Highest paying businesses in Nigeria in 2024: Top 10 most lucrative

Highest paying businesses in Nigeria in 2024: Top 10 most lucrative

Highest paying businesses in Nigeria : Top 10 most lucrative, In Nigeria, there are many businesses, but very few of them are profitable. Profitability is a crucial factor to take into account when starting a business.

Due to the way new businesses are developing in Nigeria, many people wind up investing their time and money in unprofitable ventures. Sometimes, the profitable ones could be too challenging for you, while the simple ones might not be applicable to your situation.

We will examine the most profitable enterprises in Nigeria that anyone with little or a lot of capital can start. These profitable business ideas are incredibly successful. If properly managed, they have the power to make anyone successful.  Now, without further ado, let’s dive in! Highest paying businesses in Nigeria in 2023: Top 10 most lucrative

Highest paying businesses in Nigeria in 2023: Top 10 most lucrative

Highest paying businesses in Nigeria

1. Taxify/Uber Driver: 

Unsurprisingly, the transport sector ranks high on this list of profitable industries in Nigeria. There is one company that you must have. People move around constantly. Moving from one city to another, to work, to a mosque or church, to visit. Movement is constant. Nigeria has a population of over 150 million people, making this industry profitable.

You can start with little or a lot of money. For extra money, you can use your automobile to drive for Uber. Purchase okada, keke-napep, or buses. even aircraft. The market is huge and in high demand. People move around constantly!

2. Agribusiness:

The agricultural sector is the first profitable industry in Nigeria on this list. The oldest source of income in Nigeria is agriculture, and it continues to be one of the most lucrative industries there.

There are numerous methods that you can enter this industry. These involve raising livestock, such as chickens, fish, and cattle, as well as cultivating the soil for crops like cassava, maize, and rice.

Due of Nigeria’s abundance of rich land, this business offers great financial potential. For instance, growing cassava could yield a 200% profit. In other words, if you start with N200,000, you can anticipate a profit of up to N400,000 after harvest.

Agribusiness doesn’t stop there; you can also sell or distribute a wide range of equipment and supplies that are required to run the business. This involves producing animal feed and starting an agricultural store where you can sell pesticides, vaccines, and other products.

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3. Hotel Business: 

One of the most lucrative industries in Nigeria is the hotel industry, which is quite profitable. Nigeria has a sizable population, and individuals travel frequently for both business and pleasure. There they lodge at a hotel. Additionally, visitors to the nation use motels.

If you want to flourish in the hotel industry, you must either find a less competitive setting to establish yourself in or provide superior or more affordable services in a crowded market. Your hotels have to feature a space that may be rented out for events as an extra source of revenue; a restaurant and a bar.

4. Food Business:

The food industry will undoubtedly rank among Nigeria’s most profitable industries. This industry is always in demand. Everyone will need to eat! Food is one thing that people can never live without, regardless of how bad the economy is.
If run successfully, this company has the potential to make you wealthy. Additionally, winning loyal customers is really simple. As long as your meal is good, customers will continue to visit.
You can run a successful food business if you can locate it in a decent area and get the necessary employees and abilities. This industry has no season. It is constantly in demand.

This business operates quickly, is simple to run, and doesn’t need a lot of startup money. You can start with as little as 100,000 Naira and earn a daily profit of at least 5,000 Naira.

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5.Professional Laundry Business:

The solution to the question, “What lucrative business can I start in Nigeria with cheap capital?” is providing laundry services. Not only is this business successful, but you may earn money every day from it. Since little equipment is required to run a dry cleaning service, you may start one in Nigeria with nothing. Anyone in the country can launch this business, whether locally or using advanced equipment.

Starting a laundry business is possible on both a small and a large scale. Nevertheless, it would be best to get started on a huge scale because you’re likely to work with powerful people who will pay generously for your service.

If you already have a job or are a student, you can also run a home service laundry as a side business. Whatever you did, you might earn up to 700K a month in Nigeria as a dry cleaner.

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6. Real Estate business:

In the real estate business, properties like houses, apartments, warehouses, lands, and so on are built, purchased, sold, or rented out.
One of the most valuable industries, both locally and globally, is real estate.  A roof over one’s head will always be necessary for people. Real estate will continue to flourish as long as the population keeps rising. This industry keeps expanding as more people relocate to cities.
The real estate industry offers a lot of options. As an agent, you can work. finding homes and apartments for renters while receiving a fee or commission. Additionally, for a fee, assisting landlords and property owners in finding tenants or buyers.

You can create homes in highly desired locations for sale or rental. Additionally, you can purchase land to develop or sell for a profit.

7.Car Wash Business:

In Nigeria, the car wash industry is not only very profitable, but it can also be launched on a small budget. It is quite simple to establish this business anyplace in Nigeria.

Unlike earlier, the car wash industry is growing in popularity and profitability in Nigeria, where some car washes charge up to N3000 per vehicle. Starting this business is possible as a mobile vehicle washer or with a physical location. However, you can begin with just about any amount.

In Nigeria, a professional car wash might earn up to hundreds of thousands of naira each day. So, if you have a sizable amount of money, think about beginning large.

8. Fashion Business:

The fashion industry would undoubtedly rank among Nigeria’s most lucrative industries. Nigerians adore parties, whether they are held for weddings, birthdays, or year-end get-togethers.    There are outfits for each of these occasions. There is a huge demand for the fashion industry. Clothing will always be worn by people. People require clothing in order to go to work, school, or even to sleep. Demand is really strong.

You might pursue a career in fashion design and create stunning attire. You will receive a lot of business from several sources. Additionally, you might start a boutique where you’ll offer locally and imported fashions. You can offer printing services and have t-shirts and caps printed.

9. Pure Water Business:

Another lucrative business to establish in Nigeria is the pure water industry. Sachet water is the purest water available in Nigeria right now, and since everyone needs water to life, selling pure water is not only profitable but also a reliable source of daily income in Nigeria.

There are many methods to establish this business, from starting as a retailer and/or wholesaler to opening a factory that produces clean water. Although starting capital requirements vary based on the type of business, profit margins might reach 200%.

The most lucrative business venture is opening a pure water factory, but it is also the most difficult and expensive to do so. However, opening a pure water industry in Nigeria might bring in daily profits of up to millions of naira.

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10. Start a Logistics Company:

When looking for a profitable business to start in Nigeria, logistics companies are an excellent option to take into consideration because of the expansion of e-commerce in the country.

Transportation of goods from sellers to buyers is a role of the logistics industry. This industry is frequently known to as the dispatch rider industry in Nigeria. This is due to the fact that many logistics businesses deal with the transportation of urgent and fragile goods including food, electronics, and priceless documents.

In Nigeria, you can launch a logistics business for less than 5 million naira and profit handsomely within a short period of time because the industry is still mostly undeveloped.

11. POS Business:

A POS business is a wonderful option to try if you’re looking for a profitable business in Nigeria that doesn’t involve much worry. Currently, in Nigeria, this company is among the fastest-growing and highest paying businesses.

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It entails using a POS system to carry out financial operations including cash deposits, transfers, withdrawals, bill payments, and so forth while also charging your clients a modest fee for your assistance.

Every day, POS businesses make money, and they may be launched by anyone, whether they are a man or a woman, a student, a graduate, uneducated, or even a housewife. POS representatives typically benefit by 5,000 Naira each day.

12. Start a YouTube Channel:

Starting a YouTube channel is another lucrative internet company that may be started in Nigeria and earn you a lot of money. This company is well prepared to launch and anyone can do it anywhere. There are several methods to go about this business and be successful, from launching a faceless YouTube account to making a vlog.

Through the partner program, affiliate marketing, and/or sponsorship, you can monetize YouTube. You can earn hundreds of thousands of naira every day just from the YouTube partner program. In reality, individuals watch less television and more time online. Online video consumption is growing in popularity. especially Netflix and YouTube. There is a large market. On YouTube, you can begin a video blog and concentrate on your desired subject. You can earn money from sponsorship, affiliate marketing, and many other sources.

13. Blogging:

Another high paying business that anyone in Nigeria can start is blogging. Making money while providing online content such as news, guides, etc. is the focus of this business.

If you blog properly, you can start with a very minimal investment and earn millions of naira in a matter of months. Create a website that will function as your blog before starting to post material and monetizing it with affiliate links and display ads to make money.

14. Cooking Gas Business:

The Nigerian cooking gas industry is another very lucrative industry and one of the highest paying businesses. Due to the widespread usage of gas cookers in homes nowadays, there is a significant demand for cooking gas.

The cooking gas company, sometimes referred to as the gas refilling business in Nigeria, is a reliable daily revenue source that is simple to launch and yields a sizable profit margin.

One interesting feature of the gas refilling business is that it may be launched both on a large and small scale with little investment (huge capital). This company makes enormous profits since no day goes by without generating sales.

15. Furniture business:

The furniture industry is justifiably one of the most profitable in Nigeria and also one of the highest paying businesses. Demand is great and the market is huge. This is because furniture will always be used by people for sleeping, seating, the dining room and living room. Businesses require furniture. There is furniture all around us. Furniture is a necessary item.

You may open a carpentry business where you produce beautifully finished furniture for diverse uses. Hire seasoned carpenters. provide shops, businesses, and schools with furniture, and sell to individuals.
If owning a carpentry business is not your thing, you can start a showroom and source quality furniture from local carpenters. Sell them and display them. Both the market size and the profit margin are enormous.

16. Oil and Gas Business:

Nigeria’s oil and gas industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. As you can earn millions upon millions of naira by investing in Nigerian oil and gas, this business is incredibly lucrative.

Nigeria offers a wide variety of oil goods for sale. This includes, among other things, gasoline, kerosene, and diesel. You can start the business in a number of methods, such as by acting as a distributor, a fueling station, or even on a small scale as a “Black Market.”

There is a lot of money in this industry, regardless of your strategy. The beautiful thing about the oil and gas industry is that competition doesn’t really matter because there is such a big demand for the products throughout Nigeria, so you can start this business anyplace.

17. Forex Trading:

Another common and lucrative business in Nigeria is forex trading. This company can bring you millions of Naira in 30 days, depending on your starting money. Although it’s not assured, since forex trading is so dangerous, you may lose all of your money in one trade if you don’t know how to trade.

Many young Nigerians have been doing this and making significant profits. To start making astronomical sums of money on the forex market, all you need is a smartphone, some trading know-how, and money.

18. Food Restaurant:  

We all eat every day, obviously, and more than 70% of Nigerians eat outside (i.e restaurants or mama put). Consequently, opening a restaurant is another successful daily income business in Nigeria that may be done from anywhere in the country.

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The profit margin is ridiculous, as you can earn up to 100% ROI from a food restaurant, despite the fact that you need to be a decent cook and have a reasonable amount of capital to start this business.


The dropshipping industry is quite lucrative. It allows you the chance to manage your own internet store without the requirement for a warehouse or any inventory.

Simply create an online store, copy the inventory from suppliers or manufacturers, and then paste it into your site. If someone places an order, the provider will ship to them, and you’ll get paid! With WooCommerce, Shopify, or any other platform, you may build an online store.

20. Exportation Business:

Another traditional yet incredibly lucrative industry in Nigeria that anyone can start is exportation. People have been generating a lot of money from this company over the years because Nigeria is blessed with a wealth of natural resources and raw commodities that are in great demand elsewhere.

To start an export firm in Nigeria, you’ll need a lot of capital, as well as strong networking abilities. You can export a variety of products, such as cocoa, charcoal, wood, cassava, snails, etc. Being paid in foreign currencies as an exporter makes this firm incredibly profitable. Since the naira is weak compared to many of those foreign currencies, the amount received in naira after conversion will be substantial.

21. Rental Service:

In the rental business, it involves renting  items like canopies, seats, tables, pots out daily in exchange for payment. People who live in areas of the country where ceremonies is almost an every day thing such as the southwest, are the perfect customers for this firm.

22. Affiliate Marketing:

A smartphone or computer, as well as an internet connection, are all you need to start an effective affiliate marketing business in Nigeria. It is a type of internet marketing that entails recommending items for consumers in exchange for a commission when they purchase such products.

Affiliate marketing is extremely scalable and requires little initial investment. If you discover and advertise a high-converting product, you can go from making nothing to earning millions of naira each month, however this requires a lot of effort, consistency, and marketing expertise.

23. Football Viewing Center:

Nigerians are passionate sports fans, particularly football. Thus, opening a football viewing business could result in substantial revenue on game days.

The phrase “football viewing center” should be self-explanatory, in my opinion. So all you really need to get going is some excellent capital, a big hall, and the necessary equipment. This business makes the most profit on the weekends.

24. Open a Gym: 

You might make a lot of money every day in Nigeria by operating a gym because Nigerians are increasingly beginning to place a high value on fitness. Despite requiring a lot of capital, the company is quite successful. They would keep coming back every day since it is something they need, and you will be earning money every day if you charge up to N1500 or more per person daily.

25. Cement Retailing Business:

The retailing of cement comes in last on this list of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria.

The sale of cement bags to end users is the main activity of this highly profitable firm. Due to the ongoing rise in home construction and renovations across several states, cement is in great demand throughout much of the country, making it a quick-moving industry. Additionally, the enterprise is more lucrative due to the periodic increases in cement’s price, since you can earn up to 500 Naira every bag.

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Highest paying businesses in Nigeria in 2023: Top 10 most lucrative

Frequently asked questions

What is the fastest growing business in Nigeria?

One of the most popular business concepts in Nigeria and the rest of the globe is real estate. Many of the wealthy guys we see today owe their wealth to it. The renting, leasing, flipping, and selling of properties are all part of the real estate business.

What business gives daily income in Nigeria?

POS Payment services are one of the profitable daily earning enterprises in Nigeria. The POS industry will generate cool cash in remote areas without access to banks or ATMs. In essence, locals will choose to use your services rather than traveling a great distance to withdraw or deposit money.

What business is moving now in Nigeria?

One of the fastest growing business in Nigeria is the restaurant business, which is on our list. Every day, individuals of all ages eat, and many will crowd into a restaurant to place meal orders. This brings a daily source of income.


It is important to think about a company’s profitability before starting one in Nigeria because many of the country’s well-known enterprises fail to turn a profit. I think you now have ideas for the business that would be perfect for you after reading this essay about the most lucrative industries in Nigeria. Highest paying businesses in Nigeria in 2023: Top 10 most lucrative

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