Tems Biography, Height, Networth, Age, Boyfriend and More.

Tems Biography, Height, Networth, Age, Boyfriend and More. You Will Get To Know all about Tems In this Article.

Tems Net Worth, Biography, Height, Age, Weight, and many more details are in this article.

Tems is a singer-songwriter and record producer from Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $2 million in 2023.

Tems Biography

Temilade Openiyi, often known as Tems in the music industry, is a popular and gifted musician in Nigeria. She was born on June 11, 1995, in Lagos, Nigeria. She was born to a Nigerian mother and a British-Nigerian father, who migrated to the UK shortly after she was born.

Despite subsequently traveling to Nigeria with her mother, she spent the first five years of her childhood in the United Kingdom.

She and her mother went to Lekki after her parents’ separated, later relocating to Ajah. She liked to practice singing with her healthy brother who has a brother. Temilade Openiyi also traveled to South Africa to pursue higher education.


Tems is a young Nigerian celebrity who has achieved great success and fame. She is a well-known and remarkable singer who has had some moderate success in recent years. She entered the music business in 2018, and since then, she has put out a number of incredibly popular songs.

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After her visage was included in Wizkid’s 2020 song Essence, Tems gained notoriety. She became prominent because to the song, which was a huge smash. Justin Bieber added his support to a remixed version of the song that she later published.

She was successful in earning a Grammy nomination. Later in 2020, she released her For Broken Ears first EP. She joined with RCA recordings in 2021, which led to her success and financial fortune. Later in 2021, her second EP, If Orange Was a Place, was published.


Tems is a well-known Nigerian record producer, songwriter, and vocalist who has had a successful career.

She has primarily lived in Nigeria, where she has amassed great recognition.Her approximate net worth is $500,000, to give you some rough numbers.

Tems Assets

Home: Tems is a famous Nigerian star who has been having a successful career. She is a well-known and prosperous figure in Nigeria’s music industry. She hasn’t revealed any of her properties, though.

Cars: Tems has a little collection of cars because she has always had a strong affinity for them. She is the owner of a Land Rover, Hyundai, Mercedes, and many other stunning vehicles.

Tems: Career and Awards

After quitting her work to pursue a career in music, Tems started her career in 2018. She obtained self-production abilities from YouTube that she later successfully applied. Mr. Rebel, her first song, was released in 2018 and was also produced by her.

She eventually released a number of popular singles, including Lookup Lookup, Try Me, These Days, etc. Her For Broken Ears EP, her debut EP, came out in 2020. It became a great smash, and its single Damages was extremely successful. The song garnered more than 5 million YouTube views, and it shot to the top of the Nigerian Apple music list.

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Tems began her career in music in 2018 after quitting her job to seek a career in the field. She learned how to produce herself on YouTube, which she eventually effectively used. She also produced Mr. Rebel, her debut single, which was released in 2018.

A number of well-liked songs, such as Lookup Lookup, Try Me, These Days, etc., were eventually published by her. Her first EP, For Broken Ears, was released in 2020. It became a big hit, and Damages, the song, did incredibly well. More than 5 million people viewed the song on YouTube, and it quickly rose to the top of the Nigerian Apple music chart.


Although Tems hasn’t mentioned the name of the school, she completed her early education in Nigeria. She later visited Dowen College, where she stayed for a remarkably short period of time. She soon moved to Monash South Africa, where she completed her undergraduate studies in economics.


Faqs. about Tems Biography, Height, Networth, Age, Boyfriend and More.

1. What is the net worth of Tems?

Tems’ total net worth is around $2 Million.

2. How old is Tems?

Tems is 27 years old (11 June 1995).

3. How much does Tems make annually?

Tems salary is an estimate of $2,00,000 + Per Year.

4. What is her height?

Tems height is 1.63 M.

5. What is the name of Tems husband?

Tems is currently in a relationship with Elohim.


Tems is a highly popular figure in Nigeria who has been able to win significant praise for her work.

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She has been successful in receiving many honors and prizes. She is one of the most popular and developing artists in the Nigerian music scene. Her Afro beats production abilities and flair have wowed everyone. She is a real icon who has traveled a very long way.


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