10 Best Wedding Venues in Lagos

10 Best Wedding Venues in Lagos. In This Post, You Will Discover The 10 Best Wedding Venues in Lagos.

Best Wedding Venues in Lagos, Are you having your wedding soon and you are looking for the best wedding venues to have your wedding in Lagos? Do you need a list of options you can send to your wedding planner to choose from?

Well, in this post, we will be showing you a list of wedding venues to pick from. So, keep reading to find out more!

Best Wedding Venues in Lagos

Best Wedding Venues in Lagos

Weddings are significant events in anyone’s life, and how lovely the day is always greatly depends on the venue selection. Regretfully, especially in a city like Lagos, event locations can consume a significant portion of the budget! For this reason, some soon-to-be spouses choose to have a small wedding in the company of their families. In the meantime, it can be very difficult to find a location that is ideal in terms of comfort, affordability, and aesthetics.

These ten locations are ideal for any kind of small-scale wedding. They will ease your stress of making a pick.

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1. Palazzo Dumont

A top preference for a venue with stunning aesthetics and a casual atmosphere is Palazzo Dumont Banquet Hall. Its central location in Lagos and easy access to the area’s main attractions are further benefits. The hall, which realizes your wedding vision, is the ideal setting for a small-scale wedding—simply elegant with intriguing design and arrangement! You and your closest friends and family are going to have a laid-back indoor wedding at this location.

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Location: Lekki

2. The View Rooftop Lounge

Do you want something with a more dramatic feel? You’re all set! The View Rooftop Lounge, situated in the breathtaking TwinWaters, is the ideal location for your small-scale wedding. The exquisitely furnished area and surrounding landscape also offer an ocean view. It’s a special choice for couples looking to write their love story in a wonderland, especially with the lightning just right, the cool morning breeze, the sun peeking through, and the gorgeous flowers waving.

Location: Lekki

3. Excel Oriental Banquet Hall

The Excel Oriental Hall & Suites banquet space is a premier venue for an elegant yet intimate wedding in Lagos, set in a prime area of the city. The venue can accommodate your esteemed guests thanks to its stunning building, gorgeous surroundings, and first-rate amenities.

The hall has a straightforward layout and exquisite décor, complete with banquet and Chiavari chairs that are available for an additional fee. This venue’s best feature is how close it is to the Murtala Mohammed International Airport—just a 4-minute drive away. It also has strong security and an easy parking area.

Location: Ikeja

4 . Boat Hall 3

Boat Hall is a straightforward yet exquisite venue for a small-scale indoor wedding. It provides a distinctive selection of locations to accommodate various events. But for smaller gatherings, like weddings, Boat Hall 3 is a lifesaver. This location would be worthy of your consideration if it had a reliable cooling system and power supply.

Considering how user-friendly the road network is? The location of the venue facilitates easy access for both private and public transportation.

Location: Ikeja

5 . Tyttlo Event Center 2

Imagine a small, intimate wedding indoors in a setting that is conducive, calm, and simple? For you, Tyttlo Event Center is a good option. Despite being best known for its large event space, it also has smaller spaces that can accommodate 100–150 people, depending on how they are set up. It has excellent air conditioning and a charming parking space for your little visitors.

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Because the venue is close to hotels, which make it easy to make reservations for friends traveling from a distance or even for the newlyweds, that makes it a more thoughtful option!

Location: Magodo

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6. Pelican Events Pointe  

For a variety of uses, the Pelican Event Hall offers a calm atmosphere. But since you requested an indoor wedding, the hall is a distinctive and stylish venue. Simple banquet seating for 100 people is available in this space, which also has amenities like a good parking lot, changing rooms, and an adequate cooling system that ensure a faultless reception.

Location: Ajah

7. Jara Beach Resort

Jara Beach Resort is a top choice for prospective couples who want an intimate, straightforward, and heavenly wedding! With its breathtaking scenery, the venue expertly arranges a charming and romantic wedding. The space will be exclusively available to those who reserve it.

Jara gives you alternatives that are flexible so you can choose what’s best for your special day. You can opt to only use the venue space until your reservation expires, or you can upgrade your experience by booking a room that accommodates guests for the night. The ultimate experience is what this is!

Location: Lekki

8. Maison Fahrenheit Hotel Rooftop

With its magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean, Maison Hotel Rooftop offers an amazing exotic ambience. Give your big day a little extra glitz and a one-of-a-kind experience instead of settling for the ordinary.

When it comes to an after-party or pre-planned honeymoon, it offers opulent lodging. Its central location makes it simple to get to most parts of the city, particularly other enjoyable spots the newlyweds may wish to explore after the wedding. Silverbird Galleria and Elegushi Beach are a couple of them.

Location: Victoria Island

9. Four points by Sheraton

Four Points is the ultimate intimate wedding venue, situated in an amazing location. It offers luxurious amenities unmatched by any other. starting with the striking exterior that is sure to excite your visitors. Along with a good reception, the venue also provides event services.

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Your ideal indoor wedding would be perfectly situated in the hotel’s Banquet Hall. Say no more—both for the regal atmosphere and the exquisite decoration!

Location: Oniru

10. Integrity Hotel Hall

A suitable location for any small-scale event is the Integrity Hotel Hall, which is housed inside the Integrity Hotel & Suites. Planning couples should think about this straightforward, elegant, and tidy location. The management could arrange for banquet tables or Chiavari tables for an extra charge, and the hall could easily accommodate 100 people seated banquet-style.

Good air conditioning, parking, and security are all guaranteed, as you might expect.

Location: Victoria Island

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FAQs About 10 Best Wedding Venues in Lagos

1. How much does it cost to rent a hall for a wedding in Lagos?

In Lagos, hall rentals run about ₦875,000 per day on average. The cost of the most costly hall is ₦5,000,000 per day, while the least expensive one is ₦160,000. In Lagos, Nigeria, there are 26 halls that are available for rental.

2. How much is it to rent Eko Convention Center?

Its 5,151 square meter area allows it to accommodate 270 exhibition stands and accommodate up to 6,000 people for concerts. This venue can be rented for roughly N9 million or more.

3. How much does it cost to rent Monarch Hall Lekki?

Monarch Event, which lies near the Lekki-Epe expressway, is without a doubt the most popular venue for celebrity gatherings. With its Victorian-style architecture, it exudes pure elegance. Utilizing the entire Monarch cost roughly 17 million Naira. The Monarch Convention Center.

4. How much does a wedding venue cost in Lagos?

In Lagos, event centers and venues typically rent for ₦700,000 per day. The most costly event center or venue charges ₦5,000,000 per day, while the least expensive one charges ₦80,000.

5. How much does it cost to rent a hall in Ikeja?

In Ikeja, Lagos, hall rentals run about ₦375,000 per day on average. The most costly hall charges ₦3,000,000 per day, while the least expensive one costs ₦160,000. Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria has eight halls that are available for rental.


This article covers all you need to know about the best wedding venues that you can pick from here in Lagos for your next wedding. You can send this list to your wedding planner for appropriate picking to suit your taste.

We really hope this article was helpful to you? Do stay tuned to our site for more updates like this one!

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