117 Fun Pumpkin Ideas For A Scary Gourd Look This Halloween

117 Fun Pumpkin Ideas For A Scary Gourd Look This Halloween. In This Article, You Will Find Out 117 Fun Pumpkin Ideas For A Scary Gourd Look This Halloween.

Fun Pumpkin Ideas, Are you looking for ideas to decorate your pumpkin for the upcoming halloween? Maybe you already have these pumpkin gourds but you do not have any idea on how to decorate them to suit your halloween taste?

No need to worry anymore as we will be giving you as many ideas to pick from as possible. So, keep reading to find out more!

Fun Pumpkin Ideas

What is Halloween

Originally, it was a Celtic summer solstice celebration, a time when people felt particularly connected to departed loved ones. In order to assist loved ones in returning to the afterlife, these amiable spirits set places at the dinner table, left sweets on doorsteps and by the side of the road, and lit candles.

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Fun pumpkin ideas

Troll Pumpkins DIY

Fun Pumpkin Ideas

Throughout the past few years, trolls have become increasingly popular. Everyone adores Poppy, and the new Trolls movies have truly sparked a renewed affection for the small animals! For kids of all ages, this tutorial is a great idea and it’s also quite easy to make.

Teal Pumpkin Project DIY

Fun Pumpkin Ideas

The addition of teal pumpkins to Halloween is relatively new. Placed on porches, they stand in for families distributing non-candy gifts to individuals with dietary intolerances or allergies. Kids can learn about compassion and empathy from this adorable and entertaining project.

DIY Cactus Painted Pumpkin

 Fun Pumpkin Ideas

For those who prefer a simpler option without carving, this cactus pumpkin is a very adorable idea. I adore how simple it is for kids to assist you in creating this one. Make a few, using gourds to symbolize various cactus shapes and sizes.


 Fun Pumpkin Ideas

How incredibly incredible are these? Illuminating pumpkins! A comprehensive tutorial can be found by clicking on the source link. You’ll find that making these is incredibly simple and inexpensive.

Monogrammed Pumpkin

Fun Pumpkin Ideas

This project might be more to your taste if you’re searching for something a little more low-key. The neat monogram on the pumpkin takes a lot of steps to achieve, but the outcome is quite beautiful.

Cheshire Cat

Fun Pumpkin Ideas

In the situation that you choose to carve a pumpkin this year, printing out a template beforehand will make the process much simpler. It’s my opinion that this design is very cute.

Cute Owl Pumpkins

Fun Pumpkin Ideas

Better Homes and Gardens has some adorable owl pumpkins that you can try carving if you’re feeling carving but don’t want to go overboard.

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Pumpkin Archway

Fun Pumpkin Ideas

Though the page does list some supplies (foam pumpkins, rebar, and PVC piping), there is sadly not much information on how to make this yourself.

Tinker Bell with Pixie Dust

Fun Pumpkin Ideas

Alright, this one is ridiculously brilliant, both in terms of idea and execution. Pixie dust from Tinker Bell truly glows! How awesome is that?

It turns out that all you really need to make the dust is a drill, which is surprisingly easy to replicate for something as intricate as this. To view a comprehensive tutorial with step-by-step photos, click the provided link.

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Family fun pumpkin ideas

Minion Pumpkins

The most amazing no-carve Minion pumpkins I’ve ever seen are today’s find. Take a look at their expressions!

For these, I would most definitely use artificial pumpkins so you could keep them forever. They are far too wonderful for a single season.

Fun pumpkin ideas for toddlers

Black and White Glam Pumpkin

Fun Pumpkin Ideas

Frozen Pumpkin

 Fun Pumpkin Ideas

One more Frozen-themed pumpkin idea from A Pumpkin & A Princess that I just had to share is this one, which calls for painting the pumpkin an icy blue glitter and decorating it with rhinestones, snowflakes, and a tiara. Another incredible creation, this one!

 Fun Pumpkin Ideas

I think these pumpkins are among the most beautiful things I have ever seen. There’s more space than pumpkin because the lace designs are so detailed and intricate!

Though it doesn’t really teach you everything you need to know to complete this on your own, the tutorial is extremely basic and can at least help you get a sense of the tools and abilities you’ll need. If it were possible, I would absolutely do this with fake pumpkins so you could show off your amazing creations every year!

Actual Lace Pumpkin

Fun Pumpkin Ideas

While the pumpkins above have been cut in a lacy pattern, this one has real lace decorations on it. The results are amazing, and the idea is very simple and much easier to implement. To achieve this kind of striking contrast, make sure to paint your pumpkin white.

Mummy Pumpkin

 Fun Pumpkin Ideas

A cute mummy pumpkin like this one would look fantastic this Halloween on your front porch! You only need to carve out the mouth, which is not very much work. It’s easy to finish the rest!

Stenciled Lace Patterns

Fun Pumpkin Ideas

Coming back to the idea of lacey pumpkin designs, here is another approach you can take. Get a lace doily, cut the center out of it, and lay it over top of your pumpkin so that it forms a ring-shaped stencil. Use a stencil brush to apply paint, wait for it to dry a bit, and then remove the doily. You will get an awesome design like the one you see in the photo. Visit the link for more detailed steps and a full list of materials!

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Fun pumpkin ideas for boys

Owl Gourd

Fun Pumpkin Ideas

Glossy Black Cats

 Fun Pumpkin Ideas


Fun pumpkin ideas halloween

High Contrast Black & White

 Fun Pumpkin Ideas

Black & White Pumpkin Designs

 Fun Pumpkin Ideas

Easy fun pumpkin ideas

Crystal Appliqué Pumpkins

 Fun Pumpkin Ideas

Fabric Pumpkins

 Fun Pumpkin Ideas

Owl Pumpkin with Cupcake Liners

Fun Pumpkin Ideas

Ghoul Bus

Fun Pumpkin Ideas

Quilt Motif

Fun Pumpkin Ideas

Fun pumpkin ideas for kids

Leg-Eating Pumpkin

 Fun Pumpkin Ideas

 Fun Pumpkin Ideas

Stained Glass Pumpkin

 Fun Pumpkin Ideas

Spell a Message

Fun Pumpkin Ideas

Duct Tape Pumpkin Bats

Fun Pumpkin Ideas

How do you carve a pumpkin without a carving knife?

Use a long, thin kitchen knife to carefully carve your pumpkin instead of using the carving kit knife. Scott advises pushing the pieces out from the inside when cutting simple shapes because pushing them inside the pumpkin can result in breaks and tears.

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FAQs About 117 Fun Pumpkin Ideas For A Scary Gourd Look This Halloween

1. What does the scary pumpkin mean?

In order to frighten the evil spirits that were vanishing through the Irish farms hundreds of years ago, Halloween was celebrated in Ireland by carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns. Since then, the vegetable has come to be associated with the holiday, which is primarily observed by Americans.

2. What is the scary pumpkin called?

Though not all of our favorite demon faces have been carved out of pumpkins, the jack-o’-lantern has a long history with Halloween. Irish folklore about Stingy Jack, who deceived the Devil to obtain wealth for himself, is where they first appeared.

3. Why pumpkin is a symbol of Halloween?

Because of their availability and size, pumpkins were used instead of turnips when Irish immigrants brought this tradition to America. Jack-o’-lanterns, which represent protection from evil spirits and enhance the festive atmosphere, are created by carving pumpkins as a popular Halloween tradition.

4. Are Halloween pumpkins real?

Jack-o’-lantern carving is a well-known Halloween custom that has its roots in Ireland hundreds of years ago. However, at that time, jack-o’-lanterns were made from potatoes or turnips; a new Halloween custom didn’t begin until Irish immigrants arrived in America and discovered the pumpkin.

5. What is an example of a pumpkin character?

Some of the pumpkin characters in the examples, such as Clifford, the Lorax, Arthur, the Pigeon, and Harry Potter, are just faces. Others are the bodies of entire characters, such as Pikachu, Pete the Cat, and Captain Underpants.


We have a wide range of inspirations for you to pick from to carve your pumpkin for the next halloween. You can choose any of the above and just have fun trying it out with your family and friends.

We really hope this post was helpful to you? Do stay tuned to our site for more updates like this!

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