Best Sites and Apps To Download Nollywood Movies For Free

This is to inform the general public About Sites To Download Nollywood Movies, he majority of Nigerians are huge fans of Hollywood and Blockbuster films starring A-list actors like Will Smith, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, and Dwayne Johnson.

Sites To Download Nollywood Movies

While some people are admirers of celebrities like Pete Edoche, Jim Iyke, Ramsey Noah, Mercy Johnson, Chinedu Ikedieze, and others, others are superstars.

One of the most important film industries in the world is Nollywood, or the Nigerian film industry. second to Bollywood in terms of production and Hollywood in popularity.

It is still a developing business, despite being as large as Nigerian movie entertainment. I’m going to provide the top 10 sites where you can watch free Nigerian movies online in this article. You can watch movies on these websites with the least amount of data usage.

Top Nigerian Sites To Download Nollywood Movies


One of the finest places to rapidly find both recently released films from around the world and movies from Nigeria is Netnaija. This website is the best resource for finding free 9ja movies and other movies.

On this website, you can find comedy videos, football highlights, and Yoruba movies. Additionally, they offer songs, videos, and the most latest entertainment news.

2. Ibaka Tv

There are hundreds of Nigerian Nollywood films available on the IbakaTV app. Users of iOS and Android can access it. The program allows you to instantly download and stream content on your phone. You can start watching the movies of your choosing by visiting their official website.

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3. YouTube

The newest and oldest 9ja movies are provided in spectacular HD formats on the well-known streaming service Youtube. There are a number of YouTube channels that post free and uncut Nigerian Nollywood movies, whether they are in Yoruba or English.

Additionally, YouTube is the best place to locate Yoruba movies, watch them online without charge, and download them. The sporadic advertisements that appear when watching movies on YouTube are its sole downside.

4. Iroko TV

This must be the website where you can frequently download Nigerian movies the most. Additionally, you may use the iRokoTV app on your smartphone to access thousands of Nollywood films from any location.

Visit the Iroko TV website to view top-notch, fresh movie entertainment.

5. 9jaDownload

On 9jadownload, you can find a wide range of materials, from Nollywood films to Nigerian music videos.

You may also find the lyrics to well-known Nigerian songs on this page. It’s interesting to note that, in contrast to many other platforms, this platform also offers evangelical music.

On 9jaDownload, you can also get the most recent Nollywood gossip and entertainment news. Without registering, you can watch any video on their website. All you have to do to get started is choose the movie you want to watch.

6. Nigerian Movie Network

A number of Nigerian films are available on the Nigerian Movie Network. Every day, fresh movies are routinely released on this website. To find the movies you want to download, use this website’s search option.

You must sign in if you are a member in order to start downloading movies. Before beginning, you must register if you are not already a member.

The website has sections for action, comedy, romance, drama, Igbo, and Yoruba as well as divisions for soap operas and religion. You can search by movie genre as well.

On this website, you can both download Nollywood movies and read the most recent Nollywood news.

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7. 123Movies

A well-known website where you may find a huge selection of movies is 123Movies. On this website, you can find more than only movies from Nigeria. Hollywood movies are also available for download.

To get the most updated information on movies in Nigeria and around the world, subscribe to their website.

The movies on 123 Movies are available for no cost high definition download. There are movies with well-known Nollywood actors that may be downloaded.

8. NollyLand

It has a terrific user experience and is one of the best movie platforms in Africa. Nollywood films are available for download or streaming.

Additionally, the service offers movie downloads from Ghana, Nigeria, and other African countries.

NollyLand is one of the top websites in Nigeria for downloading and streaming Nollywood films. It is a reputable website where you can watch and download both recent and classic Nigerian movies.

9. Nollywood Movies

Nollywood Movies is all about Nollywood movies, news, and filmmaking, just as the name suggests. The website was created to address the problem of piracy and is maintained by genuine filmmakers, so all of the movies you watch there are 100 percent original.

How does it work? After visiting the website and registering, you can select the movie channel to view a preview of the movie you want to watch.

To pay for the movie, you must use your credit card. The movie is then accessible whenever you want via download or streaming. You are free to download as many films as you desire. The movies are really high quality, and downloading them is not very expensive.

10. Buzz Nigeria

A news and entertainment website in Nigeria is called Buzz. However, in addition to other exciting features, the website also offers movie downloads.

The Buzz Nigeria portal often updates, so you may download the most recent Nigerian films there. All you have to do is visit the Buzz Nigeria website and look through the list of current Nollywood films.

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Which website in Nigeria offers the finest Hollywood movie downloads?

The most popular website in Nigeria for downloading Hollywood films is Net Naija. On this website, you may download both Hollywood films and television shows. In addition to constantly having the most recent movies, NetNaija is a good choice because downloading movies is simple.

Where can I get movies to download in Nigeria?

One of the top websites in Nigeria for downloading free foreign and Nollywood movies is Netnaija. It is now the greatest website for downloading Nollywood films. The most recent Hollywood, Bollywood, and Nigerian films, as well as numerous Chinese, Spanish, and French films, can all be found on Netnaija.

Does 123Movies allow movie downloads?

Even with the HD option, 123Movies offers the download option for some of the films. When you utilize the search function to look for the movies you want because you can’t download them offline, it will take you to another website.


The top Nollywood video websites and African movie streaming services have been compiled above. Choose your favorite apps from the available options or suggest some more in the comments area.

Do not forget to share this page with your friends who enjoy watching music videos or full-length African films as well as those who are interested in the newest Nollywood flicks.

FAQs About Sites To Download Nollywood Movies

Is it unlawful to download movies in Nigeria?

Can you keep a movie that you find online and download? It is unlawful to post it, but it is not unlawful to download it. When you pirate it, you are actually submitting small unfinished data packets rather than a full video.

What is an unlicensed video site?

Streaming unauthorized copies of any type of media, including movies, TV series, and sports content, without the owner of the copyright is known as illegal streaming.

What’s the new name of 123Movies?

The URL and original name of the website were and, before redirecting to and then Sites To Download Nollywood Movies

Is a VPN required to access 123Movies?

Even though 123Movies is accessible in your nation, a VPN is still necessary for your security against online fraud. You may get an all-inclusive membership from CyberGhost VPN that comes with foreign servers, quick speeds, unrestricted bandwidth, and more. On 123Movies, you can watch your favorite shows with confidence.


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