Top 20+ Online Businesses For Students, Fresher, No Experience

Online Businesses For Students. Students and recent graduates in Nigeria have the chance to generate money by offering solutions and running internet businesses as challenges there continue to grow.

We’ve put up a list of the top internet businesses that can provide daily money to assist people in pursuing their goals.

Online Businesses For Students

Top 20+ Online Businesses For Students

1. Freelance Writing

Writing for a living is a common online business for college students.Platforms allow you to work remotely and find jobs for a charge or for free.You need a laptop, a strong network connection, and some basic training to be successful as a freelance writer.

2. Start a YouTube Channel

One easy approach to generate money in Nigeria is to launch a YouTube channel.Work as an influencer or partner with brands to earn money from on-screen advertising on your videos.

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3. Copywriting

Create persuasion-based material for blogs, websites, and social media posts.Copywriting for hire is highly sought-after and lucrative.On websites like Upwork and Fiverr, finding jobs is simple.

4. Graphic Designs

Create graphics for websites, e-book covers, t-shirts, flyers, and other materials to make money.Offer your services on PeoplePerHour, Upwork, or Fiverr.Earn money online by working contract jobs and passive income.

5. Forex Trading

To earn money, exchange currencies.Select a broker that provides favorable spreads and minimal commissions.Establish a risk management strategy and sound trading approach.To begin trading, open an account with a broker.

6. Tutoring

Tutoring is another option for online businesses for students, giving them a great chance to make money while learning.There are many students who need assistance and have the means to pay, so offer your skills online or on campus.

7. Sell Data and Airtime

Selling data and airtime is one way that students can generate money.All you need is some data and an active phone line.With only a gadget with internet access necessary, this is an easy method to generate money.

8. Assist with Registration

Provide incoming students with registration assistance and charge a fee for it.For students that have access to the internet, this project can be completed remotely and is profitable.

9. Become an Egg Supplier

Egg consumption among students, who adore them, makes egg distribution a lucrative industry.This company has low startup costs and can start selling products right away.If the egg business is prosperous, expand into poultry farming.

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10. Sell clothing

Students who want to sell clothing can do so by contacting suppliers or by traveling to the market themselves.On websites like RentNotBuy or WhatsApp, you may sell clothing.A PC or smartphone with internet connectivity can be used to quickly and easily create an advertisement on these platforms.

11. Email marketing

This offers several options to make money, making it a popular online business for students in Nigeria.To be successful, concentrate on your email list’s readership while delivering valuable and pertinent content.Beginners can start this business.

12. Trade on Konga

Make money by offering popular products on Konga.Create a website or make advantage of Konga’s system.Konga has a 3% commission fee and is secure and simple to use.

13. Trade on Jumia

Create a store and operate a home-based Jumia business.neither a monthly fee nor a listing fee.Involve lots of people in Nigeria.

14. Software Development

Earn money by creating and/or selling software and mobile applications.To make quick money, advertise your coding abilities on social media.For extra money, perform minor repairs and upgrades for clients.

15. Sell Pictures

Earn money by offering your own, professional-level pictures for sale.Purchase a high-quality camera to produce original photographs for websites.To generate passive revenue, start a blog.

16. Web development

Take care of website design, coding, security, and layout.Know how to code in languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.Learn about content management systems like Drupal and WordPress.

17. Virtual Assistant

Remotely offer specialized services like bookkeeping, social media management, and administrative tasks.Earn up to several hundred bucks a month, depending on your expertise and skills.

18. Dropshipping

Online goods sales without keeping stock.To take care of shipping and handling, collaborate with a supplier.Sell goods for a profit by charging more than what the provider would charge.

19. Publishing by Amazon Kindle

To generate passive revenue, publish your eBooks on Amazon.Select your book’s format from digital or print.The only costs are time and time to write and publish your book.

20. Blogging

Anything goes, from news to sports to critters.Create a blog and generate income from Google AdSense or other sources.To make money, you only need an attentive audience, not millions of views.

Faqs about Top 20+ Online Businesses

1. What business can I start with 5000 naira as a student?

Liquid soap production.

2. What online business can I do with 5000 Naira?

You can venture into selling ebooks online.

3. With 40,000 Naira, what kind of business can I start up?

E-commerce business: You can open an online store selling goods like clothes, electronics, food, or other stuff that interest you.

4. What business can I do with 20k as a student?

Thrift Business, Okrika or bend down select business is highly lucrative, especially among students and young people.

5. What can I do with 5 thousand Naira?

You may start buying stocks through a stockbroker or an internet trading platform with just 5,000 Naira. Making the stock market an excellent location to build money over time.


In conclusion, students in Nigeria can earn money online through a variety of online businesses.

You can make extra money to help pay for your education and other expenditures. This is by exploiting the correct opportunity and your skills and talents. Start looking into these businesses immediately to begin earning money.


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