10 Best Online Shopping Sites In The World 2023| Most Visited E-Commerce Sites

10 Best Online Shopping Sites In The World 2023| Most Visited E-Commerce Sites

Online Shopping Sites In The World, As online shopping platforms have grown, people are turning away from traditional brick and mortar stores.

eCommerce will generate more than $6.5 trillion in sales by 2023, or 22% of all retail sales globally.

If you want to reduce costs and increase sales, selling on one of the top eCommerce sites worldwide will be a fantastic choice. Both domestic and foreign marketplaces give sellers the opportunity to reach out to more customers.

Worldwide, there are 12 million to 24 million eCommerce websites. One of these websites is Amazon, the biggest online corporation in the world, while some of these are dropshipping websites with $1,000 to $5,000 in annual revenue. Let’s examine the various eCommerce sites to understand their significance.

What are eCommerce Sites?

An eCommerce website is one that allows you to buy and then sell physical commodities, digital products, or services over the internet.

It’s a business model that also takes internet sales transactions into account. Almost all online shops, no matter how big or little, use this model. eCommerce websites are essentially sites where you may shop online.

Online Shopping Sites In The World

Top 10 eCommerce Sites to Explore

We will examine some of the top eCommerce systems in this section:

1. Amazon

An American technology business called Amazon was established in 1994. The business was founded as an online book marketplace. But Amazon has become into the biggest retailer in the world.

Amazon is by far the most popular eCommerce site in the US, with up to 2.4 billion visitors (on mobile and desktop) in May 2022, according to Statista. Amazon operates in 19 other nations in addition to the US, including Australia, Austria, China, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Germany, India, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, United Arab Emirates, UK, and Singapore.

In addition to being the biggest retailer in the world, Amazon is also the biggest online company, with ventures into cloud computing, digital entertainment, and Twitch live streaming.

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The following are some of Amazon’s features:

Google Business
Amazon is not only a B2C (business-to-consumer) marketplace; with Amazon Business, it is also a B2B (business-to-business) platform. The features of Amazon Business are basically for companies of all sizes and allow merchants the chance to target B2B clients with price.

Amazon FBA 

Sellers can outsource their order fulfillment to Amazon using the Amazon FBA Fulfillment by Amazon service. Operating under the dropshipping paradigm is Amazon FBA.

2. eBay

Established in 1995, eBay is an American online retailer. They are also a global leader in business-to-consumer retail as well as the top platform for consumers to consumers. eBay delivers to about 190 nations and territories throughout the world. Additionally, they have 138 million customers worldwide.

On eBay, there are no transaction fees for buyers to pay. For sellers, things are very different because they must pay to list products on the eCommerce platform.


List of Products

You may sell on eBay by just creating an account and adding things to your catalog. After the first 250 listings, there is a $0.35 per listing non-refundable insertion cost.


eBay began as an auction site. They then added the Buy-It-Now function, which enables sellers to choose a price while displaying their things, in addition to the auction feature. On their postings that are set up like auctions, sellers can also set the Buy It Now price. The price is placed above the auction price to enable immediate purchase by the buyer.

Buyers can focus their searches using the eBay advanced search by specifying a search range, the number of bids, a price range, and the currency of the sale.

3. AliExpress

The Alibaba group owns the e-commerce website AliExpress. It was established in China in 2010. A B2C marketplace is AliExpress.

International buyers are the target market, and the vendors are primarily Chinese. Customers on the mainland of China cannot purchase through AliExpress. There are 18 language versions of the website, including those in English, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.


  • There are basically 18 languages on AliExpress.
  • AliDropship is a WordPress and Woocommerce plugin that makes dropshipping from AliExpress easier.
  • New sellers on AliExpress can access educational materials through AliExpress University.

4. Target

In 1962, Target was founded in Minneapolis as a bargain arm of Dayton’s Department Store. With around 1,938 locations, the company has expanded to rank among the biggest merchants in the country.

With the 2017 acquisition of Shipt, a startup in groceries delivery, they also entered the eCommerce space. Same-day shipping was made possible by Target thanks to the acquisition of Shipt.

Target is gradually establishing itself as an eCommerce platform thanks to the availability of the Target App and target.com.


  • Free Contactless Pickup is significantly a feature. Target shoppers can order things through the Target App and get them for free the same day.
  • When using your Target RedCardTM debit or credit card to make purchases online or in-store, you will receive a 5% discount.

5. Walmart

In 1962, Walmart, an American international retail chain, was established in Rogers, Arkansas. They currently run a variety of eCommerce websites in addition to around 10,500 stores and clubs in about 24 countries.

Under various names such Supercenter, Discount Stores, and Neighborhood Market, Walmart operates in all 50 US States and Puerto Rico.

Walmart is growing to be a major player in online shopping. There are approximately 100 million visitors to their website, walmart.com. Additionally, they have purchased a few e-commerce websites, including jet.com and hayneedle.com.

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Due to the mix of its offline and online activities, Walmart is the second-largest retail business in the world, only behind Amazon.


  • Marketplace at Walmart. It’s a service provided by Walmart in association with Shopify that enables vendors to sell their goods on Walmart. Sellers need to download Walmart App from the Shopify App Store in order to access Walmart Marketplace.
  • Users of Walmart Marketplace can also use Walmart Fulfillment Services as a fulfillment service.

6. Alibaba.com

Since its establishment in 1999, Alibaba.com has developed into one of the top B2B marketplaces in the world. More than 190 countries and territories are home to buyers, whereas more than 200 are home to sellers.

Alibaba has a whopping 40+ product categories and millions of products.


On Alibaba.com, a few of the features include

  • A B2B marketplace. Manufacturers, wholesalers, trading businesses, and exporters are the main sellers on Alibaba.
  • Storefront. On Alibaba, sellers can set up stores without having any technological knowledge.
  • Alibaba offers translation services in 18 different languages to help vendors communicate with a worldwide customer base.

7. JD.com

JD.com, often referred to as Jingdong in China and Joybuy abroad, is a Chinese e-commerce website that was established in 2004.

It is one of the biggest Chinese online markets, and it competes with Tmall from Alibaba.


JD.com’s features include:

  • JD Logistics has a strong reputation in the eCommerce sector for being technologically advanced. JD.com offers small and mid-sized enterprises warehousing options in addition to being an eCommerce company.
  • JD Online Store. Foreign vendors may also use JD.com to offer their products in the Chinese market. JD assists the sellers in navigating the convoluted Chinese government authorization process.

8. Newegg

An American eCommerce company called Newegg specializes in selling consumer electronics and computer hardware. It was established in 2001 and immediately rose to prominence as a leading online seller of PC parts.

Since then, it has developed into the top tech-focused eCommerce platform in the Middle East, North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America.


Newegg  Creator 
A community of tech content producers was established by Newegg. Reviewers from the community collaborate with Newegg to get their content displayed on the Newegg website, share the newest gadget trends with their following, and test out new tech products.

Newegg PC Builder
By getting all the components for your computer at a discount from Newegg, you may assemble your own machine.

Newegg Marketplace
With the Newegg Marketplace, Newegg offers a platform for vendors to raise their sales.

 Newegg Logistics

Along with fulfillment services for B2B and B2C businesses, Newegg furthermore offers third-party logistics (3PL) services.

9. Rakuten

The third-biggest eCommerce platform globally and the largest in Japan is Rakuten Ichiba. The Rakuten Group has approximately 1.2 billion clients worldwide and operates about 70 other businesses in addition to eCommerce.

Approximately 117 million people use Rakuten Ichiba, which represents nearly 87% of the entire Japanese population. Rakuten has had a firm hold on the Japanese eCommerce business since its founding in 1997, dominating the international competition.


  •  Rakuten Point. Since the launch of its reward program in 2002, Rakuten has awarded more than $2 billion in Rakuten Points.
  • A feature of Rakuten Ichiba that allows foreign sellers access is Rakuten Marketplace.

10. Mercado Libre

The largest eCommerce business in South America is Mercado Libre. They had more than 170 million users as of 2016.

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The organization, which was established in 1999 in Buenos Aires, now has its headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay. There are now 16 nations where Mercado Libre (or Mercado Livre in Portuguese) is in use, including Spain and Mexico. Online Shopping Sites In The World


Global Sales

You are able to sell on Mercado Libre from anywhere in the globe thanks to the Global Selling function. With only one account, you can sell goods in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, and Colombia. You may also pick up your orders in US dollars. You can get assistance from Mercado Envios with warehousing and logistics services.

Market Pago

This is Mercado’s method of payment.

Market Mercado Stores

Sellers can build their online storefronts with Mercado Shops and utilize Mercado Envios’ services. There is no subscription or activation plan, and setup is free. Online Shopping Sites In The World

Most Visited eCommerce & Shopping Websites Ranking Analysis

In the eCommerce & Shopping category, amazon.com is the most popular website in January 2023. The typical user stays on the website for 00:07:00 minutes, and during each visit, they view 9.33 pages. A common engagement statistic is pages per visit, which is derived by dividing the total website views by the total number of visits. 33.03% of visitors to amazon.com leave after reading just one page, which is known as the bounce rate.

Second and third on the list are ebay.com and amazon.co.jp. In terms of user engagement, ebay.com has also a bounce rate of 36.66%, an average visit duration of 00:06:46 minutes, and an average number of pages per visit of 6.89. Similar to this, amazon.co.jp has an average bounce rate of 36.32%, an average visit time of 00:07:00 minutes, and an average number of pages per visit of 8.07.

The fourth-best eCommerce & shopping website is rakuten.co.jp. Visitors stay on the site for an average of 00:06:16 minutes, and 38.42% of them leave after seeing just one page. Additionally, 7.48 website pages are typically seen every visit. Online Shopping Sites In The World

A popular eCommerce & shopping website, etsy.com, comes in at number five on our list. Visitors spend 00:05:40 minutes on the website and view 6.47 pages each time they come. For etsy.com, the bounce rate is 45.21 percent.

Frequently asked question Online Shopping Sites In The World

Which is the most visited e-commerce website in the world?

In the eCommerce & Shopping category, amazon.com is basically ranked as the most popular website in January 2023. The typical user stays on the website for 00:07:00 minutes, and during each visit, they view 9.33 pages.

Which country is no 1 in e-commerce?

Taobao, Alibaba.com, and Tmall, three e-commerce divisions of the Alibaba group, dominate the largest e-commerce market in the world, which is China.

What is the most popular e-commerce site in Africa?

With 23 million monthly visitors, Jumia is the biggest online market in Africa undoubtedly. Jumia is the only online store on the list with truly pan-African sales, drawing customers from countries including Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, and Tunisia.


We have reviewed 10 of the top eCommerce sites in the globe in this article. Although the reach of these eCommerce platforms varies, they have all managed to build a solid reputation on a global scale.

Target, Rakuten, and Mercado Libre are also three examples of companies that focus on specific markets, including the US, Japan, and Latin America.

What do you think of this article? Have you previously used any of these platforms? Now let’s hear from you in the comments section.

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