Trinity Ave, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos

Side Attractions: Bar, Club, Lounges, Quad Biking

Private Beaches in Lagos Nigeria

6. Ilashe Beach

One of Lagos’s stylish private beaches is called Ilashe Beach. This beach, which is only reachable by boat, lies on Snake Island off the coast of Lagos, along Badagry Creek. It is about a 20–30 minute drive from Lagos Island.

Enjoying exclusiveness, privacy, and an unbeatable location, it’s a favorite among Lagos’ elite. With stunning palm trees and beach huts all around, this beach offers speed boats that take guests to different places.

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Location: Snake Island off the Lagos coast along the Badagry Creek

Side Attractions: Boat rides, Social Events, Beach House

Private Beach in Lagos

7. Lekki Leisure Beach

If you’re looking for a longer stay, there’s a fantastic hotel on the coast that’s ideal for a weekend getaway or a nightcap.

All ages are welcome to attend for an admission fee of 500 naira for children and 1000 naira for adults. Aside from relaxing beach lounging, Lekki Leisure Lake offers exhilarating activities like jet skiing, wave boating, quad biking, and pontoon boat rides.

Location: Lekki Leisure Lake, Adekunle Animashaun Drive, Marwa, Off Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, 106104, Lagos

Side Attractions: Quad Biking, Wave Boat, Pontoon Boat, Jet Ski

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FAQs About Best Private Beaches in Lagos, Nigeria

1. Is Atican beach a private beach?

2. How much is the fee for Landmark beach?

The entry fee is #3,500.

3. Which beach is the biggest in Lagos?

Meia Praia, which is also known as Praia de São Roque, is Lagos’ biggest beach. In formal terms, a long-gone stream divides Praia de São Roque from Meia Praia.

4. How much is Elegushi beach fee?

Elegushi charges N2000 for adults and N1000 for children to enter, but chairs, speakers, and tents must be rented. Seats and tents range in price from N1000 to N5000, depending on the vendor that you purchase from.

5. Which is the finest beach in Lagos?

  • Tarkwa Bay Beach.
  • Elegushi Beach.
  • Oniru Private Beach.
  • Landmark Beach.
  • Redline Leisure Beach Resorts Ajah.


All you need to know about the best private beaches in Lagos are all here. The people of Lagos love the beach. They’re probably lounging at one of the city’s stylish beach locations on weekends when they’re not out and about taking in the nightlife at clubs.

You can check out the suggestions in this article if you wish to immerse yourself in Lagos’s colorful beach culture.

We really hope this post was useful to you? Stay tuned to our site for more updates like this one!

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