How To Buy From Aliexpress In Nigeria(Complete Guide)

How To Buy From Aliexpress In Nigeria(Complete Guide). In this Post, You Will Learn How To Buy From Aliexpress In Nigeri la Without Stress.

How to buy from aliexpress in Nigeria. Did you know that the quickest and easiest way to buy on AliExpress from Nigeria is to utilize a virtual dollar card?

This Blog Post will give you the details of all you need to know about buying on aliexpress. Without further ado, Let’s get into it!

How To Buy From Aliexpress In Nigeria

How To Buy From Aliexpress In Nigeria

To buy from AliExpress in Nigeria, follow the following steps:

1. Check out

2. Register: To sign up for a free account on AliExpress, click here or choose “Settings” and then “Register/Join for Free.” Finish the registration process by providing your email address and password, or make it simpler by instantly logging in with your Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Apple account. A letter containing an activation link must be found in your mailbox if you register by mail.

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3. Determine on a shipping address:

After creating an account, the first and most important step is to provide a shipping or delivery address because doing so will make future transactions much easier. Customers of AliExpress must submit their exact shipping address as well as their LGA’s postal code. In the future, customers will need to use the AliExpress app to change their address.

4. Set the display currency to US dollars: 

By going to the AliExpress menu and selecting the currency you want or by clicking here, you can change the displayed currency from Nigerian naira to U.S. dollars. This is important since AliExpress by default uses CBN rates to reflect naira prices rather than the black market rate used by dollar cards. It’s important to keep in mind that changing the display currency will have no impact on the payment currency, which for Nigerian buyers will continue to be the Nigerian naira.

5. Choose the item you want from one of the numerous divisions that you enjoy.

6. In the event that there are accessible options, specify the color, size, etc.

7. Click “Buy Now” or, if you want to purchase a number of items, “Add to Cart.”

8. If it hasn’t already been entered, enter the pickup or delivery address.

9. Select “Apply” from the menu.

10. Select “Place an order” in the pop-up box.

11. Choose “Add a new card.”

12. Enter the card’s number, expiration date, CVV/CVC code, first and last name, and any other relevant data.

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13. At last, press the “Pay” button.

14. You must input the one-time code supplied to you in order to authorize withdrawals from the card.

15. If the code is correctly entered, the smartphone will receive an immediate notification that the payment has been received, and delivery will start right away. The product’s current status will be displayed and can be followed in the “My Orders” section.

Website Details

You can check their website here:  for more details.

Which virtual card works the best for Nigeria’s AliExpress?

The Best Virtual Card for International transactions is Bitnob.

It may be made quickly and easily without incurring any card production fees. On foreign websites like Fiverr, Mailchimp, Skillshare, Apple, Aliexpress, Amazon, Netflix, Figma, Canva, and many others, you may swiftly make payments.

Does OPay work with AliExpress?

This card is not appropriate for overseas payments and transactions because it is denominated in Nigerian Naira. OPay cards are not accepted on AliExpress.

Frequently asked questions about How To Buy From Aliexpress In Nigeria

1. How to buy from AliExpress as a Nigerian?

Virtual Dollar Card: An AliExpress payment option that works in Nigeria

2. Can I use my Nigerian card to order from AliExpress?

The following Nigerian bank card works on AliExpress: Access Bank VISA card, First Bank debit card, Diamond Bank debit card, WEMA Bank debit card, FCMB debit card, and UBA debit card.

3. Can I use Kuda card on AliExpress?

The card currently only functions on websites that accept naira; it does not function on AliExpress.

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4. How to order from AliExpress in Nigeria 2023?

How To Make Payments On AliExpress From Nigeria

  • Open an Account on Aliexpress.
  • Search for the Product You Want to Buy.
  • Choose the Product and Add it to Cart.
  • Check Out and Select Payment Method.
  • Confirm Payment and Wait for Delivery.

5. Can I use Verve card on AliExpress?

On AliExpress, you can pay with MasterCard and Visa. Verve cannot be used for cross-border online transactions. If your Verve card won’t function on AliExpress, ask your bank for a MasterCard instead.


The post above contains all the processes involved in buying from aliexpress directly in Nigeria.

Small businesses, especially those who rely on AliExpress to buy products to sell, have seen their costs of goods rise and their profit margins decline as a result of the suspension of foreign transactions.

As a result, using a virtual dollar card given by fintech programs is the simplest and fastest way to pay for things on AliExpress from Nigeria.

Hope you found this post helpful? Stay tuned for more updates like this!

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