Top 10 Most Ghetto cities in Florida (2023)

Top 10 Most Ghetto cities in Florida (2023)

Top 10 Most Ghetto cities in Florida (2023). A lot of people associate Florida with Disney Land, beaches, sunshine and beauty. They’re not wrong but that’s not entirely all there is to Florida. Just like most places in the world, they have underdeveloped or a ghetto side to this beautiful state in the US.

Ghetto doesn’t only mean dangerous, it could also mean a part where poor minority group of the state resides. You may want to visit these areas but with caution to see how life works over there when next in you’re in Florida. We will be discussing 10 most ghetto cities in Florida.

Top 10 Most Ghetto cities in Florida (2023)

Top 10 Most Ghetto cities in Florida (2023)

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The first on our list of 10 most ghetto cities in Florida is homestead.

Homestead has been listed as the most dangerous place in Florida for the third year in a row. Its inclusion on the list was presumably influenced by the fact that it is a mid sized city. Homestead has Florida’s highest crime rate with a 1 in 76 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime. There are many reasons to visit this distinctive city, including its historic structures and great location close to two of Florida’s best parks, even if tourists should exercise caution: Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park


Northern Florida is where this ghetto, Tallahassee is situated. There are 196,169 people living there, most of them are young and active and may be seen having fun in the city’s parks, museums, and recreation facilities. The city not only attracts a lot of young people, but also a lot of tourists each year.

In addition, Tallahassee is home to Florida State University and Florida A&M University, creating a pleasant academic environment. With the increasing number of young people due to the university has led to increasing crime rate.

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Lake City

Number three on our list of top 10 most ghetto cities in Florida is lake City.Lake City is a tiny city in the Sunshine State that is located in the county of Columbia. A modest number of wonderful restaurants surround this Florida community. Not many places are available to hang out. But one can take part in outdoor pursuits like fishing, hiking, and camping.

In Florida, Lake City is undoubtedly an excellent spot for retirees because to its low population and tranquil atmosphere. If you’re looking for the Florida communities that are most protected from hurricanes given that the state is notorious for its frequent storm activity, consider Lake City. The city receives a score of 0 for hurricanes. Despite having fewer inhabitants, Lake City has a high crime and violence index.

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One of this state’s most visited regions is Orlando, which receives visitors from all over the nation. Many of whom come to see the well known amusement parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Even with it’s large tourist attraction, Orlando is often referred to as a ghetto.

A large city, Orlando has a population of about 307,573. Given the prevalence of crime in such large cities, it is not unexpected that Orlando has violent crime rates of 8.28 per 1000 residents and property crime rates of 36.80 per 1000 residents.
Since theft is a huge issue in the area, anyone considering relocating to Orlando would need to make significant security investments to secure his home from robbers.

Panama City

In the Florida Panhandle, in the state’s northernmost region, is Panama City. Beautiful white sand beaches, eateries, and resorts can be found in this city. This city has a relaxed, unstructured atmosphere that makes it ideal for vacations yet it is one of the ghettos in Florida. There are around 32,939 people living in Panama City, the majority of whom are young and energetic.

Being a beach and resort city has its drawbacks because it also draws a lot of bums. Many young people relocate to urban areas in the hope of continuing their hippie lifestyle from the 1970s and 1980s. A lot of them wind up using drugs and serving time for minor offenses.


For auto racing, Daytona Beach is the place to be. 
The hard sand beaches that allow racing are favorite destination for racing fans. 
It is also referred to as “the world’s most famous beach,” and both visitors and locals can enjoy variety of exciting activities there.
Another affordable location in Florida is this one. 
However, Daytona has the fourth highest crime rate in the state. 
Daytona Beach is undoubtedly one of Florida’s most dangerous cities, with one in 88 chance of becoming victim. 

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Opa-locka, a neighborhood in Miami-Dade County, is renowned for housing the largest concentration of Moorish Revival buildings. Despite having a significant historical past, Opa-locka does not rank among the finest places to live in Florida due to a high crime rate, violent crime, and limited employment and educational opportunities. This city has high rates of violent and property crime. It is a risky neighborhood in Miami since there is a one in 14 possibility of becoming a victim.


Cocoa is a welcoming community that is ideal for families to call home. It is situated in Brevard County. Due to its distinctive food and retail options, the ancient Cocoa village is a popular tourist destination.

Only 9 miles separate Cocoa Beach from the city, and locals adore spending their weekends there. Here, summers are fairly hot and dry, and winters are rather brief. Cocoa has one of Florida’s highest crime rates while having a small population. Larceny and burglary should be avoided because they occur frequently.

Lake worth

A community in southern Florida, Lake Worth is well known for its sandy beaches as well as its numerous restaurants, art galleries, and historic structures. The population of Lake Worth is estimated to be 42,219, although given the area’s relatively low cost of living compared to other Florida cities, that number might increase significantly.

However, because Lake Worth is attractive to young professionals, it also attracts undesirable people. This is perhaps the single biggest factor in making Lake Worth one of the most ghetto cities in Florida. Violent crime is recorded at 9.26 per 1000 residents in Lake Worth, while property crime is recorded at 44.32 per 1000 persons.


The tenth city on our top most ghetto cities in Florida is Perry.

In the vicinity of Gainsville and Tallahassee is a small community called Perry. Since Perry has a lot of water and trees, many people come to the vacation rentals to engage in outdoor pursuits like hiking, boating, fishing, and hunting.

Perry’s high rate of crime is a problem; violent crime is estimated to be 10.58 per 1000 residents, while property crime is estimated to be 49.72 per 1000 persons.

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Most of the cities listed above on their own aren’t bad but with increasing population of young people attracts trouble. Some cities had very high crime rate while others due to how small they are magnified their crime rates. Top 10 Most Ghetto cities in Florida (2023)

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