Djack Home Theatre Specification And Price In Nigeria

Djack Home Theatre Specification And Price In Nigeria. In This Article, You Will Learn All About Djack Home Theatre Specification And Price In Nigeria.

Djack Home Theatre . The post contains all you need to know about this particular product. This product has a particular unique way of elevating the sound in your home. This home theater has a lot of wonderful features in addition to an attractive exterior.

Keep reading this article to know more about this brand!

Djack Home Theatre

Specification And Price In Nigeria

It produces sounds that are incredibly clear and is designed to minimize sound distortions. It works well for indoor events with a higher number of attendees as well as outdoor events because the entire area is filled with tremendous music.

Below are the prices and their specifications:

Quick Picks
Price From
Djack X-bass Bluetooth Home Theatre System Dj-603
Black, 60W, 220-240V
₦ 58,999
Djack Bluetooth Mini Home Theatre System Dj-23
Black, 60W, 220-240V
₦ 45,900
Djack Bluetooth Home Theatre System DJ-303
Black, 60W, 220-240V
₦ 36,990
Djack Bluetooth Home Theatre Sound System 903
Black, 60W, 220-240V
₦ 39,480
Djack Bluetooth   D3L
Black, 60W, 220-240V
₦ 54,000
Djack 3.1 Home Theatre System F3l
Black, 60W, 220-240V
₦ 51,999
Djack Home Theatre System DJ 3030
Black, 60W, 220-240V
₦ 60,000
Djack Powerful Thunder Sound System DJ-L2
Black, 60W, 220-240V
₦ 80,000
Djack Heavy Duty Boom Speaker System DJ 664
Black, 60W, 220-240V
₦ 76,750
Djack Bluetooth Home Theatre System Dj-5055M
Black, 60W, 220-240V
₦ 74,500


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How many watts is good for home theatre?

For a 10 foot space, 50 to 70 Watt RMS of power is more than sufficient.

How many speakers do I need for home theater?

You need a minimum of 3 speakers (left, right, and center) for genuine home theater sound.

FAQ’s About Djack Home Theatre Specification And Price In Nigeria 

1. How many watts is Djack 667?

Channels: 6Power Output: 140 Watts Speaker Type: Tower DVD Player: No Full-function infrared remote control, Bluetooth Function, Support MP3, WMA format.

2. How many watt is a Djack?

For those who really love superb sound, the Djack DJ 5055 is definitely a must have. The system has a central subwoofer, four surround speakers, one front speaker, and a total power output of 140W.

3. Is Djack a good product?

The Djack HIFI system is particularly good at this. The music will move you with its smooth, booming bass and precise clarity.

4. Which country made Djack home theater?

Guangzhou Djack Electronics Co., Ltd. – Supplier of Home Theater Speaker System Guangzhou China.

5. Should I get 5.1 or 2.1 home theatre?

The listening experience is richer with a 5.1 soundbar than a 2.1.


This article already discusses the specifications and all the details about this home theatre. You have access to more information before you make your next purchase. You can get this in any of the stores closest to you. Or on online stores like Jiji, Jumia and Konga.

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