Does It Snow In Australia? 10 Places To Enjoy Snow During Winter

Does It Snow In Australia? 10 Places To Enjoy Snow During Winter. In This Post, You Will Find Out 0 Places To Enjoy Snow During Winter in Australia.

Does It Snow In Australia, Are you looking to travel to this country anytime soon? and maybe you want to experience the winter season there? We will be listing the 10 places you can go to enjoy snow in the winter during you stay.

So, keep reading to find out more!

Fall Creek Aline Resort


Does it snow in Australia

We will be listing some towns where in you can  see snowfall in this country anytime you go visiting. Here they are:

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1. Fall Creek Aline Resort


This resort is set in Victoria, Australia’s northeastern region. This region typically receives snowfall on a small number of days during the annual winter season, which runs from June to September.

2. Mount Hotham

Mount Hotham is an Australian mountain that receives snowfall in the winter. It exists in Victoria. Snowfall on Mount Hotham is deeper than in the Fall Creek Resort region. It is therefore one of the factors contributing to Mount Hotham Ski Resort’s status as Australia’s most popular ski resort.

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3. Mount Buller

The Mount Buller Village is another area where Snow Falls in Australia. The Mount Buller snow season usually arise from June- early October each year. Hence, during these period, there is usually a considerable amount of Snow Falls in this region in some days.

4. Perisher

Around the snow-capped mountains of southern New South Wales, Australia, sits Perisher, also known as Perisher Ski Resort. Perisher experiences a minimum temperature of -3.7 degrees Celsius on average during the winter months, along with moderate snowfall.

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5. Thredbo

Thredbo is a ski resort that lies in Australia’s New South Wales, in the snow-capped mountains. Snowfall typically occurs in Thredbo between mid-July and mid-August, with the possibility of additional snowfall in September.

6. Tasmania

Australia’s Tasmania is an island state that ranks as the world’s 25th largest island. The State of Tasmania experiences sporadic snowfall in regions like Kunanyr, MT Field National Park, the Central Highlands, and the Harte Mountains National Park, which lies in Southern Tasmania.

7. The Blue Mountain

Lying in New South Wales, Australia, the Blue Mountain boasts a distinct and striking fragrance. Sydney, the city where snowfall occurs infrequently, is only a two-hour drive away. But in contrast to Sydney, the Blue Mountains receives more snowfall; both locals and visitors can count on at least five (5) snow days annually.


8. Charlotte Pass

Charlotte is a village that lies in Australia’s New South Wales, among mountains of snow. Known as the Snow Ski Resort, the Charlotte Pass lies in Australia’s Kosciuszko National Park. As the name “snow resort” suggests, there is typically a good deal of snowfall here. According to research, Charlotte Pass receives the most snowfall annually of any Australian ski resort.

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9. Ben Lomond

This rustic resort in Ben Lomond National Park sits less than two hours’ drive from Launceston. Of the two ski resorts in Tasmania, this one is bigger (the other is Mount Mawson). It provides Tasmania’s second-highest peak and an enjoyable alpine village atmosphere.

Ben Lomond, the most famous ski resort in Tasmania, provides cheap skiing along with a variety of slopes. You’ll have to drive through Jacob’s Ladder, a treacherous stretch of road that might make you feel nauseous from traveling!

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10. Corin Forest

Corin Forest stands out from the other ski resorts despite its position as Australia’s most accessible and inexpensive alpine resort, providing the closest snowfields to Canberra and Sydney. Due to the infrequent snowfall in Corin Forest, they create their own snow instead of depending on Mother Nature.

They utilize snow guns to create an Australian winter wonderland because it’s a frigid place with occasional lows of -10 degrees. In order to make the snow suitable for skiing, it is then moved around the hill and smoothed. It is manageable as a long day trip or weekend getaway from Sydney, taking three and a half hours.

Where does it snow in Australia

Several Australian states—New South Wales (NSW), Tasmania, South Australia, and Victoria—experience snowfall. NSW is home to the stunning Snowy Mountains, a haven for alpine skiers. With its tallest mountain range, The Snowy Mountains receive an average of 1.9 meters of snowfall annually.

Does it ever snow in Australia

Yes. It snows in certain  Australian states: New South Wales (NSW), Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria.

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When does it snow in Australia

Winter is usually the best season to see snow. Additionally, that’s when Australia’s 2023 ski season begins. Although winter lasts from June to August, snow can fall as early as May in the nation’s colder regions. You can see snow in some places as late as October!

Does it snow in Melbourne Australia

Melbourne seldom receives snowfall. Visit the Victorian High Country, where there is plenty of snowfall all winter long, to feel the snow.

FAQs About Does It Snow In Australia? 10 Places To Enjoy Snow During Winter

1. Does it snow in Sydney Australia?

In Sydney, snowfall is rarely seen. The Snowy Mountains’ entry point, Jindabyne, is six hours’ drive south of Sydney. Regional areas of New South Wales, such as the Blue Mountains, Orange, and Upper Hunter, may also see snowfall.

2.  Where does it snow in Australia map?

The most recent version overlays real-time images of snow and rain over the regions experiencing those weather patterns! Enable the clouds layer first, then focus in on a specific area where it may be snowing or raining.

3. Does it snow anywhere in Australia?

It snows in certain Australian states: New South Wales (NSW), Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria.

4. Does it snow in Australia Melbourne?

In Melbourne, snowfall is incredibly rare. Visit the Victorian High Country, which receives good snowfall all winter long, to experience the snow.

5. Where in Australia does it snow?

Several Australian states—South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, and New South Wales (NSW)—experience snowfall. The stunning Snowy Mountains are located in New South Wales, ideal for alpine skiers. The Snowy Mountains, Australia’s tallest mountain range, receive 1.9 meters of snowfall annually on average.


By listing the locations where snow falls in Australia, I hope this article has satisfactorily addressed the commonly asked question, “Does snow fall in Australia?” and slaked your curiosity about the accuracy of the responses.

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