How To Check Your BVN On MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile Sims In Nigeria

How To Check Your BVN On MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile Sims In Nigeria

How To Check Your BVN On MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile Sims In Nigeria, Nigerian banks employ the Bank Verification Number, or BVN, which is a requirement across many channels as a form of identity, to keep track of account numbers and the activity of the account holders. So how can you access your MTN, Airtel, Glo, or 9mobile line to check and validate your BVN?

The BVN is a special identification number that is verifiable by all financial institutions in Nigeria and matched to the person’s biological traits, specifically:

Fingerprint. Signature. Portrait of a face.

How To Check Your BVN On MTN

What is BVN?

Bank Verification Number is the full meaning of BVN. It is a distinct group of 11 numbers linked to each of your bank accounts and, consequently, each and every transaction you do with a bank.

The BVN basically functions as your identity in the financial industry and may monitor your activity across several institutions. It mandates that after signing up for a BVN, individuals with several bank accounts must link each one to the same BVN. For “know your customer” purposes, BVN checks each bank’s customers in a unique way.

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In Nigeria, having a BVN is currently a requirement in order to open and use a bank account. Without one, your bank accounts would freeze and stay frozen. All forms of bank accounts fall under this.

How To Register For Your BVN

The step-by-step instructions for registering for a Bank Verification Number in Nigeria are provided below. To get a BVN, follow these instructions.

Enter into any bank branch of your choice.
Complete the BVN Enrolment form, then submit it.
You must present yourself for data collection (fingerprints, facial images, etc.).
You will receive an acknowledgment slip with the transaction ID.
The system validates your application within 24 hours, generates your BVN, and sends you an SMS to pick it up.

How To Check Your BVN On MTN

  1. Using the phone number you registered with to get your BVN, dial *565*0#.
  2. Your phone’s screen will soon show out your special eleven digits.
  3. Recognize that this is a high-end service. You could be charged up to 20 Naira for this by your operator.
  4. Therefore, it is a good idea to save the number so you don’t have to pay for it each time you need it.

Steps On How To Check Your BVN On Airtel

  1. If you use Airtel, you may retrieve the needed numbers by entering the precise code *565*0#.
  2. Soon after sending your inquiry, you will get a phone number.
  3. They will take up to 20 Naira from your mobile account for the task.

How To Check Your BVN On Glo

  1. Make sure your phone has up to 20 Naira in airtime.
  2. With the phone number you registered with to get your BVN, dial *565*0#.
  3. Your screen is going to show your 11-digit BVN.
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How To Check Your BVN On 9mobile

  1. You won’t experience any issues if Etisalat, which is now 9mobile, is your network. To begin, simply dial *565*0#.
  2. Wait until you see the phone number displayed on your phone.
  3. You should be charged for this as well. It’s a good idea to have at least 20 Naira in your phone account.

What should I do next after getting my BVN?

The next step after receiving your BVN is to connect it to each of your other bank accounts. Visit your bank and ask for a form; this will allow you to finish the process.

Is My BVN necessary If I’m Taking Out A Loan?

Yes. Using your BVN to obtain a loan is simple. Your BVN is now necessary for all Fintech platforms to grant you a loan.

This is due to the ease with which they can locate defaulters and present a case for recovering their funds. You are not required to submit loan applications or provide collateral with these fintech organizations, in contrast to commercial or microfinance banks. Instead, all you need to do is download their app, register, and get a loan right away.

How do I access my BVN on the internet?

You must have registered with your bank and obtained your special 11 numbers in order to check your BVN online. Now, just go into your bank app to see this number online. Your BVN should appear when you select the menu option.

However, the position of the number differs from banking app to banking app.

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Note: At the time of writing, there isn’t a current web platform where you may register or modify your BVN. Websites that make such claims should be avoided as they are almost certainly bogus.


BVN is a significant and useful development for the banking sector. Due to its capability to give each consumer a distinct identification, fraud has decreased and the loaning process has been made simpler. Hopefully, you are now aware of the various methods available to you for checking BVN information without entering a banking facility.

You now know how to make use of a mobile phone to check your BVN thanks to the information that was just provided. The universal code *565*0# is used by mobile network providers in Nigeria like MTN, 9mobile, Airtel, and GLO to confirm BVN. This code will be useful if you’re seeking for a quick way to get your BVN number.

FAQs About BVN

How can I get my BVN with a different number?

From any cell network, dial *565*0# to get your bank’s verification number. To use this service, your bank must be registered with the Central Bank of Nigeria. This is the code for all banks.

Can I access my BVN with a mobile app?

Log onto your Internet banking application to find your BVN number there. And the code will be visible on your home page. By logging into your bank app and selecting the menu bar, you may check your BVN; it will be shown there.

Is BVN trackable?

Yes, but the relevant authorities, such as the police, must conduct the “tracing.” Since there will be paperwork that prove your address, you can do it using either your bank account number or phone number.

Can your BVN be used to withdraw money from your account or hack it?

The BVN cannot be used to access a person’s bank account or withdraw money from it on its own. It is still an important fact that can be applied to that purpose, though. Identity theft is a frequent type of fraud that hackers try to do using people’s BVNs.


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