Top 10 worst neighborhoods in Fort Myers 2024

Top 10 worst neighborhoods in Fort Myers 2024

Top 10 worst neighborhoods in Fort Myers 2024. Fort Myers is popular for its top notch beaches, fishing and shopping. It brings memories of sunshine, fresh breathe, out door activities and fun. Most families visiting Florida visit Fort Myer, treatment to endless family friendly attractions, restaurants and resorts.

However, just like many places of the world, Fort Myers have areas where you may have to be sceptical to visit. Some of these places may not be as bad as portrayed but one can’t be too careful.

Now, do you want to know areas to be mindful of when next you’re in Fort Myer? Read on as we dive into the top 10 neighborhoods in Fort Myer in 2024.

worst neighborhoods in Fort Myers

Top 10 worst neighborhoods in Fort Myers 2024

In no particular order, we have complied a list of neighborhoods in Fort Myers that you should be on the lookout for:

Martin Luther King Boulevard

In the Fort Myers region, Martin Luther King Boulevard is located in a palm-lined neighborhood that is largely residential but also contains a lot of retail space in the form of stores, coffee shops, and gas stations.

Ironically, Martin Luther King Boulevard is widely regarded as one of Fort Myers’ worst neighborhoods. Due to the high rate of crime and the hostile, unfriendly demeanor of many residents. Additionally, tourists and people looking for areas to reside are advised against visiting or living there at all.

Pine Manor

Fort Myers’ suburban Pine Manor area. The majority of its structures are modest homes and apartment buildings. There are approximately 4,122 residents in the area.

A home invasion occurred in June 2022, but the owner was able to fend off the intruder. Two people were hurt and one man was killed in a parking lot altercation in December 2021. Pine Manor is number two in our list of top 10 worst neighborhoods in Fort Myers.


Tice is a predominantly residential area of Fort Myers. This neighborhood is full with little homes, some of which only have one bedroom. However, this rural town benefits from having open spaces, lawns, and children’s play grounds.

One of the riskiest areas in Fort Myers is Tice because of the hostile nature of some of its residents.

Lehigh Acres

Number 4 on our list of worst neighborhoods in Fort Myers is Leigh Acres.East of Fort Myers in Lee County lies a residential enclave called Lehigh Acres.

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A woman waited outside an apartment building to shoot a man who was said to be her best friend, proving that Lehigh Acres is not the safest place to be. In September 2022, this occurred.


Prior to being annexed by Fort Myers, Dunbar was a separate tiny town. The Dunbar High School, a very well-liked location, is one of this area’s key draws. There are about 2000 people living there, yet the area frequently makes headlines for the wrong reasons.

McGregor Boulevard

In Lee County, close to Fort Myers, on McGregor Boulevard, there is a lovely area with palm trees all along the street. The individuals are the thing to be concerned about, not the area.

however, cases of burglary, theft, break-in, domestic violence and even murder have being recorded. It was reported that a man was shot numerous times on this street in February 2016; he passed away immediately.

Palmona park

Small Fort Myers neighborhood Palmona Park is located in the city’s northern region. There are only about 1,300 individuals living in the neighborhood.

Harlem Heights

Florida’s Fort Myers has a thriving yet compact neighborhood called Harlem Heights. It is a suburban area, and the most of the homes are modest, with just one or two bedrooms. Of course, the area also contains apartment buildings and medium-sized townhouses.

One of Fort Myers’ most dangerous areas is Harlem Heights.

Ortiz Avenue

A well-liked area in Fort Myers is Ortiz Avenue; it is sufficiently residential but also features stores and various types of commercial buildings. People can also stay in a trailer park on Ortiz Avenue to experience a simpler way of life. But in reality, this may be a chaotic environment.

Palm Beach

Fort Myers’ Palm Beach is a lovely and tranquil area. The palm palms and the waterfront are present. This neighborhood has both residential and business structures; if it were peaceful, it would provide a lovely location for recreational activities.

However, some violent crimes have being recorded in Palm Beach that makes one sceptical to reside in that part of town.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the best area to live in Fort Myers?

5 best areas to love in Fort Myers are

  • Sanibel and Captiva Island.
  • Fort Myers Beach.
  • Iona.
  • McGregor.
  • Cypress Lake.

Where’s safest area in Fort Myers?

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