Rouba Saadeh’s Biography: Meet Michele Morrone’s Ex-wife

This is to inform the general public About Rouba Saadeh, The ex-wife of Michele Morrone, an Italian actor, model, singer, and fashion designer, She is well-known. Italian-Lebanese stylist and businesswoman Rouba Saadeh established a talent search firm.

Rouba Saadeh

Biography of Rouba Saadeh and Early Life: Who is Michele Marrone’s Ex-wife?

Rouba Saadeh was born in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, and spent her early life there. The family of Michele Marrone’s ex-wife is unknown, but she was born and raised in a tiny family with her parents, two siblings, and grandparents.

The identity of her father is not well known, but Magnolia Mano Saadeh is a popular name for her mother. Only Abir Saadeh, one of Rouba Saadeh’s two siblings who is her sister, has been included in her family tree.

Rouba Saadeh Biography


Rouba Saadeh

Date of Birth

5th April, 1987.

Country of Origin



Mixed Race


Fashion Designer


Michele Marrone ( m. 2014-2018)

Rouba Saadeh’s Age

Rouba Saadeh was born on April 15, 1987, according to the records, making her 36 years old as of 2023.

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Michele Morron‘s Marriage to Rouba Saadeh

Through a mutual friend, Michele Morron and Rouba Saadeh first connected, and their romance started quickly. The couple was very discreet about their relationship and took precautions to prevent word of it reaching the media.

Later, in 2014, Rouba Saadeh wed Michele Morron in a small wedding attended by just their loved ones and family.

Two sons, Marcud and Brado Marrone, were born to Michele Morron and Rouba Saadeh.

Is Rouba Saadeh Still Married?

Prior to Michele Marron’s Instagram announcement of his divorce from his wife in 2018, the world was unaware of what was going on in Rouba Saadeh’s marriage.

He was broken after the divorce, according to Michele Morron, and he also suffered from depression.

Rouba Saadeh’s Education

Nearly every area of the educational strata was marked by Rouba Saadeh. The fashion stylist completed her high school education at College Notre-Dame de Jammhour in Baabda before transferring to the Lebanese American University to earn a Bsc in Graphic Design and an MBA.

Rouba has never been one to hold back when it comes to expressing her love of fashion and design, which is why she enrolled in a summer course in fashion design at Central Saint Martins London and even earned a postgraduate diploma in fashion designing from Istituto Marangoni.

What is Rouba Saadeh’s Net worth?

With time and success, Rouba Saadeh has become a significant figure in the fashion and design industries.

Rouba has also had ownership of a company. According to estimates, Rouba Saadeh is worth roughly $2 million.

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Rouba Saadeh’s Career

In the field of fashion and design, she has an extensive portfolio of work. Since 2009, she has worked as a professional in the fashion and design industry.

Before joining Elie Saab as the design team leader in the Haute Couture & Pret-a-Porter business, she first worked as a graphic designer for Alfa-MIC1 from 2009 to 2011. During her five months as team leader, Rouba Saadeh revealed her intention to transition to a more entrepreneurial role in the fashion industry.

Le Paradise Des Fous (Paradise of Crazy) was set up by Rouba her. She transformed the business into a designer-based approach while serving as CEO. The company owned by her is situated in Lebanon, where it runs a shop that seeks for artists and performers whose work is deserving of presentation there.

The operation, however, ended in December 2014. Five years later, she rejoined her old worker, Elir Saab, and has since progressed to several positions within the business.

The Reason Behind Rouba Saadeh Divorce ?

Although they bonded well and had great chemistry, their relationship only lasted a few months. After only four years of marriage, they divorced. They kept the precise reason for their split a secret. In one of the interviews, Michele was asked about the same topic, and he appeared to be unsure about his choice to marry so young. When he saw friends enjoying themselves while he was changing his kids’ diapers, he was reported as saying that he missed his freedom. He acknowledged that the idea of divorce had been around for some time before they really went through with it. But he also made it clear that he would always be their father.

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Even though their relationship started out strong, it did not last because he appears to have rushed his decision to get married.

Despite their separation, the couple still appears to get along well when it comes to parenting the children together. They do not allow their differences of opinion to harm their kids. Even before his song “Dad” was released, Michele posted an Instagram photo of him and his son.

Frequently asked questions

How did Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone meet?

Through a mutual friend, Michele Morron and Rouba Saadeh first connected, and their romance started quickly. The couple was very cautious about their relationship and took precautions to prevent the media from learning anything about them and were very discreet about it.

Who is Michael Marrone’s ex-wife?

Along with his current girlfriend Moara Sorio and ex-wife Rouba Saadeh, Michele Morrone was spotted in Italy.

How many children did Michele Morrone have?

Marcus and Brado were born in 2014 and 2017, respectively. Michele is the father of both boys. Rouba Saadeh, Michele’s ex-wife, and they share Marcus and Brado.

Why did Michele Morrone and Rouba Saadeh split?

Despite their separation, Michele Morrone still maintains a good relationship with his wife. He and Rouba Saadeh allegedly broke up because there was no hope for the future, claims Michele.


The couple still seems to get along well when it comes to raising the kids together, despite their separation. They don’t let their disagreements with one another hurt their children. Michele shared an Instagram picture of him and his son before the song “Dad” ever came out.


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