Best 45 Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria 2023

Best 45 Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria 2023. In This Blog Post, You Will Discover The Best 45 Small Scale Business Ideas To Try In Nigeria 2023.

Business Ideas. There are many profitable new business opportunities in Nigeria that you may launch right now and earn a sizable profit from.

This post will serve as a starting point whether you’re looking for a full-time business concept to invest in while working in Nigeria or you want to create numerous sources of income.

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Business Ideas

Best 45 Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria 2023

The startup business chances and ideas to invest in Nigeria that you may start requiring little money and generate a profit have been put forth below.

Let’s start now!

1. Real Estate Business: 

This is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria right now. You should get into this industry as soon as possible to start earning too!

2. Cake and Cupcake Bakery:

 The baking industry has really come to stay. People want to satisfy their cravings everyday.  So it’s left to you as a vendor to pepper them with ypur mouth-watering cakes and cupcakes. And you will have your phone beeping at credit alerts all day!

3. Sales of Mobile Phone Accessories:

 In this type is business, all you need is a physical shop, your products and of course customers! It’s an everyday necessity for people to buy accessories like screen guard, earpiece , chargers etc. So it’s a very profitable business in Nigeria. You can even do phone repairs too on the side.

4. Blogging:

One of the enterprises that undoubtedly allows you to be your own boss is blogging. You can work wherever and whenever you like.

To be able to maintain the business, you only need to select a lucrative niche and an area of passion.

5. Egg Supply and Distribution:

This ia a very legit way of making money. Its even better when you own a poultry farm to make things easier for yourself.

6. Ice Block Production and Sale: 

This is another business open to anyone in Nigeria. All you need is a deep freezer that makes block, a cooler and of course customers. Boom! You’re set for sales.

7. Car Wash Business:

There is a high demand for car wash  business. And the demand will always be on the rise and anyone no matter the  age and experience can dive into this business in Nigeria.

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8. Uberpreneur (Driver for Uber):

All you have to do is join the Uberpreneurs to start earning money from each journey by receiving your own commission.

9. Fashion Designer and Tailoring:

This is one of the home-based startup business concepts based on skills that you can launch in Nigeria right now. Once you’ve mastered this talent, big bang! You are prepared to cash out.

The fashion industry is currently more profitable than ever.

10. Freelance Content Development/Ghost Writing: 

You have the freedom to create content whenever you like. Additionally, you’ll be paid either weekly or monthly.

One of the most lucrative home businesses you can start in Nigeria is freelancing.

11. Mobile Food Business

12. Plantain Chips Production and Sales

13. Cosmetics and Hair Saloon

14. Boutique

15. Call Card Business

16. Skincare Business

17. Supermarket

18. Okrika Bale Business

19. Hotel Business

20. DropShipping

21. Hospital

22. Dry Cleaning Business

23. Rental Services

24. Small Chops Packaging

25. Gym Business

26. Restaurant Business

27. Social Media Business

28. Daycare Center

29. Tomato Farming Business

30. Affiliate Marketing

31. Tracking & Security Services

32. Sales and Supplies of Safety Equipment

33. Exportation Business

34. Car Dealership

35. Starting a Pharmacy

36. Furniture Making

37. Photography

38. Bouncing and Security Service

39. Consultancy

40. Scriptwriting

41. Sports Viewing Centre Business

42. Printing Press

43. Airbnb Rental Services

44. Fitness Instructor

45. Forex Trading

FAQ’s About Best 45 Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria 2023

1. What business can I start with 500k in 2023?

  • Choosing a business to start with 500k in Nigeria
  • E-commerce.
  • Event planning.
  • Logistics and delivery services.
  • Food business.
  • Bookstore.
  • Car wash.
  • Small-scale grocery store.
  • Thrift store.
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2. What should businesses focus on in 2023?

Businesses would be well to remain flexible and adaptive in unpredictable times like the one projected in 2023 so they can quickly pivot as market conditions change. This could entail changing business models, concentrating on new goods or services, or looking into new growth opportunities.

3. What business sells most in Nigeria?

5 Most Lucrative Businesses In Nigeria For 2023:


4. What business can start with 2 million Naira in Nigeria?

There are various small business prospects in Nigeria that you might look at with 2 million naira, including: Food and drink: You might launch a small eatery, a food truck, or a catering business. Agriculture: You may start a small-scale agricultural operation where you would grow crops or raise animals.

5. How to make money in Nigeria in 2023?

Here are ways you can make extra income in 2023:

  • Social media influencing/Influencer marketing.
  • Graphic Design.
  • Copywriting.
  • Technical writing.
  • Cleaning services.
  • Event hostess.
  • Professional Consultant


In Nigeria, a person’s ability to run a successful business mostly depends on their personality and what they get along with.

Before beginning any business in Nigeria, you should take into account vital components including the business’s location and the market’s need.

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