Smart Tv Specification And Price In Nigeria

Smart Tv Specification And Price In Nigeria. In This Post, You Will Learn About The Smart Tv Specification And Price In Nigeria

Smart Tv. The post contains all you need to know about this particular product. There are numerous different types of smart TVs available in Nigeria. As a result, it is difficult to set a price cap for these TVs. We’ll show you the costs of some of the most well-liked smart TVs available in Nigeria in this post.

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Smart Tv

Specifications and Prices In Nigeria

Because they provide their consumers so many benefits, smart TVs have grown extremely popular in Nigeria. You need to be aware of the pricing before making a smart TV buy. You can correctly organize your finances if you do this. We have already put forth the effort on your behalf. Here are the prices:

  • Samsung 55 Inch UHD Class Q60B QLED 4K Ultra Slim HDR+ TV 2022: From N820,000
  • Samsung 50 Inch AU8000 UHD Crystal LED Certified 4K HDR+ TV: From N450,000
  • Samsung 49 Inch Premium RU7300 Curved  4K UHD TV: From N480,000
  • Samsung 40-Inch LED  FHD: From N280,000
  • Samsung 43 Inch Ultra Slim HDR+ Crystal UHD 4K TV: From N370,000
  • Vision 43” Classic Full HD Android: From N135,000
  • Infinix 43” Inch Android TV: From N195,000
  • Infinix 55” UHD 4K HDR  Android TV: From N320,000
  • Infinix 32-Inch Full HD LED Android: From N105,000
  • Vision 65″ Inch 4K UHD Android  Tv: From N587,000
  • Amani 65″ Inch 4K UHD Android  Tv: From N330,000
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Prices In Nigeria
  • Polystar 40 Inches- Curve: From N144,700
  • Polystar 43″ Television: From N155,000
  • Polystar 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD Android: From N218,000
  • Polystar 55″Inches -Curved UHD Android 4K TV : From N265,000
  • Polystar 65″ Inch 4K UHD Android TV: From N280,000
  • Bruhm 50″ OS UHD TV: From N212,000
  • Bruhm 55″ OS UHD: From N235,900
  • Bruhm 43″ Full HD Television: From N157,000
  • Royal 43″ FULL HD LED TV: From N174,500
  • Royal Strong 50″ Full HD Tv: From N239,000
  • Royal 55 Inches Curve Full HD NetflixTv: From N319,000
  • Sony 55″ 4K Android TV: From N615,000
  • Sony Android TV 75″ Class HDR 4K UHD LED TV: From N1,390,000
  • Hisense 75” UHD 4K TV: From N660,000
  • High Tech HIGH TECK 60″ INCHES 4k UHD ANDROID LED TV: From N246,500
  • Hisense 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV: From N224,800
  • Hisense 55” Frameless UHD 4K TV: From N259,800
  • Sonix 50-Inch Frameless UHD Android TV + Wall Bracket: From N178,850

FAQ’s About Smart Tv Specification And Price In Nigeria 

1. What is the difference between normal TV and smart TV?

A smart TV may display content on the screen by receiving signals from both an internal internet connection and an external source, such as an antenna. Operating systems are not used in typical TV. An operating system powers smart TVs. Normal TVs cost less money.

2. What are the brands in Nigeria?

Shop for inexpensive ones from top manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Hisense, Panasonic, and many more.

3. How do I choose the right smart TV?

Here are things you should consider before buying:

  • Cost.
  • Size.
  • Screen types.
  • Resolution.
  • Refresh rate.
  • Connection ports.
  • Apps.
  • Built-in virtual assistants.
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4. What channels can you watch on a smart TV?

Your preferred VOD (video on demand) services, such Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and YouTube, are available on a smart TV.

5. Do smart TVs have camera?

Some more recent ones come with built-in cameras, however the majority do not. The model truly makes a difference. It’s likely that your smart TV contains a camera if it supports facial recognition or video chat functionality.


This article already discusses the specifications and all the details about this home theatre. You have access to more information before you make your next purchase. You can get this in any of the stores closest to you. Or on online stores like Jiji, Jumia and Konga.

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