How to Increase Girth Size Permanently At Home| 5 Fastest Ways

How to Increase Girth Size Permanently At Home| 5 Fastest Ways. In This Article, You Will Learn How to Increase Girth Size Permanently.

How to Increase girth size permanently.  Penis stretching entails the use of tools or activities to lengthen or widen the penis. Even though it might momentarily enlarge the penis, doing this improperly carries a number of hazards.

Girth increase involves stretching and below are 5 ways to achieve that.

Lets dive in!

How to Increase Girth Size

How to Increase Girth Size Permanently At Home| 5 Fastest Ways.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that much of the available data is personal testimony about penile stretching.

1. Massage Exercise

This kind of manual workout involves lightly massaging the penis after applying lubricant. The goal of this workout is to stretch the skin on your penis, which will help it grow larger. In order to get quicker results, you must do this repeatedly.

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2. Penis Pump Exercise

This stretching tool must be fastened to the penis in order to produce an erection right away. Men with erectile problems frequently receive this prescription.

What to Do

What you must do is as follows:

  • Apply lubricant to the penis first to prevent inflammation.
  • Over your penis, position the tube.
  • An erection will occur after a few minutes of the pump being on.
  • NOTE: You will be able to ejaculate swiftly like you’ve never imagined when the pump is turned on. This will eventually cause the penis to expand.

3. Jelqing Exercise

The majority of guys workout in this way. It aids in the penis’s thickening. It is advised to perform it at least once a day in order to grow penis size. Additionally, it aids in improved erection, which is beneficial for a healthy sexual life.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Gently move the penis from top to bottom while holding it there with both hands.
  • Think about warming up the penis before it errects.

4. Stretching Exercise

This workout is like milking a cow. One of the best exercises for promoting quicker outcomes is this one. This is a variation of jelqing that just requires your thumb and index finger.

What to do:

  • The skin should glide from top to bottom using your thumb and index finger.
  • Spend 20 minutes on it.
  •  Allow the penis to relax if there is an erection, then continue after five minutes.
  • For at least 20 minutes each day, perform this exercise again.
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5. Kegel Exercise

The ideal time for this workout is right before or after a sexual encounter. You will need to softly massage the penis before sexual contact as part of this massage practice. The size and thickness of the penis can be increased with this workout.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Gently stroke the penis while holding it in one hand.
  • If there is an erection, let loose.

Does height affect girth size?

No, the size of the penis is not directly influenced by height.

Can girth size affect fertility or girth size?

In most cases, penis size has no impact on sexual function or fertility. Sperm quality and reproductive health are just two examples of the variables that affect fertility. Overall health, emotional closeness, and engaging in safe and consenting sexual behavior all have an impact on sexual health.

Frequently asked questions about How to Increase Girth Size Permanently

1. Is daily erection beneficial?

Men who experience fewer than one morning erection per week are 2.5 times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than men who experience two or three morning erections per week, according to studies. A man’s risk of erectile dysfunction does not, however, decrease if he gets an erection every morning.

2. What Age Is Usually Too Old for Penis Growth?

The normal upper age limit for penis development is between 11 and 15. Boys may expand their penile length by up to 4 inches and their penis girth by up to 1.5 inches throughout this period.

3. Does size increase with age?

The penile may occasionally curl with aging. This may have an impact on how girth increases with age.

4. Can losing weight affect girth size?

Losing weight may not increase penile size directly, but it may change how visible the penis is. As extra weight is shed, the pubic fat pad may become less noticeable, enhancing the penis’ visibility and possibly creating the impression of increased size.

5. Is there a correlation between penis size and sexual performance?

The size of the penis does not alone determine sexual performance. The emotional connection, communication, technique, and comprehension of the partner’s wants and aspirations are only a few of the variables that contribute to sexual satisfaction.


In conclusion, men’s sexual performance and enjoyment may be improved by permanently increasing girth size.

Men can employ a variety of exercises, supplements, and other tactics to get the desired size by understanding what factors lead to a rise in girth size. Exercises like jelqing, stretching, and kegel are all tried-and-true methods that can help increase girth size over the long term.


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