Who is Norma Gibson, Ex-wife of Tyrese Gibson? His Children Family

Who is Norma Gibson, Ex-wife of Tyrese Gibson? His Children Family. In This Blog Post, You Will Find Out All About Norma Gibson, Ex-wife of Tyrese Gibson.

Who is Norma Gibson, Are you curious to know more about this celebrity’s ex-wife? Do you want to know more about Tyrese’s children and family at at large?

Well we are going to be discussing about him and his relationship with his ex-wife, Norma. So, keep reading to find out more!

Tyrese Says Bitter Relationship With Ex-Wife "About Fathers Vs. Liars"

Who is Norma Gibson

Tyrese Gibson, a prominent actor and singer, is married to another woman, Norma Gibson, who’s also known as Norma Mitchell. The attention of the public has been caught in the couple’s marriage and the divorce that followed.

Tyrese and Norma Gibson’s relationship has seen its share of highs and lows. The couple got married in 2007 and welcomed Shayla Somer Gibson into the world as a daughter in 2009. Even with these pleasures, their marriage had problems, ending in a well-publicized divorce that same year.

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Early Life of Norma Gibson

Actor and singer Tyrese Gibson’s ex-wife is Norma Gibson, originally known as Norma Mitchell. Even though her  early childhood and schooling have little publicity to the general public.

She was brought up in the United States, despite the fact that not much is known about her early years. She has chosen to protect her private life by not sharing significant information about her childhood or family history with the broader public.

Also, she has kept her educational background, college attendance, and any professional certifications she may have earned confidential.

Notably, Norma Gibson’s public image has been more closely linked to her marriage to Tyrese Gibson and their eventual divorce than to her academic or professional accomplishments.

Norma Gibson’s Marriage and Divorce with Tyrese

In Norma and Tyrese Gibson’s personal lives, their marriage was a turning point in time. The particular day and location of Norma and Tyrese Gibson’s private wedding are not publicly available. They made the decision to keep some privacy surrounding their union and to keep their wedding out of the spotlight.

Tyrese Gibson and Norma Gibson were fighting in court after their divorce, arguing about custody of their daughter among other things. For their daughter’s sake, they claim to have worked out a peaceful co-parenting plan in recent years.

She is mostly avoiding the lime light, even in spite of the media attention that has surrounded their relationship. She chooses to keep her private life out of the public eye and only occasionally posts on social media.

Norma Gibson and Tyrese Daughter

In addition to being a passionate co-parent to Tyrese Gibson’s children, she is also is a loving mother. Norma’s unchanging dedication to her kids is admirable, even in light of their difficult past relationship.

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In 2007, Shayla Gibson, Norma and Tyrese’s daughter, was born. Both parents put Shayla’s welfare first and foremost because she is at the core of their universe. As evidence of their shared commitment to co-parenting, they have been witnessed going to events and enjoying themselves as a family.

 Who is Norma Gibson

Additionally, Norma encourages self-care and mental health awareness in her parenting. When it comes to her relationships with Tyrese and Shayla, she consistently emphasizes the value of psychological health and constructive discussion. She wants her daughter to grow up with a healthy mindset and strong morals.

Norma Gibson’s Net Worth

Norma Gibson, formerly referred to as Norma Mitchell, is someone who is private and does not make her wealth available to the general public. Her net worth could have been impacted by her marriage and divorce from Tyrese Gibson, an actor and successful entertainer. Tyrese was once her husband. But since she keeps a low profile in society, exact data about her net worth is difficult to come by.

Tyrese Gibson and his ex-wife are believed to have reached an extremely public divorce settlement, which may have had financial effects. The settlement’s specifics—such as any spousal support or asset distribution—are kept confidential and not made public.

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FAQs About Who is Norma Gibson, Ex-wife of Tyrese Gibson? His Children Family

1. How many baby moms does Tyrese have?

Tyrese has two children as of 2022. He was married to her from 2007 until 2009, and the two of them have a 13-year-old daughter named Shayla. Along with Samantha Lee, his more recent ex-wife, Tyrese also has a three-year-old daughter named Soraya Lee.

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2. Who is the mother of Tyrese daughter Shayla?

Her mother’s name is Norma Gibson.

3. What happened to Tyrese and Norma?

Tyrese and his wife made their divorce public in 2009. Given the short length their marriage had been, that was surprising news. Nonetheless, they both appeared open to working together in order to take care of their kid Shyla and were mature about their breaking up apart.

4. Where is Norma Gibson from?

She is from London, United Kingdom.

5.How many siblings does Tyrese have?

Tyrese Gibson had three older siblings, Tyrone, Jr., Salendra, and Shonta.


This blog post contains all you need to know about this particular American celebrity actor and filmmaker. Tyrese and Norma Gibson were really once married but are o longer together now. They peacefully agreed to go their seperate ways.  They have a beautiful daughter named Shyla.

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