Top 100 cleanest countries in the world (2023)

Top 100 cleanest countries in the world (2023)

Cleanest countries in the world Cleanliness they say is next to godliness and only a slob lives in a pigsty. In choosing where to live, relocate to, plan a family or even pursue a career, a clean environment is paramount. A clean environment can encourage productivity. Additionally, apart from the known health benefits of living in clean environment, clean environment is an expression of how we care for our environment.

Wondering about the top 100 cleanest countries in the world? Are they even up to100 clean countries in the world? Continue reading to discover.

Cleanest countries in the world

Cleanest countries in the world

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This is a list of the top 100 cleanest countries in the world. In no particular order are these countries listed;

  1. Switzerland
  2.  France
  3. 3. Denmark
  4. 4. Malta
    5. Sweden
    6. United Kingdom
    7. Luxembourg
    8. Austria
    9. Ireland
    10. Finland
    11. Iceland
    12. Spain
    13. Germany
    14. Norway
    15. Belgium
    16. Italy
    17. New Zealand
    18. Netherlands
    19. Israel
    20. Japan
    21. Australia
    22. Greece
    23. Taiwan
    24. Cyprus
    25. Canada
    26. Portugal
    27. USA
    28. Slovakia
    29. Lithuania
    30. Costa Rica
    31. Bulgaria
    32. Qatar
    33. Czech Republic
    34. Slovenia
    35. Trinidad And Tobago
    36. Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
    37. Latvia
    38. Turkmenistan
    39. Seychelles
    40. Albania
    41. Croatia
    42. Colombia
    43. Hungary
    44. Belarus
    45. Romania
    46. Dominican Republic
    47. Uruguay
    48. Estonia
    49. Singapore
    50. Poland
    51. Venezuela
    52. Russia
    53. Brunei Darus Salaam
  5. 54. Morocco
    55. Cuba
    56. Panama
    57. Tonga
    58. Tunisia
    59. Azerbaijan
    60. South Korea
    61. Kuwait
    62. Jordan
    63. Armenia
    64. Peru
    65. Montenegro
    66. Egypt
    67. Lebanon
    68. Macedonia
    69. Brazil
    70. Sri Lanka
    71. Equatorial Guinea
    72. Mexico
    73. Dominica
    74. Argentina
    75. Malaysia
    76. Antigua And Barbuda
    77. United Arab Emirates
    78. Jamaica
    79. Namibia
    80. Iran
    81. Belize
    82. Philippines
    83. Mongolia
    84. Serbia
    85. Chile
    86. Saudia Arabia
    87. Ecuador
    88. Algeria
    89. Cabo Verde
    90. Mauritius
    91. Saint Lucia
    92. Bolivia
    93. Barbados
    94. Georgia
    95. Kiribati
    96. Bahrain
    97. Nicaragua
    98. Bahamas
    99. Kyrgyzstan
    100. Nigeria
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Top 10 cleanest countries in the world (2023)

In the whole world this countries rank the 10 cleanest countries out of the top 100 cleanest countries in the world. This information also includes their cleanliness ranking;

  1. Denmark – 82.5
  2. Luxembourg – 82.3
  3. Switzerland – 81.5
  4. United Kingdom – 81.3
  5. France – 80
  6. Austria – 79.6
  7. Finland – 78.9
  8. Sweden – 78.7
  9. Norway – 77.7
  10. Germany – 77.2


Denmark is the cleanest and greenest country in 2023, earning an overall EPI score of 82.5. It comes out for having high ratings in a number of categories, including Species Protection Index, Waste Management and Wastewater Treatment. Additionally, it has some of the most extensive and successful policies in the world to lessen greenhouse gas emissions and stop climate change. Denmark’s emphasis on sustainability is evident in the growth of solar powered boats, eco friendly hotels and organic cuisine in the nation.


Despite its rapid population and GDP expansion, Luxembourg has achieved tremendous strides in decreasing its negative environmental effects. Luxembourg received a total score of 82.3, but its ratings in the categories of sanitation (100), drinking water (97.7), and pollution emissions are likely even more outstanding (100). With less than 600,000 citizens, Luxembourg is a small country that is mostly rural with lots of woods and natural parks.


Switzerland has an overall EPI score of 81.5, making it the third cleanest nation in the world. It equaled Denmark’s perfect score in the Species Protection Index and had very high scores for drinking water (100) and sanitation (100). Switzerland is renowned for having rich fauna and pristine water, which may come as no surprise.

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United Kingdom

The fourth cleanest country in our top 100 cleanest countries in the world is the United kingdom.

With an EPI of 81.3, the United Kingdom ranks as the fourth cleanest nation in the world. Considering also that the nation has 66.52 million people, this score is impressive. For drinking water, sanitation, and pollution emissions, the UK received an A+.


France ranks as the fifth cleanest nation in the top 100 cleanest countries in the world with an EPI score of 80. Despite being highly industrialized, France gets about 80% of its energy from nuclear power, which greatly lowers its carbon emissions and helps it get a perfect score of 100 for pollution emissions. French environmental initiatives include preventing retailers from discarding usable, good food and installing hydro turbines along its rivers.

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Austria is the sixth cleanest nation in the world, with an EPI of 79.6. With strict restrictions on pesticides and fertilizers, Austria came in third overall for agriculture and fifth for ecosystem health. Austria is renowned for having some of Europe’s tightest regulations regarding chemicals, waste management, and air pollution. The country is mostly made up of lush woods and pastures.


The second Nordic nation on the list, Finland, is the seventh cleanest out of 100 cleanest countries. Finland gets about 35% of its energy from renewable sources. Finland tops the global rankings for environmental health (99.3), air quality (98.8), sanitation & drinking water (100), and exposure to heavy metals (100). The nation places a high priority on protecting its forests and wildlife.

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The EPI rating of Sweden is 78.7. The nation is renowned for its use of renewable energy sources and for having one of the lowest carbon dioxide emissions in the world.Sweden is tied with Australia for having the second cleanest air in the world. Sweden has increased its greenery nationwide and has preserved thousands of acres of woodland because of its emphasis on the environment.


Norway ranks ninth in the world with an EPI of 77.7. It receives a perfect score of 100 for sanitation and drinking water, and it ranks seventh internationally in air quality with a score of 97.9. Only Finland is ahead of Norway in the world in terms of environmental health. Norway uses 97% renewable sources of energy.


It is no minor feat that Germany is the world’s most technologically advanced nation and the tenth-cleanest nation overall. It has an EPI score of 77.2, placing fourth for Biodiversity & Habitat and receiving a perfect score for Unsafe Sanitation. Germany is advancing its environmental friendliness through sustainable development and green measures, ushering in a “renewable energy revolution.”


One come attributes of some of these countries amongst the top 100 cleanest countries in the world is use of natural energy. These countries have invested in  clean and naturally sustainable energy. Conservation of natural environment as much as possible was also taken into consideration too. Top 100 cleanest countries in the world (2023)

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