Top 20 Countries With The Most Handsome Men In The World

Top 20 Countries With The Most Handsome Men In The World. In This Article, You Will Learn All About The Top 20 Countries With The Most Handsome Men In The World.

 Countries With The Most Handsome Men. Are you truly wondering which countries have the most handsome men? We all know that everyone wants to think of themselves as beautiful and attractive before judging others.

Talking about the world’s most attractive women and handsomest men is rather common these days. There are plenty of attractive men from all over the world when it comes to the guys.

We will be discussing that in this article. Let’s dive in!

 Countries With The Most Handsome Men

Countries with the most handsome men

1. Italy:

Italian men are incredibly attractive and handsome. You shouldn’t forget those stunning eyes, strong facial features, gorgeous dark hair, and amazing skin tones. And let’s not even talk about their exquisite Italian accent—which, I might add, is absolutely stunning.

Italian men have such strong features that they seem to have been cut and pasted from different fashion magazines. Even those without a perfectly formed body or a deeply etched face can still make a good impression on women.

2. Brazil:

Not only is Brazil famous for its coffee, but it’s also known for its “beautiful” men and soap operas on television. The nation has exceptional masculine beauty. These men are stunning, hot, handsome, and incredibly attractive. They have an amazingly toned body, almond-colored tans, and nice clothes.

Guys from Brazil are amazing and very attractive. It appears that their South American and Portuguese ancestry have influenced their physical appearance.

3. Saudi Arabia:

It is not surprising that there are Arab men on this list. Arab men are incredibly attractive. Their captivating, piercing eyes and remarkable features only enhance their beauty and allure. These men are gorgeous and alluring to women because of their flawless, radiant complexion.

4. South Korea:

If you’re a fan of K-dramas, you’ll agree with me that this country has some of the world’s most attractive and attractive men. It’s also not surprising, I should say, since South Koreans have been the top male skincare consumers for the past ten years.

These people are gorgeous, charming, well-groomed, and adorable. Furthermore, they have such charm about them.

5. France:

There is a long list of attractive French men. Due to their exquisite appearance and exquisite wardrobe, they are considered style and fashion icons. There are those who believe that French men are the most stylish men on the planet. A French man’s clothing will catch your attention right away. Presumably, it runs in their family to always seem intelligent without having to work hard.

They will look as though they are heading to a fashion week show, and they also look as though they have just woken up. The majority of women concur that there is something “je ne sais quoi” and seductive about French guys. France appears on the list of well-groomed and well-dressed men. They stand for a range of cultural influences and ethnic groups.

6. Australia:

The country is home to some of the world’s most attractive and attractive men. They are attractive, well-sculpted, in excellent physical condition, and photogenic. Their almond-hued skin, silky hair, and bright eyes usually give them a wonderful appearance.

The nation has also won titles in contests like Mister International, Mister Global, and Manhunt International because of their attractive delight. Therefore, if you’re considering a trip to Australia, make sure you don’t miss the most amazing sight in the nation: the sporty, carefree, and suntanned Australians.

7. United Kingdom:

There is an abundance of attractive men in the United Kingdom. English men are generally attractive and well-built. British guys are definitely irresistible with their endearing accents and chic outfits.

They also have a strong presence that is hard to miss. Just steal a peek at Henry Cavill, David Beckham, and many other British men; they are all prime examples of the sophistication and grace of their nation. On the other hand, visitors to Wales or Scotland who are fond of hot redheads may discover themselves in a true wonderland.

8. Spain:

Men from this country are among the most attractive in the world. This is something that football fans, who have a massive global fan base, can attest to.

These men stand out due to their athletic appearance and well-built bodies. Not only that, but they also have gorgeous lips, thick hair, and enormous eyes. Not to mention that they live right off the coast, which keeps their olive skin naturally bronze all year.

9. Germany:

The tall physique and gaunt features of German men set them apart as attractive. I should also say that even though they might not seem very friendly at first, their good looks don’t diminish.

These are Caucasian men with flawless complexion, gorgeous blond hair, captivating eyes, and ecstatic smiles. Their toned body and impeccable sense of style are the icing on the cake.

10. Angola:

The country is home to some of the world’s most attractive men. Portuguese and African cultures have a strong influence on their appearance. Their features are stunning, and their dark skin is stunning. To put it plainly, these men are attractive to women and dashing.

11. The Philippines:

One of Southeast Asia’s favorite travel destinations, The Philippines offers more than just a picture-perfect beach getaway with lots to do and breathtaking sunsets. Among the greatest attractions there are the dashing Filipino men with their distinctive features and tanned skin tones.

12. Sweden:

People throughout the world consider Swedes to be walking, talking models. Given how attractive the men in Sweden are, it should come as no surprise that they have won the Manhunt Contest several times. Many of them have blue eyes, which is an uncommon feature.

13. Turkey:

Turkey is a Middle Eastern nation notable for its magnificent beaches, lively art scenes, ancient bazaars, rich cultural heritage, and, of course, the Turkish film industry. It’s not incorrect to state that the incredibly attractive men in Turkey make up the true Turkish treat when it comes to entertainers.

Because of their Arabic characteristics, these men are attractive and fit, attracting women from all over the world. Their seductive eyes and deep looks are too hard to ignore, which is why they’re so attractive.

15. Nigeria:

While this particular nation may seem biased to some, I dare say that this list wouldn’t be complete without including the continent’s largest nation. Nigerian men radiate such class and a strong sense of masculinity.
They have a striking appearance. Their attractiveness cannot be understated due to their magnificent appearance, glowing dark skin, and towering stature. Their amazing sense of style also ensures that they never let you down in terms of fashion and style.

16. South Africa:

South African men are deserving of recognition in this article for their attractiveness and good looks. In addition to their gorgeous, light-complexioned faces and amazing physiques, South African men are known for their sense of style and are often referred to as fashion icons.

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17. Barbados:

Although the island is well-known for its sea fishing, you’re more likely to notice the Bajan men. Barbados, one of the pearls of the Caribbean, is a favorite destination for marlin, sharks, and tuna sea fishing.
But don’t worry if you are unable to catch anything. We can nearly assure you that the appealing tans on the locals will draw your attention. Bright Side claims that Bajan men rule the handsomeness charts, akin to pirates of love.

18. Japan:

Put Sushi Away! Japanese guys are striking. These adorable Japanese guys stand out thanks to their gorgeous hair and charming eyes. A man does not need to have broad shoulders and blonde hair to be considered handsome. Against all expectations!

19. Somalia:

Despite political unrest throughout the Horn of Africa, this is the country where you’re most likely to meet some of the most attractive men on the planet. Somalians are a hospitable people who are proud of their heritage and culture. More than making up for it is its rich culture. The majority of Somali men are extremely attractive, tall, and sensual. They are motivated by a strong sense of purpose as well.

20. Greece:

Greece is a beautiful country with peaceful islands and historical monuments, but it’s also home to some very attractive men. Unquestionably athletic, mysterious, and passionate, Greek men—more like Greek gods—will sweep you away on the wings of love.

Most handsome man in the world ranking

1Kim Taehyung (V)
2David Beckham
3Ryan Reynolds
4Henry Cavill

Who is the most handsome man in the world

Which country in Asia has the most handsome man?

FAQs About Countries With The Most Handsome Men In The World

1. Which country has most handsome man in Asia?

South Korea, China, Japan, and Turkey produce some of the most attractive, friendly, ideal men in Asia.

2. In which country are the most handsome men in the world?

The data indicates that Indians are thought to be the most beautiful people in the world, followed by Americans and Swedes. Canada and Japan make up the remaining five most attractive countries.

3. Which country has the most handsome man in the world 2023?

Kim Taehyung, a BTS actor and South Korean singer-songwriter, is the world’s most attractive man in 2023. He is in his 27th year.

4. Who is the 2nd handsome man in the world 2023?

An actor from England is Robert Pattinson. On the list of the world’s most attractive men in 2023, the 36-year-old is ranked second.

5. Who is the most handsome man in the world 2023 according to the golden ratio?

Actor Regé-Jean Page, 35, has 93.65%, almost perfect proportions, according to the study. The surgeon told the Daily Mail, “Regé won because of his classically beautiful face and gorgeous brown eyes.”


We hope this article was enough to satisfy your curiousity about the most handsome men in these countries. Some countries are not there but that does not mean they don’t have handsome men. These are simply are top 20 for this list. So, if you found your country there, you can take pride in it!

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