How to setup local network on ha tunnel plus(Tunnel file setup and free internet)

How to setup local network on ha tunnel plus(Tunnel file setup and free internet)

How to setup local network on ha tunnel plus, Learn how to set up a local network using Ha Tunnel Plus in a way that’s incredibly simple, effective, and grants you free, limitless internet connection. All by yourself!

You will discover how simple it is to set up a local network using the Ha Tunnel Plus in this guide. Now, if you’re looking for an application that may provide you with free internet access, Ha Tunnel Plus is the ideal choice.

However, setting it up so that you can take advantage of limited internet requires some knowledge.

In countries like the United States, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Nigeria, among others, this is a fantastic way to gain limitless internet access.
You may have the opportunity to receive unlimited internet access if you reside in one of the aforementionednations.

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Additionally, the only solution to the ongoing need for functional configuration files for the HA Tunnel with VPN is to create your own ha file.

How to setup local network on ha tunnel plus

What is Ha Tunnel Plus?

A simple VPN tunnel tool called the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN secures your online privacy from hackers, scammers, and other online dangers. Aside from that, we can setup Ha Tunnel plus settings to obtain unlimited free Internet. Ha Tunnel Plus is  simply a mobile VPN application utilized to provide the highest effective service at no cost. It is rather obvious that this app is made to provide excellent VPN services and ton of extras. Despite the fact that the app will contain adverts, you will always have access to unlimited services. The app is fantastic choice for getting free access to the internet in practically any country.

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The most recent Stark VPN configuration files for various nations and networks are also available. Ha tunnel plus supports numerous networks and offers variety of tunneling choices, making it free and simple tuse.

This enables many people to easily access the free internet without having to recharge their sim cards. After connecting to Ha Tunnel Plus, you may also look into how to earn money online without investing. 

How To Setup Ha Tunnel Plus

Although setting up Ha Tunnel Plus is not difficult, getting free internet access may be. Most likely because you might need to know your ISP’s available ports or at the very least the SNI host.

This means that in order to acquire free internet, you must be aware of your ISP’s weaknesses. When using ha tunnel plus, you have a wide range of tunneling possibilities. Because of this, the application is more compatible with various ISPs.

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What is free Internet?

Free Internet means Internet that you can access without having to pay a penny for it. It can come in the shape of free WiFi, free data, or possibly Internet that you obtained by tricking and disabling your ISP’s firewall using a VPN tunneling program.

I’m aware that some people don’t genuinely think that utilizing certain circumvention techniques, they can obtain the Internet for free. However, it is absolutely true, and we will walk you through each step in this article.

Local Network Requirements

HA tunnel plus is probably familiar to many of you. Despite being new, it has skyrocketed in popularity as a result of its characteristics. A local area network can be set up with the aid of the HA tunnel, a tiny router network. Using this connection method will enable you to securely access all of your local network files from any public wifi network.

Few people are aware of how to set up a local network on HA tunnel plus because it is a new feature.

Here is the whole guide for configuring the network.

How to setup local network on ha tunnel plus

Method 1: Set Up Local Network Using Custom SNI (SSL/TLS Mode)

There are numerous ways to configure a local network on ha tunnel plus VPN, including this Custom SNI.

Also, with this method, any trick is feasible. This includes tactics like as social media packs, e-learning packages, free hosting, etc. that offer unfettered free access without needing payment. I’ll use and for Telikom Papua New Guinea and MTN Ghana, respectively.

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Apply the following now as necessary:

  • Open the Ha Tunnel Plus application.
  • Navigate to Connection Mode and turn on Custom Setup.
  • Pick Custom SNI from the drop-down menu by tapping on it (SSL, TLS Mode)
  • Now you may select Use Realm Host (v2), type your SNI in the Custom SNI field, and click Start.

If you’re experiencing problems connecting while using SNI, try adding www. to your host or eliminating it entirely if it already exists.

For example, when we tested it, using did not work, therefore we will try using without the www.

The same is true if using causes an issue; simply add www. Your connection might not function as a result of this little problem.

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Method 2: The Custom Host Header (HTTP Mode)

This is an additional method for configuring a local network using Ha Tunnel with VPN.

Although HTTP Mode is mentioned in writing, nothing else is apparent but the name and a Custom Host/Payload.

You can establish your own untapped HA tunnel plus VPN configuration file and begin anonymous browsing if you successfully follow the instructions.

If the connection protocol must be HTTP and not TCP or SSL, I will suggest you to connect through an HTTP proxy. Otherwise, ignore it.

Enter your Custom Host and the port it will use in the “Select Port” box. To assess how your connection is performing, also check the log area.

I hope it was helpful to you.

How to setup local network on ha tunnel plus

How To Create Ha Tunnel Files

Any Android smartphone device can be used to build a functional ha tunnel file if you have the necessary information.

Yes, the hardware must support the HA Tunnel mobile application and have a working internet connection.

To construct your own tunnel files, follow to the instructions below. You can make as many ha files as you like using these suggestions.

  • First, get Ha Tunnel Plus VPN from the Playstore
  • Choose a connection mode. Your host now determines the mode you choose.
    To make things easier for this tutorial, I’ll choose Custom Payload (TCP Mode). So let’s continue.
  • Tap the 3dash to the left-top corner.
  • Find select Payload Generator.

You must enter the information requested in the blanks and check the appropriate boxes. Apply the following settings:

  • URL Host: Enter your host URL
  • Method: “HTTP-BUG”
  • HTTP Version: HTTP/1.1
  • HTTP Headers: Tick ✔ Keep Alive, Tick ✔ User Agent, and also, Tick ✔ Online Host.
  • To proceed, Tap on Generate button

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Take a step back at this point and review the settings. Make sure everything is set up properly.

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Be aware that some hosts cannot be reached using HTTP, therefore you may need to add ‘s; to make it HTTPS.

Using your smartphone, you were able to successfully create your own ha tunnel file.

  • Press the START button right away, then wait a short while for the ha tunnel plus vpn to connect.
  • Exporting the hat file to the chosen folder is the next step in this process.

How To Export Ha Tunnel Files After Creating It

Before attempting to export your configuration settings, be sure they are functioning. If not, you won’t be able to utilize the hat file you just made.

To make the ha tunnel configuration file you produced helpful to many people, export it by following the instructions below:

  • First, Open the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN
  • From the Home Page, tap on the 3dots at the top-right corner of yout screen.
  • Tap on Import/Export.
  • After that, select Export Config.

Afterwards, you will be asked to input the file name, description, and other boxes to check.

  • File Name: Enter the name you’ll like to save your hat file with.
  • Description Message (HTML): tick the “Add Description/Message” box to type in some text the empty box you see below.
  • PROTEXTRAS: You can leave the boxes unticked or probably tick the Password box.

To save the ha tunnel configuration file you just created, use the EXPORT button one last time.

These tips are effective in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, and other nations.

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 Did It Work for You?

Before leaving, there are a few things you should remember.

Now, every host operates continuously. For the tunnel VPN to connect and allow free browsing, you might need to check for more updates and make new files.

The following are the main causes of your file not working:

  • Your configuration is Wrong
  • Settings are Outdated
  • You configured the wrong network.

For now, that is all. I hope you successfully learnt how to make HA tunnel files without stress.

Frequently asked questions

Does Ha tunnel hide IP address?

One of the most dependable VPNs available right now is HA Tunnel Plus! This VPN from Art of Tunnel enables you to conceal your IP address when browsing the web. Additionally, the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN encrypts the data you send and receive right now, adding another level of security for you.

Is HA Tunnel Plus VPN safe?

Ha Tunnel Plus  offers a VPN service that is completely free. This virtual private network tool is extremely quick and completely safe. You may encrypt your Wi-Fi connection, surf the web anonymously, and conceal your IP address.

A safe, encrypted connection over a widely accessible network is known as a VPN. VPN packets normally travel through a tunnel to reach their final destination, which is a private network.


In conclusion, setting up the HA tunnel plus network is simple. There are no restricted device connections on this network. So, you can expand this network by including more devices. One of the easiest network devices to access is the second ha tunnel. Additionally, configuring the router is a pretty simple process, and setting up the router is not tough.

This article describes how to install the ha tunnel plus correctly. Follow the setup instructions step by step, and you’ll be all set. I hope this will be of total assistance to you.

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