DStv Compact Plus Package, Channels List And Price.

DStv Compact Plus Package, Channels List And Price. In This Post, You Will Learn Of The DStv Compact Plus Package.

DStv Compact Plus Package. With DStv Compact Plus, you may get all the shows, sports, and movies you enjoy along with some extras.

You are sure to find entertainment at the home of the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup, Serie A, top international football leagues, UFC, all the Africa Magic networks, and award-winning documentary channels.

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DStv Compact Plus Highlights

  • 145+ channels, 30 HD channels and 53 audio channels
  • Best Nigerian TV shows on AM showcase
  • Best Football coverage including Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A
  • More sport with UFC and NBAAward-winning documentaries
  • The best in American sport with NBA and NFL
  • Top place for local entertainment and news.

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DStv Compact Plus Subscription Price


  • N16,600, R579 per month
  • month to month subscription
  • showmax at no extra cost
  • watch on up to 3 decoders and 2 streaming devices
  • live TV and on-demand content available online
  • download shows to your smartphone and tablet.


  • N182,600 R6,369 per year
  • year to year subscription
  • pay for 11 months and get 1 month free subscription
  • conviniently unlock your entertainment, movies, and sports for the whole year
  • plus all the benefits of the monthly subscription.

DStv Compact Plus Channels List


  • Studio Universal (channel 112)
  • Africa Magic Epic (channel 152)
  • ROK (channel 168)
  • M-Net Movies 3 (channel 107)
  • M-Net Movies 4 (channel 108)


  • SS Premier League Nigeria (channel 203)
  • SS La Liga Nigeria (channel 204)
  • SS Football Nigeria (channel 205)
  • SS Variety 1 Nigeria (channel 206)SS Variety 2 (channel 207)SS Variety 3 (channel 208)SS Variety 4 (channel 209)SS Motorsport (channel 215)SS Football Plus Nigeria (channel 202)


  • Africa Magic Urban (channel 153)
  • Africa Magic Family (channel 154)
  • Africa Magic Hausa (channel 156)
  • Africa Magic Yoruba (channel 157)
  • Africa Magic Igbo (channel 159)
  • Vuzu (channel 116)
  • Africa Magic Showcase (channel 151)
  • 1Magic (channel 119)
  • M-Net City (channel 115)Telemundo (channel 118)

Kids and Teens

  • Cartoon Network (channel 301)
  • Boomerang (channel 302)
  • Disney Channel (channel 303)
  • Nickelodeon (channel 305)
  • Nick Jr (channel 307)
  • NickTOONS (channel 308)
  • Disney Junior (channel 309)
  • Moonbug Kids (channel 314)
  • ZooMoo (channel 314)


QWEST TV (channel 330)

News and Commerce

News Central (channel 422)


  • The History Channel (channel 186)
  • CBS Justice (channel 170)
  • Curiosity Channel (channel 185)
  • Discovery Channel (channel 121)
  • Nat Geo Wild (channel 182)
  • National Geographic (channel 181)
  • Discovery ID (channel 171).
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Which DStv channel shows champions league?

This week, SuperSport will broadcast the live action of the UEFA Champions League semifinals. This week, tune into SuperSport on DStv Channel 203 to watch the UEFA Champions League Semifinals.

How much is Yanga DStv?

The monthly cost to subscribe to and renew your DStv Yanga package subscription was N2,950, and the annual cost was N32,450 (pay for 11 months, get one month free).

FAQs about DStv Compact Plus Package.

1. How much is DStv Compact Plus package?

Monthly cost for DSTV Compact is N10,500. DSTV Compact Plus costs N16,600 per month.

2. How much is DStv Compact Plus subscription in Nigeria?

DStv Compact Plus costs N16,600 per month.

3. Can I watch BBN on DStv Yanga?

A variety of DStv bundles, including Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Confam, and Yanga, will have Big Brother Naija available for watching.

4. Does DStv Compact Plus show Champions League?

If you want to view Champions League games, you must at least have a DStv Compact Plus subscription. You can watch UCL games on a ton of football-specific channels with the NGN 12,400 DStv Compact Plus.

5. What is the difference between compact and compact plus?

For instance, DStv Compact Plus includes 142 channels compared to DStv Compact’s 125. That’s around 17 channels in difference.


All the details about the DStv subscription and channels list are in this blog post. You can read up to know which package to go for.

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