Davido Net Worth: Songs, Latest song, Source of Wealth

This is to inform the general public About Davido Net Worth, As one of the top 10 wealthiest musicians in Nigeria, Davido’s net worth does support his self-proclaimed billionaire status.

Davido Net Worth,

David Adedeji Adeleke is his true name, although he prefers to go by “Davido” or “Baddest” because those are his stage names. The  name Davido comes to mind when the pages of wealth and expensive assets in Nigerian showbiz are opened.

  • Full Name: David Adedeji Adeleke
  • Nationality: Nigeria (Osun State) USA (Atlanta Georgia)
  • Source of Wealth: Music and Music Producer
  • Net Worth: $20,000,000.00

He comes from a family of affluence and social heavyweights, but that didn’t make him relaxed about achievement. Also, he pursued his passion for music. He claims that all along, music has been his one and only passion. Yes, he performed it admirably.

What is Davido’s net worth in 2023?

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Davido’s net worth to be $50 million in 2023.

We’re referring to the songwriter, music producer, and businessperson. We are discussing Davido. The well-known Nigerian-American musician “Davido” has a $50 million fortune. The most well-known Nigerian-American singer-songwriter Davido’s estimated net worth is over $50 Million, according to a number of web publications (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB).

As we’ve stated previously, Davido has a $50 million net worth. Just from his career as a musician, Davido has made about $50 million. In addition, he also is a well-known figure on the African continent and was given a significant contract by MTN Communication to serve as their brand ambassador. Local African newspapers estimate its value around $5 million.

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Sources of wealth


The well-known musician has amassed a sizable fortune through music. His most significant musical revenue sources were album sales, live concerts, licensing fees, and streaming royalties. Davido has released five studio albums. These include A Better Time (2020), Son of Mercy (2016, 2017), A Good Time (2016, 2017), and Omo Baba Olowo (2012, 2016). According to reports, the artist costs a whopping 10 million naira for a performance in Nigeria and nearly $90,000 for performances abroad.

Brand endorsements

Over the previous few years, Davido has also collaborated with a lot of businesses. These businesses use the singer’s celebrity to boost their visibility or promote a good or service. Here are some of Davido’s most notable contracts to date.


A long-term sponsorship agreement between Davido and the sportswear brand PUMA was announced in 2021, demonstrating the latter’s dedication to the continent’s quickly expanding market. It’s important to note that Wizkid served as the company’s ambassador in Nigeria before Davido.

Martell Blue Swift:

The well-known dry gin company signed an endorsement contract worth millions of naira in 2021 with the Nigerian singer-songwriter. On their respective social media channels, the business and the singer made the agreement public.


Davido agreed to a contract with Pepsi in 2016 to serve as one of the company’s brand ambassadors in Nigeria. The agreement, one of the largest Davido has ever signed, dramatically increased his current net worth.

Guinness Nigeria:

Three musicians signed agreements with Guinness Nigeria to serve as brand ambassadors in 2013, and Davido was one of them.

MTN Pulse:

One of Davido’s initial endorsement agreements was this one. In 2012, the artist also secured the contract and was named the Nigerian face of MTN Pulse. He wasn’t as well-known and important back then as he is now.

Infinix Mobile:

In the last five years, the singer has served as a brand ambassador for the manufacturer of phones twice. The first agreement was reached in 2018; the second one in 2021.

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In 2021, the musician inked a hefty contract with the prominent international betting company. The agreement was designed to increase 1XBet’s visibility and aid it in fending off competition in Nigeria’s rapidly expanding betting market.


The well-known singer is a member of the board of directors of Pacific Holdings, a reputable Nigerian company with business interests in several industries. The business also has six subsidiaries that are involved in oil drilling, farming, warehousing, venture capital, freight and logistics, and gas supply.


Davido owns multiple properties, just like many other well-off Nigerian singers.


A recent virtual tour of the singer’s new residence in Banana Island, Lagos, was offered to his fans. When discussing the house on Instagram, the well-known musician described the achievement as a huge blessing. According to estimates, the lovely mansion is worth $1.5 million.


  • Rolls Royce Cullinan
  • Lamborghini Huracán
  • Bentley Bentayga
  • Porsche Panamera Turbo S Range
  • Rover Sport
  • Audi R8 Mercedes-AMG GLS63

Other sources of Davido’s Income

Davido makes much of his money from music; he demands exorbitant fees for his appearances and performances. His net worth has risen significantly as a result.

In order to improve his net worth, Davido charges between N10 and N40 million for local concerts while earning between $100 and $200,000 for international appearances.

As a well-known performer, Davido checks out more than 40 events each year. Davido’s labor of love equals his net worth when you multiply the number of shows listed by the amount of money he makes.

On his YouTube profile, Davido receives over 663 million views on his videos, boosting his earnings and wealth.

2016 saw the launch of Davido’s music label, DMW, immediately after his agreement with Sony Music. Mayorkun was his first significant DMW signing. He added Davido’s DMW to his sources of income.

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Even though he is earning money and expanding his net worth in the DMW, Davido has assisted in the development of other gifted musicians in Africa.

In reference to DMW, Davido said, “People fail to understand you can’t be on top forever; having these artists helps me stay afloat and be current with new stuff.”

Davido net worth in Naira?

Due to his international success as one of the most well-known singers in the world, Davido, who has a net worth of $10 million, is the most rich artist in Nigeria.

Davido net worth 2023 Forbes?

The well-known Nigerian-American musician “Davido” has a $50 million fortune. The most well-known Nigerian-American singer-songwriter Davido’s estimated net worth is over $50 Million, according to a number of web publications (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB).

Frequently asked questions

What is the source of Davido money?

He entered the music business directly after releasing “Dami Duro,” which was a hit, in 2011. Dami Duro’s song increased his wealth significantly. Davido currently ranks among the wealthiest musicians in Nigeria thanks to his extensive earnings from the sale of a lot of music.

Which number is Davido in the richest musician in the world?

Davido, the son of Chief Adeleke, one of Nigeria’s wealthiest politicians, is the country’s second-richest musician with an average of 20 million YouTube views each video.

How much does Pepsi pay Davido?

Following the success of Davido’s debut album Dami Duro, Pepsi made the decision to approach him about an endorsement deal. According to rumors, this endorsement is worth more than 90 million dollars; the total will be 100 million dollars in reality.


Along with Wizkid and other artists, Davido is one of the most well-known musicians in Nigeria, so it is not surprising that he has a high net worth. He has received numerous endorsements and music prizes. All of these factors, together with the fact that he is  from a powerful family, contribute to Davido’s enormous net worth.


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