Candace Owens Husband Biography: What Is Known About George Farmer.

Candace Owens Husband Biography: What Is Known About George Farmer. In This Article, You Will Learn All About Candace Owens Husband.

Candace Owens husband biography. The wife of George Farmer is an ardent fan of Donald Trump.

On social media, she urged all minorities to support him, particularly African Americans, and supported him. Candace also expressed her disapproval of the Democratic Party and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Candace Owens Husband Biography

George Farmer is a famous political activist, businessman, and philanthropist from the United Kingdom. He is married to Candace Owens, a conservative commentator and political activist. The son of British politician and businessman Michael Farmer, Baron Farmer, he was born in London, England, on June 8, 1989.

At the University of Oxford, George Farmer pursued studies in politics, philosophy, and economics. He got interested in politics during his stay at Oxford and was elected president of the Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA), the biggest student political group in the UK. Additionally, he belonged to the Bullingdon Club, a notorious student organization with a distinguished and affluent membership.

Following graduation, George Farmer started working for London-based market research firm Jigsaw Research as a research analyst. He later established Redfield & Wilton Strategies, a global consulting firm with a focus on market research and public opinion polling, as his own business.

George Farmer has a successful commercial career in addition to being a well-known political activist who has been heavily involved in conservative politics for a number of years.


George Farmer, a citizen of the UK, is a highly competent person with an outstanding educational background. He was raised by his father in a tight setting in a slum in Britain, where his upbringing was difficult. George was able to overcome the challenges he had as a child and succeed in life despite them.

His father, Lord Michael Farmer, gained notoriety in the metal markets and was referred to as “Mister Copper” throughout London. George was able to attend St Paul’s School in London because of his father’s prosperity. This elite private school was founded in 1503 and is renowned for producing some of the most well-known British aristocrats.

George Farmer attended the famous Oxford University in Oxfordshire, England, after graduating from St. Paul’s School. He majored in Theology and graduated with a first-class degree, the highest academic honor a British undergraduate student can receive.

What is George Farmer’s birthdate?

The son of British politician and businessman Michael Farmer, Baron Farmer, he was born in London, England, on June 8, 1989.

How old is George Farmer?

Candace Owens’ spouse, who was born in 1989, will turn 34 in June 2023.

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Career highlight

Since George is the oldest of his parents’ children, he manages the family’s business affairs. He had an extremely opulent childhood and went to school in London. He earned a Business Management degree from an esteemed university. His father, Michael Farmer, is a well-known and prominently wealthy individual in Britain who goes by the title of Baron Farmer.

George is still active in business today and is still in charge of his organization, which has developed into a significant participant in the metal industry. George’s personal background is not well known, but it is obvious that he comes from a prosperous, powerful family with a good business past.

George Farmer and Candace Owens’ children

The couple finally had their first kid, a son, on January 13, 2021, after months of waiting. The new parents were ecstatic to welcome their child and enthusiastically told their followers about it.

Faqs about Candace Owens Husband Biography

1. Who are George Farmer’s parents?

The name of his father is Micheal Boron Farmer.

2. How many children does George Farmer have?

They have two kids: a daughter born in July 2022 and a son born in January 2021.

3. How tall is George Farmer?

He is 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m) in height.

4. How rich is George Farmer?

He has a networth of $240 Million.

5. Where is Candace Owens house?

With her husband and two kids, Candace Owens lives in a six-bedroom home in Nashville, Tennessee.


This article discusses all about Candance Owens Husband. His biography, Age, networth and marital status.

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