How To Stop Social Media Addiction. 10 Effective Tips.

How To Stop Social Media Addiction. 10 Effective Tips. In This Blog Post, You Will Learn How To Stop Social Media Addiction.

Here’s how to stop social media addiction. Social media is really addictive. To learn how to overcome social media addiction, read on if scrolling has become a regular habit and you feel like stopping it to be more productive in life.

Without further ado, Let’s dive in!

How To Stop Social Media Addiction

Below are methods you can apply to curb these addictions:

1. Look for better alternatives

“Be mindful of the time you spend on social media,” the expert advises. Recognize its function for you. It might be a good source of entertainment, a filler, or even knowledge.

Once you are aware of the information it is providing, you may move on to see whether other processes can be put in place to support the goals that social media is assisting with.

2. Cultivate more fruitful interests and hobbies

Even if social networking is beneficial to you, using it indefinitely might be detrimental. “If you want to break this terrible habit, actively pursue activities and interests that can be helpful.

Try to include activities that help give your routines and day direction and meaning, the expert advises.

3. Try to have real interactions

Although connecting online may have given you a sense of safety, nothing compares to in-person relationships. The expert advises actively interacting with others around you and never allowing virtual interactions to take the place of genuine ones.

4. Set time limit

The worst suggestion for someone who is already struggling with addiction is probably to fully stop using social media. Instead, you can proceed slowly. Set time restrictions for your daily use of social media and, if necessary, get the assistance of others to help you carry them out.

5. Don’t compare yourself to others

When seeking for solutions to overcome social media addiction, what works for someone else might not work for you. Don’t let that discourage you though.

Without comparing your progress to that of others, figure out what works best for you and put it into practice.Make sure you are secure and speak to someone who can assist you if you or someone you know has a social media addiction.

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6. Make Social Media A Treat

Consider social media a delight. You might not treat yourself to an artisanal coffee every day or to a manicure every week, but you might do so occasionally to treat yourself when you feel deserving.

Consider social media in the same way and only allow yourself screen time after completing a task or working productively. By doing this, you might alter how you view social media.

7. Check In With Friends And Family – Offline!

It’s impossible to truly understand someone’s situation through their Instagram account. Why not send them a text or give them a call instead of presuming that you are all aware of what your friends or family are doing?

You can stay in touch without tapping through Instagram Stories even if you can’t meet up in person for safety reasons.There is nothing more fulfilling than truly bonding with someone during a long phone call, even though they may have gone out of style.

8. Turn Off Your Social Media Notifications

Do Not Disturb is your best buddy when it comes to putting down your phone. You might find it simpler to focus on your daily duties and not get sidetracked as readily if you don’t let notifications disrupt your routine. Social media notifications serve as a continual reminder that something is going on online, which may make you feel left out.

9. Delete The Social Media Apps You Don’t Use

Uninstall any apps you don’t use frequently. You haven’t accessed Twitter in a while. Take the phone off of it. It will eliminate the desire to scroll idly, as well as the notifications. You can always check it on your laptop if you must. Consider even deleting the ones you actually use.

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10. Go Cold Turkey & Quit Social Media

Depending on how terrible things have become, it may be necessary to completely stop using social media. Give yourself a reality check by taking a break from social media if you find that you are spending more time there than connecting with people in person.

Set a duration, let your pals know online how long you’ll be gone and how to contact you if they need you in person, and deactivate your apps.

Faqs. about How To Stop Social Media Addiction

1. How do I stop social media addiction?

Set time limits for social media use

Avoid using social media when you’re feeling down

Be aware of the triggers that make you want to use social media

Find other activities to do instead of using social media

2. How do you overcome social media addiction speech?

When you are with your family and friends, put your phone away. Engage in activities you enjoy, converse with them, and pay attention to what they have to say.

3. How long does it take to cure social media addiction?

It takes approximately three months (or 100 days)

4. Why am I addicted to social media?

Because using social media causes the brain’s reward system to release the “feel-good” chemical dopamine, it can cause physical and psychological addiction.

5. How do I break my phone addiction?

  • Set boundaries with your phone’s help.
  • Identify your triggers.
  • Put your phone away at night.
  • Reduce your notifications.
  • Try cognitive behavioral therapy or mindfulness.


This articles discusses all the 10 effective Tips You can apply to curb this social media addiction. You can always save this post for future references.

Hope you found these tips helpful? Stay tuned for more details like this one!


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