Nike Air Force 1 Specification & Price In Nigeria

Nike Air Force 1 Specification & Price In Nigeria. We Will Discuss All About Nike Air Force 1 In This Blog Post.

You must be familiar with the Nike Air Force 1s if you enjoy wearing shoes. In 1982, Nike released the first Air Force 1 on the market. Basketball players fell in love with the new sneakers when they arrived. Nike has improved this product line over time, making it one of the best modern-classic shoe lines ever.

The question, “How much does it cost to own a pair of Nike Air Force 1s in Nigeria?” warrants an answer.

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Nike Air Force 1 Prices in Nigeria

  • Comme Des Garçons Homme Plusx Nike Air Force 1 cut-out sneakers: N234,000 – N250,000
  • it has ’07 3M sneakers: N98,560 – N115,000
  • it has ’07 Craft sneakers: N68,880 – N80,000
  • it has ’07 LV8 sneakers: N124,880 – N179,760
  • it has ’07 LX sneakers: N92,960 – N120,000
  • it has ’07 PRM sneakers: N101,920 – N150,000
  • it has ’07 sneakers: N78,000 – N232,200
  • it has BETRUE sneakers: N92,960 – N110,000
  • it has Crater FlyKnit sneakers: N63,840 – N75,000
  • it has Experimental sneakers: N124,880 – N138,000
  • it has GTX sneakers: N95,760 – N125,000
  • it has High ’07 sneakers: N148,400 – N598,080
  • it has high-top sneakers: N283,000 – N305,000
  • it has Low Craft sneakers: N133,000 – N150,000
  • it has Low GTX sneakers: N98,560 – N112,000
  • it has Low sneakers: N58,240 – N897,680
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Nike Air Force 1 Prices in Nigeria

  • it has low-top sneakers: N98,000 – N119,000
  • it has LV8 sneakers: N110,320 – N130,000Nike Air Force 1 LX sneakers: N80,640 – N98,000
  • it has Mid ’07 / Nike x Supreme sneakers: N479,360 – N550,000
  • it has Mid 07 sneakers: N238,000 – N300,000
  • it has MID sneakers: N165,760 – N200,000
  • it has PRM “CLOT” sneakers: N233,000 – N260,000
  • it has sneakers: N78,960 – N418,320
  • N Type sneakers: N133,280 – N168,000
  • it has Ultra Flyknit sneakers: N209,440 – N260,000
  • it has Utility BHM sneakers: N148,400 – N189,000
  • it has Utility sneakers: N133,280 – N148,000
  • it has /1 low-top sneakers: N99,120 – N145,000
  • it has 1/1 sneakers: N90,160 – N115,000
  • Nike X Off-White The 10th Nike Air Force 1 Low: N551,600 – N602,000
  • it has ’07 LV8 3 ‘Removable Swoosh’ sneakers: N148,400 – N168,000
  • Nike Air Force 270 high-top sneakers: N133,840 – N160,000
  • Nike Sb Air it has sneakers: N150,640 – N180,500
  • NikeX UNDEFEATED Air Force 1 Low sneaker: N75,040 – N88,700

You need to know that these products’ pricing are extremely variable and influenced by a number of factors. These variables include the supplier, your location, import taxes, corporate rules, and governmental regulations. We’ll keep an eye out for price changes and update this site if necessary as soon as we do.

What You Should Know About Nike Air Force 1

The adaptability of the Air Force 1s is one of the things that makes them so popular. Whether you wear them with shorts, black pants, khakis, or jeans, they will look wonderful. Regardless matter what you are wearing, these shoes have a way of enhancing your appearance.

The comfort of these shoes is another factor in their popularity. The shoes still provide excellent comfort whether you wear them with or without socks. With the exception of the warmth you’ll experience, it’s nearly as though you have no shoes on. These sneakers were made by Nike with lots of cushioning and support in mind. As a result, they are comfortable enough to wear all day.

FAQs about Nike Air Force 1 Specification & Price In Nigeria

1. Are Nike Air Force 1s expensive?

The shoe has been sold for $90 since its release in 1982, which is currently less expensive than Nike’s other models, which sell for $125, $180, and $210.

2. Why are Air Forces 1 so expensive?

it is notable for its sturdy design and high-quality materials, which frequently produce footwear that endures wear and tear longer.

3. Why is Nike Air Force 1 famous?

The “Original Six,” prominent NBA players of the time, provided endorsements for it before its release. Bruce Kilgore made his basketball shoe debut with the it, which also introduced Nike Air cushioning for the first time on the court, transforming performance.

4. What are the different types of Air Force 1?

Five different styles of shoes are available for sale: extremely low, low, mid, high, and very high. The attached strap goes along with the mid.

5. What is the expensive shoe in Nike?

The Solid Gold Ovo Air Jordans were the most expensive pair of Nike footwear ever sold, and Drake paid $2 million for them.

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