Hoverboard Specification And Price In Nigeria.

Hoverboard Specification And Price In Nigeria. In This Blog Post, We Will Discuss The Specification and Price Of Hoverboard In Nigeria.

Hoverboard Specification And Price. Hoverboards follow current trends and technical development, just like everything else in this day and age.

Do you want to know how much it costs? Just keep reading!

Hoverboards in Nigeria

Since they have been available in Nigeria for more than five years, hoverboards are increasingly in demand. Hoverboards are widely accessible on the market and come in a variety of built-up brands, sizes, colors, and features.

Teenagers and adults of any gender can utilize hoverboards, which are the most captivating item ever. It is intended for all people.

You will set the device in action by placing your two feet on the respective footpads, then turning the device on. Leaning forward or backwards causes the speed to increase or decrease, and twisting the pads causes the direction of travel to change.These boards can also influence your sense of fashion.

Factors affecting Hoverboard Prices in Nigeria

The following factors are some of those that have an effect on hoverboard costs in Nigeria.

  • The durability of the model
  • The maximum bearable rider’s weight
  • The maximum speed of the model
  • Maximum distance range
  • Speed and accuracy of response to control gestures
  • Brand trust
  • The strength of in-built rechargeable batteries
  • Additional features such as Bluetooth speakers, remote control, GPS, a smartphone companion app, etc.
  • Climbing capacity (30 degrees or more, depending on model)
  • Size of the wheels

Prices of Hoverboard In Nigeria

There are several hoverboards available on the Nigerian market, and they come with various extras and features that affect their costs, some of which are:

  • Self-balancing Electric Hoverboard ( 6.5-inch wheels) is sold around N75,000 – N130,000
  • its Scooter with Bluetooth ( 8-inch wheels) goes for about N110,000 – N165,000
  • While it Scooter with LED Lights is sold for about N130,000

Hoverboard Accessories & prices in Nigeria

Knowing the cost of a hoverboard’s various accessories before using one will help you make informed decisions when the time comes to repair or replace them.

  • it carry backpack is sold around N6,000
  • The ones with charger adapter sell within the range of N7,500 – N15,000
  • it wireless Bluetooth speaker goes for about N8,000
  • Those with silicone skin protector is sold within the range of N10,500 – N13000
  • Black replacement shell cover for 6.5″ hoverboard goes for about N17,000
  • while the motherboard is sold around N28,000

Maintenance Tips for Hoverboard

  • Charge Before Use: Always attempt to charge a new hoverboard before using it to prevent damage as the battery may be depleted from being packaged for delivery. Therefore, it’s crucial to charge your device before your first trip.
  • Additionally, stay away from storing your hoverboard in hot climates and avoid damaging the battery by not overcharging it.
  • The most crucial component of your hoverboard, the integrated motors in the wheels require regular cleaning.
  • Always inspect the wheels frequently to see if any dirt or dust has been lodged in them. Use a brush or other items that can reach the middle of the wheels to clean them.
  • Keep the board as clean as you can: Try to use a soft, moist cloth to gently wipe down your hoverboard, but be sure to disconnect it first to prevent electric shock. It’s crucial to keep the body shell intact and the board shiny.
  • Servicing: Just as with your car, you need regularly service your hoverboard. Use it for routine professional care.
  • Cooling: Always make sure the hoverboard cools down after usage because it has a tendency to heat up quickly. Doing so will extend its lifespan.
  • Storage: To prevent the motherboard and batteries from becoming wet, store your hoverboard in a place that is well-ventilated if it won’t be used for an extended period of time.
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What is another name for a hoverboard?

Self-balancing personal transporters with two powered wheels attached to a pair of articulated pads on which the user places their feet are known as self-balancing scooters (also known as hoverboards, self-balancing boards, segways, or electric scooter boards).

Why is hoverboard so expensive?

The cost of production, the cost of raw materials, and whether Bluetooth is included in the hoverboard are the main factors influencing price.

FAQs about Hoverboard Specification And Price In Nigeria

Here are some frequently asked questions about it price in Nigeria:

1. How far can a hoverboard travel?

The range of it indicates how far it can travel on a single battery. Therefore, it’s wise to think about whether you’ll be utilizing the hoverboard for casual enjoyment or for commuting.

The majority of hoverboards can travel between 10 and 15 miles on a single charge, although more expensive ones may go 13 to 17 miles.

2. Do hoverboards last long?

The product normally has a lifespan of three to four years before eventually becoming obsolete. However, by that point, we may advise you to buy a new one.

3. What age is suitable for hoverboards?

Depending on the toy manufacturer, a hoverboard’s recommended age range varies. The general belief is that kids shouldn’t use one until they’re at least 8 years old.

4. What are the different types of hoverboards?

There are three different sorts of hoverboards that you can use. The three models are the traditional, off-road, and smart-balance.

5. How much is a real hoverboard cost?

Prices are unquestionably exorbitant. Depending on the model you select, a real hoverboard might cost anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 USD.

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This Blog post explains and lists the specifications and price of hoverboards in Nigeria. You can research and be alert before you make your next purchase.

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