GoTv Jolli Channels List And Price 2023.

GoTv Jolli Channels List And Price 2023. You Will Discover All About The GoTv Joli Channels.

Gotv Jolli Channels List And Price. We will be discussing all about Gotv list and channels in this article.

Without further ado, Let’s get into it!

GOtv Jolli Price

For N3,300 per month, GOtv Jolli promises inexpensive entertainment with flexible payment choices to fit your lifestyle.

What you get

  • 68 Channels
  • 18 General Entertainment Channels
  • 3 Music Channels
  • 3 Sports Channels
  • 3 Movie Channels
  • 2 Documentary Channels
  • 8 News Channels
  • 4 Kids Channels
  • 2 Audio Channels
  • 4 Religious Channels
  • 21 Local Channels

GOtv Jolli Channels List

General Entertainment Channels on GOtv Jolli

Africa Magic Family (channel 2)

Africa Magic Hausa (channel 4)

Africa Magic Yoruba (channel 5)

Africa Magic Igbo (channel 11)

Real Time (channel 12)

Telemundo (channel 14)

Televista (channel 15)

ROK 2 (channel 17)

ROK GH (channel 18)

Novela Magic (channel 20)

CBS Reality (channel 22)

Zee World (channel 25)

E! Entertainment (channel 26)

TVC Entertainment (channel 27)

Big Brother Naija (channel 29)

WWE (channel 36)

Discovery Family (channel 50)

Trybe (channel 97)

Kids Channels on GOtv Max

Disney Junior (channel 60)

Jim Jam (channel 61)

Nickelodeon (channel 62)

PBS Kids (channel 65)

Local Channels on GOtv Jolli

Sunna TV (channel 84)

LAGOS TV (channel 90)

NTA International (channel 91)

SILVERBIRD (channel 92)

AIT (channel 93)

ONMAX (channel 96)

Wazobia TV (channel 98)

Galaxy TV (channel 99)

OGTV (channel 100)

Arewa 24 (channel 101)

WAP TV (channel 102)

RSTV (channel 103)

EBS (channel 104)

BCOS (channel 105)

iTV Benin (channel 107)


Liberty TV (channel 110)

Tiwa n Tiwa (channel 111)

R2TV (channel 112)

RAVE (channel 113)

NTA2 (channel 114)

Audio Channels on GOtv Jolli

Naija FM (channel 301)

Wazobia FM (channel 303).

News Channels on GOtv Jolli

Al Jazeera (channel 40)

BBC World News (channel 41)

CNN International (channel 42)

Arise News (channel 44)

TVC News Nigeria (channel 45)

NTA News 24 (channel 46)

Channels Television (channel 48)

NTA Parliament (channel 115)

Religious Channels on GOtv Jolli

FAITH (channel 80)

ISLAM CHANNEL (channel 81)

Emmanuel TV (channel 82)

Dove TV (channel 83)

Music Channels on GOtv Jolli

MTV Base (channel 72)

Hip TV (channel 74)

Sound City (channel 75)

Sports Channels on GOtv Jolli

SS BLITZ (channel 30)

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SS Football (channel 31)

SS Select 2 (channel 34)

Documentary Channels on GOtv Jolli

Spice TV (channel 10)

Nat Geo Wild (channel 51)

Movie Channels on GOtv Jolli

Africa Magic Epic (channel 9)

TNT Africa (channel 16)

B4U Movies (channel 24)

Faqs about GoTv Jolli Channels List And Price 2023.

1. How many channels are on Jolli?

With flexible payment options, GOtv Jolli ensures inexpensive, captivating viewing across 69+ channels so you can save without sacrificing fun.

2. What are the channels for Jolli package on GOtv?

  • Africa Magic Family (channel 2)
  • Africa Magic Hausa (channel 4)
  • Africa Magic Yoruba (channel 5)
  • Africa Magic Igbo (channel 11)
  • Real Time (channel 12)
  • Telemundo (channel 14)
  • Televista (channel 15)
  • ROK 2 (channel 17)

3. How much is the Jolli package on GOtv?

The GOtv Jolli bouquet package is incredibly inexpensive while also being very engaging. Up to 67 channels, divided into several fun genres, are available for N2,460 per month.

4. How many channels is on GOtv Jinja?

GOtv Jinja has a total of fifty-two (52) TV channels that cut across international and local channels.

5. How do I upgrade from Jolli to Max on GOtv?

Customers of GOtv in Jolli and Jinja can easily upgrade to GOtv Max by paying N2,999.14.


To sum up, GOtv Jolli offers a remarkable selection of channels that cater to a wide range of interests, ensuring a pleasurable and engaging television experience.

Everyone in the family can appreciate this website’s wide variety of amusing and educational information. What’s even great is that GOtv Jolli is an economical option for high-quality entertainment because of all of this.

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