LED Light Specification And Price In Nigeria

LED Light Specification And Price In Nigeria. In This Article, You Will Discover The LED Light Specification And Price.

LED Light Prices for LED light in Nigeria – You can examine the top 12 LED lighting options in Nigeria, along with their costs, in this post.

In Nigeria’s lighting business, the switch from incandescent bulbs to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) has happened quickly. In Nigeria, there are many different types of LED lighting, which is gaining popularity.


LED Light Specification And Price

Here are some of them:

1. Projector Star Night Light With Bluetooth Music


Fashion night with a projector Kids’ & adults’ Bluetooth music speakers with LED illumination for use as bedroom accents or party celebrations.

Starlight’s numerous modes of operation make it possible to use auto, voice control, strobe, sleep, color, brightness, Bluetooth, TF card, timer, and more. 5-watt power output LED light.

Price: ₦ 27,611

2. Portable RGB Video Light LED Photography Light Panel 240pcs

Here are some of the features:


  • Professional RGB Video Light: Adopts 240pcs LED beads.
  • Cold amp; Warm Light Mode: Ultra-wide color temperature range of 2500K-8500K.
  • OLED Clear Display.Dual Power Supply Ways.
  • Wide Applications.
  • Price: ₦ 73,797

3. 3m/1.5m Wooden Eid Mubarak Pendant LED Strip Sets, Diy Holid

With these LED lights that plug into any regular socket, you can illuminate your upcoming wedding, party, or holiday gathering.


  • LED: 10 / 20LED
  • Color: warm white
  • Color temperature: 2000 (K)
  • Use occasion: interior decoration lamp
  • Input voltage: 4.5 (V)
  • Shell material: metal and PVC

Price: ₦ 19,976

4. LED Christmas Tree Design Night Light Beside Atmosphere Lamp

Undoubtedly a handy home appliance. Enhance your daily routine at home with convenience and comfort.


  • A fantastic home appliance.
  • Make your house considerably cozier and more convenient.
  • Your best option is a flash Led night light with a small, lightweight shape resembling a Christmas tree.
  • Why are you waiting? Come right here and buy!Simple to use and handy.
  • Beautiful Christmas tree decorations and eye-catching, vibrant lighting effects help you and the people you care about create a warm, lasting ambiance.
  • Simple, adaptable, and user-friendly button operation.made from top-quality materials, is durable, and is economical.

5. RGB LED Light Sound Control Pickup Rhythm Light Car

This music-specific microphone and 32-bit ARM CPU make this sound-activated LED lighting substantially more powerful than competing items on the market.


  • 32-bit ARM Processor
  • Car Voice-activated Pickup Rhythm Light-Music level lamp adopts an aluminum alloy.
  • The new voice-activated light is perfect for modern and fashionable car owners. With AGC Automatic Gain Control
  • Upgrade Type: Sound field induction, USB (Type_C) power supply.

Price: ₦ 30,246

6. RGB LED Light Sound Control Pickup Rhythm Light Car

The product’s 16-bit ARM processor, music-specific microphone, and all 32 lamp beads beat in time with the music being picked up by the pickup.

  • Car atmosphere mood lights have a built-in high-sensitivity microphone, no less than 8 display modes, and 18 color modes that are adjustable.
  • Automotive interior lights have an exclusive intelligent noise reduction algorithm, which can be good in noisy environments.
  • Flexible, waterproof, and ultra-thin. LED lights with anti-collision and anti-corrosion functions.
  • USB design is suitable for both indoor and outdoor or car use.
  • Long USB cable length of the rhythm light to facilitate installation.
  • Automotive interior lights control for car interior.
  • The voice control function allows you to enjoy the fun of color changes according to the car stereo music rhythm and sound.
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Price: ₦ 17,500

7. Black Holiday Home Decor LED Projector Lights

This projector is a chic complement to any holiday décor, including Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day. It also works nicely in nightclubs, music venues, and patios.


  • Indoor use of Christmas projector lights in RGBW
  • Halloween project.
  • 6 cards with 24 patterns optional
  • USB cable as power connect.
  • Can do any new development on customized patterns, but will cost more and more time

Price: ₦ 16,833

8. 18 Inch LED Ring Light Fill-in Lamp 48W Dimmable Brightness

This lamp is practical and adaptable because to its 336 SMD2835 LED beads, constant current driving, low power loss, low heat output, safety, and environmental protection features, as well as its small size.


  • Adopting 336pcs SMD2835 LED beads, constant current drive and low power loss, low heat output, safety, and environmental protection, lightweight and portable.
  • The ring light features adjustable color light modes and touch-dimming brightness to meet all your needs in different circumstances.
  • The ring-shaped design provides shadowless and even lighting, which can create charming catchlights during portrait photography.
  • The 18-inch LED lighting is equipped with three cell phone holders which can hold three smartphones at the same time, and one metal tripod for mounting the LED light.
  • The LED ring light is a good choice for makeup, shooting videos, making vlogs, wedding photography, live streaming, advertisement photography, reading, daily life Led lighting and more.

Price: ₦ 123,462

9. LED Ceiling Down Light Square

Any area in the house or apartment, including the bedroom, living room, bar, cafe, etc., looks great in this contemporary new style.

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  • Easily foldable stands
  • The head of this light can turn sideways to any degree you want.
  • The 20-inch LED lighting is equipped with three cell phone holders which can hold three smartphones at the same time, and one metal tripod for mounting the LED light.

Price: ₦ 110,500

10. 55mm 12 LED Roof Light Replacement For Axial SCX10 Traxxas

Make nighttime driving appear more beautiful by lighting the roadways and increasing the realism


  • Lampshade with high permeability PMMA material, a good material to ensure the best light transmission.
  • Easy to install, convenient to use.
  • Popular modern design, suitable for home, bedroom, living room, bar, cafe, etc.
  • Featured in charming style, it will be a wonderful choice for achieving the desired fashion and functional needs of your home.
  • Exquisite workmanship, anti-corrosion, and wear resistance

Price: ₦ 11,930 – ₦ 21,738

Frequently asked questions about LED Light Specification And Price

1. How do you specify an LED?

Two Important Measures. Lumens and kelvins are the two primary parameters that determine which LED bulb to choose. The kelvins will offer you a precise indication of the warmth or color, while the lumens tell how bright the bulb will be.

2. Which LED light is best for TV?

  • Best overall: Govee Wi-Fi TV LED Backlights with Camera.
  • Best LED sync box: Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box.
  • Best to sync with audio: Sengled 13.12Ft Smart Wi-Fi TV LED Backlight.
  • Best light bar: Philips Hue Play White & Color Smart Light.
  • Best budget: Luminoodle Color Bias Lighting – USB LED TV Backlight.

3. What is lighting specifications?

THE SPECIFICATION’S ROLE A lighting specification’s main function is to list all the lighting fixtures (and their placements) needed to carry out the lighting design goal.

4. How many watts required in LED?

EnergySage estimates that a typical LED light bulb uses roughly 10 watts, vs most incandescent bulbs using about 60 watts.

5. How do you calculate the cost of LED lights?

For instance, replacing a 60 watt incandescent bulb ($9.86 annually) with a 10 watt LED will cost you $1.64 because ($9.86 x 10 watts) = $98.60 / 60 watts. The 10 watt LED bulb has an annual cost of this amount.


All you need to know LED lighting specifications and price are all in this blog post. You can make reference to this post to read and understand before your next purchase.

LED lights are all available at online stores like Konga, Jiji, Jumia etc. Or even a physical store nearest to you!

Hope this post was helpful? Stay tuned for more


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