Sean Edward Hartman’s Bio: What You Should Know About Phil Hartman’s Son

Sean Edward Hartman’s Bio: What You Should Know About Phil Hartman’s Son. In This Article, You Will Get To Know of Sean Edward Hartman’s Bio.

Sean Edward Hartman’s Bio. He is a multifaceted individual. He is a writer, voice actor, graphic designer, and actor. His father, the late Canadian-American actor Philip Hartman, is another name that people use to refer to him.

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Who is Sean Edward Hartman?

American actor, artist, graphic designer, writer, and voice actor Edward is well-known. He is much more known as the late Phil Hartman’s famous actor son. Due to the sad tragedy that befell their family, it caught the public’s attention. Brynn, Sean’s mother, murdered her husband before committing suicide. When all of this happened, he was just nine years old and his sister Birgen was six.

At an early age, the two lost their parents. On June 17, 1989, in Sunset, Vancouver, British Columbia, the actor was born. His mother is of Brazilian Danish, English, French Canadian, Mexican, Portuguese, Scottish, and Spanish ancestry, while his father is of English, German, and Irish lineage. He attended Edina High School for his high school studies.

How old is Sean Hartman?

Sean Edward Hartman will turn 32 in October 2021. He was born on June 17, 1989.


Son of Phil Hartman, Sean Edward Hartman, was interested in music from a young age. He played in various bands in high school, including Metamorphic Mexico.

His curiosity and love for music led him to pursue a career in music after finishing his studies, and he began playing in clubs and restaurants. Sean is an accomplished stand-up comic. He was the host of the weekly comedy program Funny Mother Buckers in 2018.

Additionally, he gave performances throughout Cleveland in 2020. He is an actor as well. However, there isn’t much information available in the public domain on his acting career. The son of Phil Hartman also works as a graphic artist, writer, and voice actor in addition to music, comedy, and acting.

Net worth

He seemingly has a $1 million approximate net worth as of 2021. Through his career and inheritance, he has amassed the money. Sean’s parents left their $1.23 million estate, with the value of it at the time of their passing, to their children. At the age of 25, Sean and Bergin would each get 25% of the fortune. At the age of 30, they would receive the remainder.

Who is Sean Edward Hartman married to?

His marital status and the name of his spouse are unknown to the public.

Where is Sean Hartman today?

He supposedly calls Oakland, California, home. Sean Edward Hartman went through a traumatic and life-altering catastrophe that led to one of the most stunning criminal stories.

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He refused to allow the incident, nonetheless, determine his course in life. He is instead leading a happy life, buoyed by the love he received from his aunt and uncle when he was a child.


Faqs. about Sean Edward Hartman’s Bio

1. Who is Phil Hartmans son?

Sean Edward Hartman is the name of his son.

2. What happened to Phil Hartman’s child?

Sean and Birgen, who were 9 and 6 years old at the time, respectively, were transported to Wisconsin to live with their maternal aunt Katharine and Mike Wright after the passing of their parents.

3. Who raised Hartman kids?

The two Hartman kids were nurtured by Brynn’s sister Katharine Omdahl and brother-in-law Mike Wright.



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